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This article contains information said to be from Prehistoric Times. The validity of prehistoric content is dubious at best due to poor recordkeeping in the era, and should be considered unreliable, or at best: Legend.

The Pixie Nixings was a conflict over a sacrifice attempted by evil-aligned fey. Their goal was to tie magic from the Feywild to the material plane of Quelmar.

Catalyst[edit | edit source]

During The Giving, Isonhound was gifted to the material plane by The Seelie Court in an attempt to one-up the other gods. The continent was a highly magical chunk of the Feywild designed to introduce new magic to the realm. Over time, Isonhound started to lose its magical essence. The Seelie Court’s intent was to transfer Isonhound from the Feywild with all of its magic, and then slowly allow that magic to drain and eventually allow it to be just an ordinary continent. This plan was to ensure the smooth transition of the fey races to the material plane.

Conflict[edit | edit source]

The more power-hungry fey creatures that had been moved during The Giving were not pleased with the fact that Isonhound was losing its innate, unusual magic. The magic was the source of unimaginable power and fed the abilities and skills of the fey. Certain races took steps to ensure a positive adjustment but others were less flexible. Several races eventually banned together in an alliance to try to stop the transition and transfer Isonhound back to the Feywild. Eventually, they attempted a ritual that would fulfill this goal, but it required a massive sacrifice. The resulting battle was known as The Pixie Nixings.

Result[edit | edit source]

The exact outcome of this event is unknown, as there was no way to chronicle events during the prehistoric era.

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