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Alexias scouting out new lands to the north with her trusted spirit guide.
Player Name Kelsey
Relatives Dead
Languages Common,
Affiliations The Venship
Marital Status Unmarried
Species Beastfolk
Gender Female (She/Her)

Alexias (or Alexi for short) was a fierce warrior to her tribe and a protector of her kin, who was a member of The Venship.

About[edit | edit source]

Alexias has made quite the name for herself amongst the beastfolk. She has fought in many battles to secure rightful lands for her kind and has served as an advisor to some of the most venerated tribal leaders. Apart form her warrior like pursuits, she has also played a major role in establishing more beastfolk communities and sanctuaries around Quelmar. Alexias holds strong ties to her beastfolk brethren and dreams of the day when they are treated as equal beings across the known lands. Although it seems that the beastfolk community is becoming more and more fractured, Alexias holds fast to the idea that they are all one and the same.When she is not advising the tribal elders, she is raising her only son, Arthur. Alexi hopes to pass down her great axe to Arthur in hopes it will grant him many victories, as it did to her. Many wonder why Alexias has never taken up a stronger leadership position but he always laughs and responds with the same words, “Not in this lifetime.”

Alexi would board a ship that would later crash land on the island of Kiston (Island). As a result, Alexi fought Draco-Orcs and Wyvern on the island before dying to a vicious Wyvern attack. Alexi's story was not over, however, as the necromancer Promissa would resurrect Alexi as an undead, skeletal servant. In the skeletal form, Alexi was bound to follow all of Promissa's orders, but was not forced to be happy about it, leading to a tense relationship between servant and master.

Alexi's bones and body were eventually collected and put back together, buried in a proper LaCroix funerary mausoleum carved into a secret chamber located under the The Crystal City.

Alexi's Relationship Journal[edit | edit source]

Guy - Friend and Ally[edit | edit source]

Holy crap he can grow!? That’s a big boy! Strong and capable. Seems useful with a tool. He does not speak common so that will be a new obstacle to work around. My hand motions are not getting the point across. I’ll have to work on them. Haven’t needed to act things out since Arthur was a babe. Thank the ancestors Murin can speak giant.

He looks out for everyone and put this weird squiggly thing on all of us. I kinda like it. He keeps saying “ven” and “venship.” I think it means friend?

I heard he made a nice grave for me when I died. I hope I will get to rest in it when I finally take my eternal dirt nap.

We are defiantly “vens” now. Blue Guy gave me a great axe. Feels like forever since I held one of these.

Guy is great. He can build things and has a sense of humor. I know he doesn’t realize it, but playing tricks on Permisa with him is one of the major highlights of this undead life. 

Hop - Brethren, Friend, and Ally[edit | edit source]

I wonder what a beastfolk like him is doing in these parts? Oh. My. Gosh. He can grow too?! Is that a rabbitfolk thing? Or just a hop thing? I have yet to run into rabbitfolk. I wonder about his heritage.

I notice a keen passion for digging holes in this rabbitfolk. Again, I wonder if that is a trait or just a Hop thing. He is very good at sneaking.

Well, he can be tossed! Guy tossed him so high up, the poor bugger might not have come down.

We finally found a bow for him. I think he is going to like using that over salt rocks.

Muirin - Friend and Ally[edit | edit source]

He keeps looking for weird stuff, like spider webs? Hey who am I to judge someone who can shoot bad guys out of the sky?

Seems like a levelheaded person. Keeps talking about a person named Tatanya, maybe they are a lover?

You can tell he is still not over Ghost’s death. He says he almost caught him too.

I told him to bury me back in the ground when this is all over. I really hope they get back to their families, or whoever it is that is waiting for them.

Ghost - Friend and Ally[edit | edit source]

Get’s nervous around me. Maybe he has never seen a female barbarian? It was kinda funny to watch him get squirmey and nervous when I barked at him. Do you think he has never seen a female warrior? Beastfolk? I should bring him back to the tribe. His jaw might hit the ground.

He seems like a good guy. Asks a lot of questions. This guy is definitely a thinker. Well maybe not. I might have to scratch that last statement out since he rolled out in front of a dragon and basically asked it to eat him. He is obsessing over this book we found.

I saw him go off the cliff. His death, his blood is on my hands.

Episode 5 - Body Snatcher's Bargain Ghost's deceased doggo, Henry.

He is back! He is back and so am I? What is this dark magic. I do not like it. But Ghost doesn’t seem to mind. What was it like for him? He keeps talking about a big, fluffy, white dog.

I wonder if he would ever forgive me for getting him killed. I gave him a bone to use as a writing tool. How pathetic.

I do not like this new form. I do not have control or power, but I owe Ghost a life. I might not be able to leave, but I will make sure Ghost and everyone else can get off this cursed island.

Note to self, don’t ever let Ghost “spice up” the food up. I cannot remember why, but my gut is telling me to not let Ghost cook again.

Presidith - Friend and Ally[edit | edit source]

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it means getting to hold this little fella. He kinda reminds me of Arthur in his younger years. Running around all over the place, eating practically anything. Poor thing, I wonder where his family is. I’ll keep you safe until we can find your family.

Taught him how to fetch, stay, play dead, hide, and other tricks.

Kid’s got an iron constitution. Hop threw this dragon skull deep into the forest and who brought it all the way back prancing like champion? That’s right Presidith did. I got to admit, meeting Presidith kinda makes the whole not being able to rest bit not sting as much.

Permisa - Ally By Circumstance[edit | edit source]

Didn’t really meet her until after she brought me back. Although, I do remember when we all went out swinging she stood by and did nothing. I will never understand people who want to change the future but refuse to act for it. If she wanted to save her mentor, FIGHT.

I feel like any honest thought I have about her is never going to be truthful. I mourn the loss of the elder with her. That is a hard loss for anyone. But just as he is allowed to rest, the dead should remain dead. I hate this feeling of being controlled and being denied my rightful rest. I saw him on the other side. My grown Arthur. He looked so good. I wonder if he ever forgave me for not coming back. He wouldn’t want to see undead me. I don’t want to see undead me. I wonder what great battle he fought that landed him on the other side. I cannot wait to tell him how Momma rode a dragon into the ground. I just wish I could have flown faster to grab Ghost.

You can tell by her body language she doesn’t even truly care about the pup’s wellbeing. Presidith is just a pawn for her to use, another body she can raise up and manipulate. The nerve of her, calling him a “little squirt”. As if he was some rotten spoiled kid.

Fermi - Undetermined[edit | edit source]

Smart man. It is a shame he couldn’t have lasted longer. I respect his choice of sacrifice but I would not walk to my grave quietly. He seemed to have already given up, already sacrificed himself. I really was trying to keep everyone alive. In pursuit of trying to save everyone, I got the three of us killed. Look at the mess I’ve made. Nice going Alexi. You just had to go out swinging. Now you condemned yourself and three others. 

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