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Draco-Orcs are the native dragon race of the island of Kiston.

About[edit | edit source]

Some groups of Draco-Orcs had ceremonial drumming and chanting at noon as part of a "Highsun Ceremony" which was a sacrifice in the name of their queen: Tiamat. These ceremonies could be heard reverberating across the mountains of the island. Similar drumming could be heard when the Draco-Orcs would go out late at night in hunting parties. Some groups of Draco-Orcs had tamed and trained Wyverns on the island, to the point that Wyverns would call on command and could be ridden as mounts.

Some Draco-Orcs would hold feeding "ceremonies" with their Wyvern mounts, using prisoners and creatures taken from the Island and throw over the edge of a high cliff as a challenge for the Wyverns to chase and feast on. Often times several Wyverns would fight over the same creature, leading to grizzly "sky-funerals".

Draco-Orcs come in chromatic colors, as opposed to the ancient Metallic Dragonkin. They were described as having pig-like snouts on their faces, and warts on their scales. They are able to Snort, and have an enhanced sense of smell.

On the topic of Dragons and Draco Orcs, they were often considered "peasant scavengers" to the noble dragons of Kiston, and when not put to work on small jobs as minions, were typically expected to keep a wide berth of other dragons, though instances of Draco Orcs banding together to wage war on a specific dragon, often at the urge of another dragon, was not uncommon.

History[edit | edit source]

A group of Draco-Orcs scouted the southern beaches of Kiston and found the group of heroes later known as The Venship, after dragging them into the mountains, a vicious improvised battle led to the Draco-Orcs tossing at least two of the Venship off the cliffs, Alexias and Edgar La Croix.

It was later revealed that group of Draco-Orcs worked for Jatil Jivelg, a cruel black dragon. They had kidnapped a baby red dragon known as Presidith in an attempt to take power from the red wyrms of the island, but the baby was reverse-kidnapped by The Venship, saving its life.

Notable Draco-Orcs[edit | edit source]

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • Cyber Draco Orcs, the near-dead few who were claimed by warforged colonies on the island, and revived in their image.
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