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"For a price"
Player Name Will
Aliases Entire Eww
Hails From Pteris
Profession Merchant
Wanted For Fencing stolen goods, facilitating clients with people willing to steal their goods
Current Whereabouts Pardoned

Elza (full name Elzanque-El) was rogue/artificer changeling merchant, who also considered himself a brilliant pioneer of money-keeping methods and various other forms of bookkeeping. However his shady methodology landed him a position in the Sick of this Shit Incorporated rehabilitation program.

Elza's SotS Inc Alias was Entire Eww.

About[edit | edit source]

Elza was a gadgeteer of sorts, inventing new ways to handle money using artifaced goods. Besides that, he considered himself a bit of a charlatan, good at manipulating people.

Elza's first big brawl ended quickly when he overwhelmed the guy "with crazy toolbelt shit"

When asked about SotS Inc founder Anema, Elza replied "Sure, his music's good."

History[edit | edit source]

Elza joined SotS Inc as a way to get out of his severe sentencing after being arrested in Jewelspar (a city that abhorred artificing). While in the guild, he was recruited into a secret organization known as The Shadowgate by Killis Goodman who saw his creative mind and ability to work outside the box as benefits fitting for a guild that broke every rule on the list.

Elza was invited to join The Hunt for Zugs and join the team in the Astral Plane, but calculated that the risks were not worth the reward. Instead, Elza would work as a leader in the guild for the next 50 years. During this time, Elza engineered an entire new economic system, and invented two spells:

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