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Golkont the Hawk Mage was an Arcanaloth masquerading as a celebrity adventurer who first gained prominence in the the year 431 PR.

In 492 PR, Golkont was bested in combat by The Paladin, who forced Golkont to give over his name, thus becoming a mindless lackey for the villain, eventually losing his life in the Arctic Altercation.

Rumors[edit | edit source]

"Golkont the Hawk-Mage, a solitary wizard who once slew an entire horde of orcs single-handedly with his Art, has been seen in the Stonelands. He was riding a lamia toward Cormyr, and was surrounded by a ring of will-of-the-wisps that moved with him as he rode. Golkont is known to continually seek new ioun stones."

A "Poster" made by Golkont's rivals to trick him into attending his own battle.

About[edit | edit source]

Golkont's proper title is "Archpriest of Ioun", reflecting his nonstop adventure to gain as much knowledge as possible about the realm. The church of Ioun refuses to comment on the legitimacy of his title, perhaps choosing to ride out the free publicity he gives.

Golkont is known to have a pet Roc, named Shasa, before Shasa, he was said to have ridden on the back of a Lamia (which is not a llama).

Golkont's main ship is a sailing ship roughly 100 feet long, known as "The Annointment"

Golkont is known to travel with a pack of "Will O' Wisps",

Golkont had another Arcanloth that he often summoned, known as Kugutsi

History[edit | edit source]

In 461 PR, rumors stated that Golkont would be visiting Galik, but the rumors were dismissed by his Majordomo, stating that Golkont was fighting Shambling Mounds on the other side of the world.

However, the rumors did indeed have some substance, as months later rumors would say that Golkont was in the city to pick up a legendary weapon being called the "Sorcyst Blade".

More rumors would appear the following year in 462 PR that he had picked up the Wand of the Feytouched Spout. These were false, however, started by the Paladin.

Golkont was on his way to get the wand and/or orb after getting the Sorcyst blade from Galik, having finished syncing it to Tenorixion's lair in Gulfithorpe.

Golkont knew where the wand is. He was in Isonhound when this all started already on a mission. However he lost his chance and the island moved. Now he has to find it a second time, and use the Sorcyst blade to get the wand back.

Rumors had hit about a storm beyond storms ravaging the Fiddlehead mountains. Golkont is currently in the Fiddlehead mountains trying to get the Storm Giants to drum up the biggest storm the realm's seen. At the moment all this has lead to is Oppidan and nearby areas being nonstop raining.

Golkont the Hawk Mage, hero extraordinaire. Some call him the "Archpriest of Ioun", others know him as "Captain of the Anointment". No matter what title you know him by, you'll certainly know that he lives and dies by the adventuring trail. He is truly a celebrity in an era where everyone is trying to be the hero.

Golkont's tales are so popular because they always involve his search for ancient artifacts. Such stories include "The Broken Hunt", "Titania's Toothache", and "The Heist of the Moonbow Sarcophagus". Recently some heard of his quest for something called the "Sorcyst Blade", a weapon that obliterates anything it touches.

What the Realm doesn’t know, however, is that Golkont has followed the news regarding the Tools of the Elemental Ancients, and while we were spending precious time collecting the Crown and Staff, Golkont was already hard at work on the other side of the realm.

It was recently revealed that Golkont is trying to summon the Orb of the Gales, a tool that could suck the air out of the realm, or generate storms so powerful they could erode mountains in minutes.

Golkont isn’t know for any evil acts, but we've seen what the these artifacts can do to people, and his chaotic adventuring ways could spell trouble for everyone if he gets his hands on them. It is fortunate that Golkont doesn't have the Orb yet…

…but if rumors are to be believed, he's already collected the Wand of the Spout.

Armed with the Staff and Crown, our team has decided to hunt down Golkont and confront him. If he has the wand, we must ensure it is passed into responsible hands. Three artifacts in the same area could spell disaster, but something tells me Golkont won't easily part with his collection…and tonight we may once again see the need to bring these Ancients Alive.

Golkont would give away the Sorcyst Blade and throw himself onto the Paladin, saving the Stealth Squad and AFEW, and would not be seen again in his human guise. He was next seen and destroyed by AFEW, without their knowing, in his true Arcanaloth form in the Arctic Altercation.

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