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Interdimensional Performers an Union of Performing Actors ( IPUPA )

Interdimensional Performers an Union of Performing Actors ( IPUPA )
Bringing hope and light into a Darkened world
Location Seglock

Interdimensional Performers an Union of Performing Actors ( IPUPA ) [edit | edit source]

Spoken I P an U P Aye[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

This illustrious Union was formed in the Theater District of Seglock by a group of concerned Personalities based in Tristram that the refugees of the various Dragon attacks were struggling to barely survive. While just surviving is fine for some, the people needed a chance to dream, to be inspired to strive for more, to be reminded that there was a better time and that the future could hold better times again. There are a plethora of other organizations that look after some of the basic needs of the populous. The IPUPA seek to nurture the spirit and the soul of the displaced and weary. Many of the Player Characters of Bardic bent are current members with a growing list of NPC Bards and performers of all classes swelling it's ranks.

Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

' Bringing Hope and Light into a Darkened World '

The purpose of the Interdimensional Performers an Union of Performing Actors ( IPUPA ) is to Provide fun and entertainment to the community in a theatrical venue; Express artistic, civic and educational abilities and interests in our community; Showcase local talent; and Bring a relief from the stresses of war and refugeeism in our community. We seek to bring joy and wonder to the whole of Seglock and beyond by nurturing the mind as well as the body.

To accomplish our mission, there are two tiers of membership in the PUPA:

Performing artists - who are any members skilled in any form of artistic endeavor from painting to musical performance. These members range in ability and experience from Headliner to Understudy to Extra, but they have some innate artistic ability.

Patrons of the Arts - These members may not have the innate artistic ability of the performing artist, but they are those who would like to support the mission in the 'back stage' roles. They may give financial support, moral support, or any other support for the actual running of the daily activities. The Patrons make up the Academy of Many Player Artists and Singers (AMPAS) who vote on the best artists in an annual show at and give out the Academy Award of Merit, a statue in the form of a Golden Knight called Oscar.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Performing Artists[edit | edit source]


Linden Rue

Tristram Caniedydd

Patrons of the Arts[edit | edit source]

That rich merchant

That other rich merchant

Notable accomplishments[edit | edit source]

On the first guild wide mission, and a joint expedition with another guild, The IPUPA was instrumental in downing an Ancient Black Dragon (Galannag) as well as a Young Red Dragon ().

Current Activities[edit | edit source]

The guild is in the process of performing a series of shows in Seglock, creatively known as the Seglock Concert Series. These shows are open to the general public, there is a small fee to attend, or people can volunteer in the various town wide projects the IPUPA is currently undertaking. The free option is under the the ' Give and hour, Get an hour' project. By helping others, they can attend the concerts free of charge. Any person who pays the admission charge rests easy knowing that the gate is going towards funding the various town wide projects.

Seglock Concert Series. This is a series of concerts that are used to increase the spirits of the community and funds raised are pooled in the IPUPA treasury which goes towards the various activates mentioned below. Although many of the performances take place in the world famous Tristram's Center for the Living Arts other venues are used as well.

Murals for the Masses. The guild is having volunteers assist in fixing up the town where able, but also painting murals throughout the town, To support these projects running various arts and music classes to help people express themselves and through that expression heal and help others heal. Many of these murals depict scenes from the heroic activities of the local hero's performing heroic activities in the defense of the regular folk of the lands.

Habitat for Allmanity. Those who work or can at least labor are encouraged to assist in the construction of dwellings for the displaced populations that are built on lands donated to the IPUPA or brought with the proceeds from the IPUPA's treasury. These dwellings are then given to those in need of shelter for a very modest rent, those rents go towards funding further IPUPA projects.

Flowers to Herbs. This initiative is planting flower gardens throughout the city to ease the troubles of the onlooker with a soothing array of colors and shapes to uplift and inspire. Whenever possible the selection of plants will also have either a medicinal or culinary use for any to harvest as needed. These community gardens will also be used in the Field Hospital to help those in need.

Affiliations[edit | edit source]

In addition to the good works that the IPUPA performs in the City of Seglock, the Union will also assist other Guilds and organizations in various ways to help make the lands a better and safer place for all inhabitants.

The IPUPA will assist in fundraising for the Protectors of the People from time to time as well as assisting them in some of their activities.

The IPUPA will donate herbs and volunteer labor towards the Field Hospital that is run by the Band of the Iron Hawks.

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