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The Founding[edit | edit source]

There was an idea. To bring a group of...unique people together. To band together so that when Isonhound needed them....they could maybe help. As such was partially the thoughts that brought Vadath and Percy together on one fateful night in Gammelgard. The two had formed a friendship after months of coincidentally enlisting for the same jobs and fighting along side one another in the same battles. As the two spoke, Vadath voiced his desire to be better, stronger, and more powerful than his father had ever been. He realized that, while his physical prowess and battle knowledge is nearly unpassed, it is the strength that he pulls from his allies that is truly the most powerful. Thus, the idea to form a band of mercenaries was born. Percy quickly agreed to help his friend, and the two decided on creating the Band of the Iron Hawk. The name was inspired by two other people they pair had met in their adventures- Elric, with his Band of the Hawk, and Briggs, and his Iron Brace, Vadath, and Percy quickly set out to recruit more members for the Band, and easily settled on their first recruit- Dur'kalak. After Dur'kalak was recruited, the three sat down to work out the more official workings for the band. They created the tenants that all members of the band were expected to uphold and follow:

Protect and Support those in the company and the peoples of Isonhound

Give all your effort to every job you take on

Build Honor and esteem for the Band of Iron Hawk with the citizens of Isonhound.

From there on, Vadath, Percy, and Dur'kalak started traveling all across Isonhound, reconnecting with some of their previous allies to invite them into the band. After a few weeks, they formed a healthy variety of members, all with unique viewpoints and skill sets, offering what they could to one another and aiding both each other in the Band, and Isonhound as a whole.

Joining the guild[edit | edit source]

Those intrepid adventurers that wish to join should ask a current member for a sponsorship or already be nominated by an active member. To qualify for sponsorship be you must have played at least 3 games in the greedy green and be willing to uphold the guilds tennets.

Members[edit | edit source]

1.Vadath - Founder and Commander

2. Percy - Iron Sentinel

3. Da'Kan - Light Bringer

4. Arlin - Clerical Captain

5. Linden- Clerical Lieutenant

6. Ensign - Chief Medical Officer

7. Delphi - Vadaths Lieutenant

8. Dancer of the Boreal Valley - First Ranger

9. Spinel - The Spellblade

10. Amund Zen - Sergeant at Arms

11. Tristram Caniedydd - Iron Minstrel

12. Cynthia - Shield of the Eyrie

13. Clank - The Draonic Engineer

14. D'Kacilius - Umbral Reaper

15. Blaze - The Gunslinger

Retired PC members.[edit | edit source]

Buho - Head cook and Iron Chocolatier

Fallen Members[edit | edit source]

Dur'kalak- Dur'kalak gave his life aiding in defending Gammelgard from The Dread Flame Kennandra. Vadath would do as his close friend asked and conduct the proper burial rights. Dur'kalak is laid to rest with his ancestors. He watches over the remaining Iron Hawks from the hall of warriors.

Former memebers.[edit | edit source]

Nockdus - Infiltration Specialist. Nockdus' affliction eventually became to much. Vadath went to go check in on his friend and Nockdus attacked. For Nockdus was without fresh meat for to long. Nockdus and Vadath agreed that it would be best if Nockdus left the guild for the safety of others. Nockdus has set out trying to find a cure for his affliction. Nockdus is still a friend of the guild as well as one of its Founding members and no animosity is held.

Durian - Psionic Sorcerer. Following the chaos of Isonhound being overtaken by darkness, Durian left the Hawks in order to focus on his own guild with the goal of helping to resurrect Sardior.

Dragons Slain.[edit | edit source]

The Irons Hawks have chosen to enter the fray and bring down the dragons that have been wreaking havoc across the lands of Isonhound. The dragons that the guild has help slay so far: in game year is 825 PR

20April2022 - An adult green dragon known as The Green Stag. The dragons real name P'kinestra. Vadath and Delphi present.

11Aug2022 - An Adult Black Dragon by the name of Thymor'ala was slain in her lair. Dur'kalak, Linden, and Tristram present.

27Aug2022 - Horatio Chesires Dracohydra. Vadath, Percy, Arlin, Delphi, Zen, Tristram, Linden, Durian, and Cynthia present.

19Sept2022 - Adult Red Dragon known as Flame. Killed but soul was claimed by Demi God Silent. Clank present as well as former member Nockdus.

8Oct2022 - The adult gold dragon and former leader of the Protectors of the People who went by Brenna. Real name Bazzniagalvinica. Clank present as well as former member Nockdus.

24Oct2022 - Galannag an ancient black dragon from Kiston. Vadath, Dancer, Linden, Tristram, Delphi, Percy present.

24Oct2022 - The young red dragon and son of the Dread Flame, Karrundax. Vadath, Dancer, Linden, Tristram, Delphi, Percy present.

13Nov2022 - A full grown Jabbawocky that went by the alias 'Tranquil The Terrible'. Clank and Dancer present.

19Dec2022 - Adult white dragon whose lair was at the peak of the northern snowy mountains. Name unknown. Linden and Vadath present.

21Jan2023 - Kennandra the Dread Flame an ancient red dragon. Vadath, Delphi, Linden, Tristram, Dur'kalak, D'Kacilius, Percy, Clank, Cynthia, Amund Zen, and Spinel present.

The Iron Eyrie[edit | edit source]

The Iron Eyrie is the guild hall of the Iron Hawks and its located in the Seglock Heartland District. The building has enough rooms to house its members as well as a main hall were guild meetings are held, a smithing area and an armory. There is also a small bar area where the guild sells their Iron Ale that they make themselves.

Current Endeavors[edit | edit source]

Managing the Field Hospital just outside of Seglock.

Helping thwart the Dragon invasion.

Several guild members hunted down Horatio Chesire over several months. Along with other Greedy Green adventurers Horatio Chesire is now dead and his evil ways with him.

Linden and Delphi run a shop called the gag order for all your muzzled needs.

Tristram has his school of preforming arts.

Figureing out who The one that waits (Towie) is and attempting to stop him from entering the realm.

Helping seat the dragons of Sardiors court and aiding the realm in fighting in the dragon war against Tiamat.

Get Blaze the Gunslinger home.

Revive Sardior and free Isonhound from the grip of Darkness

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