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Delphi, as her HeroForge model
Relatives None Alive
Languages Common, Draconic, Celestial, Infernal
Affiliations Jadenhill
Aliases None
Marital Status Single
Place of Birth Astrakhan
Date of Death N/A
Place of Death N/A
Species Dragonborn (Gemstone: Topaz)
Gender Female
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 213 lb
Eye Color Bright Orange

Delphi is a soothsayer, a medium that helps those come to terms with life and death, and commune with those beyond the veil.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Delphi is a rather slim Dragonborn, especially compared to others in Jadenhill. She is one of the very few in the community that is of Gem Ancestry. Her scales reflect the Topaz variety, appearing in shades of gold, yellow, and bronze. She has more spikes than most, especially on her very ridged tail. She has shockingly bright orange eyes that almost seem to glow, especially when she uses her powers to summon spirits and talk to the dead.

Delphi is often clad in looser, brighter clothing, often favoring shades of purple, gold, and black. She is also not one to shy away from accessories, and often will have bangles, earrings, and other jewelry. She will wear leathers and light armor when going into battle, but she is not a warrior at heart. She prefers to stay within her brighter, more casual attire.

It is often very rare that Delphi is seen without her staff. Atop it sits a strange crystalline sphere that both seems to absorb and reflect light. When she is not traveling or adventuring with newfound friends, the orb can detach from her staff and be used as a crystal ball, an object to help focus her magic and summon spirits and ghosts to commune with.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Delphi is rather quiet, though it would be a mistake to assume her shyness for incompetence. She is rather insightful and diplomatic, but favors to listen to others and all aspects of a conversation before weighing in. She also prefers to talk to and through those she knows in a group to express her ideas, instead of garnering attention and speaking out that way. Though, she is often the voice of neutral reason in a group. While others will respond and react in extremes, Delphi will try to remain level headed and come to the most fair solution for everyone. She will also often default to whomever is formally in charge, and who enacts the local laws of the land. None of this is to say that Delphi is devoid of opinion. Rather, she instead tries to hear everyone out and give the benefit of the doubt. however, she is very loyal and protective to those whom she feels earns it, and will do everything in her power to keep them safe.

Delphi, like most other people, does have her limits however. She is often misconstrued for being a performative or persuasive bard, and if often encouraged to be the 'talker' of the group. She often gets flustered and overwhelmed when she is responsible for conversing for the group. This can cause her to ramble on and 'talk too much.' Though, she does always try her best, and often either succeeds, as with what happened in Yggwilv's Hut, or at least maintains the status quo of a situation, as what happened with convincing Uhlm. Along with her minor fright of speaking, Delphi can also grow frustrated in combat scenarios. She can be unsure and unconfident in her abilities, and often feels that she can run out of steam faster than some of her companions. This is amplified towards the end of high intensity combat, when the enemy is close to defeat. Since 'befriending' Silent, she has tried to become more aggressive, but often feels that no matter how much she performs in battle, she is always just out of reach of getting the final blow in, or healing her companions just a few points of health too little.

Some of her more recent experiences, mostly the siege upon the Green Stag and the subsequent adventures spent in Yggwilv's Hut, has started to alter Delphi's rather neutral altruism. Her driving goal is still to help her allies and protect her friends however she can. However, rather than remaining fairly unbiased in groups, Delphi has found a new voice within herself. She has started to make choices and decisions that may sometimes only benefit her, or help only herself in some way, rather than thinking for the good of an overall party or group.

However, experiencing some harrowing and impactful adventures as of late, has changed Delphi. Witnessing Elric's death to Echamus and the Lunarens, the hunt and eventual defeat of Kennandra, the Darkness and shadow consuming Isonhound, and, Silent's deal with Markoth and Towie. These are all events that hardened Delphi and strengthened her resolve. She has found herself standing her ground more often, as well as acting a bit more brashly, allowing all of her emotions consume her and dictate her decisions. Through her losses, and watching her friends be harmed or killed, and others abandoning her completely, Delphi is fatally loyal and protective of the few of the friends she has left, particularly those who are part of the guilds she aligns herself with. With everything that has happened, she will do everything in her power to preserve the family she has found, and keep those close to her alive.

History[edit | edit source]

Delphi was born in a rather secluded Dragonborn community called Astrakhan. The residents kept to themselves, living primarily on mining and hunting. However, there was a small warrior culture within the community. Magic was known about, though it wasn't very common or widely practiced, with the more physical skills being favored over the intellectual or arcane. As such, Delphi, who was smaller than the other children, and magically inclined, already stood out from a young age. She was also unique in being the only gem ancestry Dragonborn in the entirety of Astrakahn. The origins of her gem ancestry were unknown, and still unknown to this day. Other than her quirks, Delphi had a relatively normal childhood.

When Delphi was around 10, a red dragon attacked Astrakahn. (Through later conversations with Vadath and comparing descriptions and timetables, the pair believes it to be the same one that was responsible for killing Vadath's parents.) Because of her lack of physical prowess, she ran and hid during the attack. Astrakahn was completely destroyed, and left with minimal survivors. An injured, scared, and alone Delphi managed to survive and travel for a few days before stumbling on the community of Jadenhill. There, she was offered sanctuary and refuge, and given a new place to call home. Still distraught by the loss of her family and community, Delphi focused on her budding arcane abilities. She tuned and mastered them to summon the spirits of those who have passed, and commune with them. As she got older, she helped use her gifts to help others mourn and grieve their own losses, as she had learned to do so. Delphi also used her telepathic and psychic abilities to help give a voice to those who may not have it, and listen to those who may otherwise never be heard.

After living in Jadenhill for several years, and beginning her career as a budding adventurer, Delphi joined a hunting party to take down an infamous green dragon known as the Green Stag. During the siege, Delphi befriended a formidable goliath known as Vadath. When their adventure ended, he kept tabs on her, and ultimately offered for her to join and become a founding member of the Band of the Iron Hawk. There, she was given the title of Lieutenant, and put under the direct command of Ensign, and continues to aid him in his medical field hospital. Delphi remains a loyal and active member of the Band, doing her best to aid them in whatever ways she can.

Delphi worked very closely with Vadath in the Hawks, often passing on the healing duties with Ensign to go on expeditions with him instead. She often proved herself a valuable asset, both in combat and whatever negotiation based shenanigans the Hawks tended to get up to. After fighting with him during the Asar Ogalas Festival, particularly with the break out of the darkness and the final stand against Kennandra, Vadath had a conversation with Percy, and it was decided to promote her as second in command, First Lieutenant of the Iron Hawks. Vadath also sponsored her nomination in having a seat on the Council of Seven for the Lightsworn, a continent wide guild to help pool resources and information in fighting the Darkness.

Ongoing Adventures[edit | edit source]

Friends and Allies[edit | edit source]

Durian- Durian and Delphi met when she first came to Jadenhill. As the son of the high sorcerer of the Temple in Jadenhill, part of his duties is to meet the new folk and help them settle, even from a younger age. The two bonded quite quickly over their natural arcane talents, and the fact that they are the only two known Gem Dragonborn in Isonhound. Delphi listens to Durian as one of the leaders in Jadenhill, and will often adventure with him at his request. She often default to his judgement, but also will not hesitate to voice her concerns, and will often offer additions or alternatives to his ideas and plans. After the recent events in Yggwilv's where their differing motives, outlooks, and morals were drawn out to a more obvious state, a small rift formed between the two, with Durian's stronger more good aligned ideals sometimes seemed at odds with Delphi's slightly darker leaning ones. They are still amicable, and Durian is still one of the leaders of Jadenhill, which Delphi will still defer to and respect. As they were leaving the hut, Durian remarked, 'I should've expected this, you talk to dead people.' with a small smile on his face. After some time adventuring apart, the two reconvened when Durian asked for her help in locating an important historical and familial item. Delphi suggested going to Vadath and the Hawks for help. Upon doing so, Durian was convinced to eventually join the guild, and with some coaxing from Delphi, is slowly opening up to everyone.

Ensign- Ensign and Delphi met when they stumbled upon Jadenhill in their early travels in Isonhound. They formed a rather unlikely friendship, however, Delphi's psychic and telepathic abilities helped her communicate with Ensign, who at the time knew very little Common and had difficulty talking to others. Since their first meeting, the two have run into each other from time to time throughout their respective quests and adventures. Ensign will also sometimes give Delphi one of his E.M.A's to test out for purely scientific purposes. Their friendship was only strengthened over their time spent in Yggwilv's Hut. It was there that Ensign discovered much about himself and his people from the witch, and though he didn't have a wish, he left with rewards of his own, including materials to experiment with and to start experiment with his technology. Ensign was also approached by Vadath to be part of the 'founding members' of the Hawks, where he was promptly given command of the field hospital and all the medical needs. Delphi was asked to be second in command to him, and help him in the hospital. She tries her best to aid him as much as she can, and though she's good at some basic healing, lately her thoughts and desires have been pulling her away to explore other avenues.

Vadath- Vadath and Delphi met during the Green Fang expedition. Though they didn't initially interact much with each other, mainly due to the differences in fighting preferences, moral codes, and general personality, it was after the death of the dragon that the two began to bond. They made a mutual agreement that since they were the lone conscious survivors of the fight, that they would take the head and accept the reward together. On the journey to Yggwilv's, the two talked and exchanged many stories of their lives and adventures. Unfortunately, Vadath received an urgent message from his friend Dancer and had to go to her, leaving Delphi with the dragon's head and his request for the bounty reward. Delphi kept her side of the agreement, successfully making his wish to Yggwilv on their first night in the Hut. Because of this, Vadath swore himself to Delphi, and promised his sword to her aid whenever she may need it. Shortly after the events in the Hut, Vadath approached Delphi with an offer- to join a band of adventurers called the Iron Hawk. She was extremely hesitant at first, feeling as if she was not of the same caliber as some of the other proposed members. Ultimately though, she agreed, and was given the title of First Lieutenant under the Medical and Healing Division, being Ensign's second in command. Since then, Vadath and Delphi's friendship grew through their comradery with the Band, along with shared past ties with one particular red dragon. Eventually, they tracked down Kennandra’s location to Kiston, the island hub of alot of the dragon activity on Quelmar. During their expedition there, the managed to kill her son instead, which caused her to go on a vengeance filled rampage on Isonhound during the Festival. The pair chased her around through many different parts of the continent, before Vadath managed to get a killing blow. After everything that happened, and Delphi proving herself, she got promoted to second in command of the Hawks. Also, after the Darkness came, prominent members of many of the guilds and factions across Isonhound came together to make a new guild, to share resources and information to help all of people kind in the new world they’ve found themselves in. 3 members of the Hawks were chosen to be on the council, with Vadath putting in Delphi’s name for one of the seats.

Linden- Delphi and Linden met while both were attending a festival at Seglock that quickly turned into a siege against the University there. Both of them responded to the chaos and distress and panic that was emininating from the same gate. From there, the two worked with a larger group of adventurers who also responded to the crisis- including Vadath and Tristram. During the fight, one of the civilians that were caught in the whole mess was a professor, hiding underneath a construct. Through some careful questioning, it was revealed that he may not be entirely innocent, particularly with his involvement with Horatio Cheshire, and after the fighting was over, Vadath and Delphi decided to take him back to the Eyrie for further investigation. The pair offered for Linden and Tristram to join them, and the two joined the Hawks shortly after. After joining the guild, Linden offered her clerical services to aid Ensign in his field hospital, along with Delphi. The two started becoming fast friends after that point. Linden was also part of the group of Hawks that went into the Shadow Forge to confront Horatio, and the pair often formed a support team during much of the fighting. After Horatio's defeat, and the quietness that followed, an idea was struck within the two based on some...constructive criticism that came to the guild stemming solely from Tristram's love of talking. The two decided to open a small shop run out of the Eyrie known as The Gag Order. There, they sell various gags and muzzles 'to help keep your bards quiet.' Linden is also a member of the party that Vadath and Delphi put together to go hunt down a red dragon known as Kinnandra.

Tristram- Tristam and Delphi's paths crossed while he was also attending the festival turned University siege at Seglock. He also responded to the chaos and distress and panic that was emininating from the same gate that Delphi, Vadath, and Linden did. Tristram proved crucial with the careful questioning with the suspicious professor, helping to lure out the connection he had with Horatio Cheshire. Tristram was invited with Linden by Vadath and Delphi back to the Eyrie to help with questioning the professor further. Tristram's way with words proved particularly useful when the Mayor of Seglock came to the Hawks to ask them to release the professor. Delphi views him as a mentor of sorts, as, even though she is a bard, isn't the best with public speaking, or being particularly assertive. She admires his ability to command a crowd and manipulate conversations to go in his favor. As a result, she spends time around his theater, to the point where he offered her some roles in his productions. When the initial concern was brought up about Silent's intention's, Tristram came to Delphi with a deal. If anything happened, whether Silent died, or turned out to be evil, or Delphi simply wanted 'out,' he would help her to make a pact instead with the Archfey Matron of his clan in the Feywilds. Delphi appreciated the offer, and always kept the deal in mind. When the news of Silent's betrayal came to light, with her choosing Markoth and Towie over Delphi and the other followers, she approached the bard and forged a new pact with the Fae. She and Tristram are also working very closely with one another, as he holds the seat for the IPUPA in the Council of Seven for the Lightsworn.

Elric- Delphi met Elric when they both took a public mission request for a member of the Order of the Watchful Eye, that involved hunting down some Drakkoths and other Cheshire monsters. She had heard of the character that was Elric from some of her other companions and members of the Band, but it wasn't until she met him that she truly understood what everyone said about them. Delphi as a whole is less likely to be annoyed and has a higher tolerance for people who would. During their adventures, she mildly impressed him by recounting how she freed Silent, the arbiter of Death, which won her 'edge points' with the Yuan-Ti. She also used her telepathic abilities to impersonate his sword, the Slaat, and convinced him to trust her. The pair met again during the quest to go to Uhm's dimension to obtain the keys to enter the Shadow Forge to defeat Horatio. It was several months before they met again, but eventually crossed paths in the Snowy Mountains to help deal with some local wildlife. During this endeavor, Echamus made a reappearance, completely mad out of his mind and attacking those trying to help. A plan was made to kill Echamus, both for protection and to put him out of his misery. However, the Lunarens, who were sworn to protect him even if he harms them, retaliated, and ended up killing Elric. Delphi took his death particularly hard, and vowed to avenge her friend.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Delphi knows Common and Draconic. Through her involvement in communing with the dead, as well as living around the temples of Jadenhill, she has also picked up Celestial and Infernal.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Delphi focuses rather heavily on her arcane abilities. She has the innate ability to commune with the dead, and uses the stories they tell her to help bolster her friends in various ways. She also uses this gift to both make a bit of show and earn some coin, as well as helping those grieve and come to terms with the death they have witnessed and experienced in their lives. Outside of her abilities, she also has a wide range of spells that she utilises, though it's mostly in a support role too help her teammates and debuff and incapacitate her enemies.

After the defeat of the Green Stag, an adversarial and dangerous dragon, Delphi was emblazoned with the Mark of Inspiration. This mark grants her the ability to help embolden her companions, lead them in their endeavors, and grant them with inspiration in their times of need. It also helped her find her own self-confidence and bolster herself whenever she needs the extra push.

During the covert mission to Kiston, hunting Kennandra, the group defeated several young chromatic dragons. Because of this, Delphi was also emblazoned with the Gift of the Chromatic Dragon. This allows her to help her friends, and enchant their weapons with the elemental magic associated with the different types of the chromatic dragons. It can also allow her to help herself if needed, by granting her resistance to the same elementals that the various dragons can control.

Since freeing Silent and entering a patron pact with them, she as gained a whole new slew of arcane abilities. Because of the arbiter's unique relationship with dead, and particularly undead, Delphi as a result is rather resilient against them. She also gained access to a wider range of spells, particularly offensive ones,, in order to both help to protect her friends and allies better, and get more souls for Silent to feed upon.

During the events of the Asar Ogalas festival, a strange darkness overtook most of the lands, emanating from the Northern Snowy Mountains. Silent and Ensign took up near permanent guard here, helping adventurers. During these battles, many shadow versions of previously vanished or slain allies. There, Silent encountered Markoth, who was perceived to be working with Towie. She decided to make some sort of deal with the entities, and allowed herself to be consumed by the darkness, leaving the rest of her followers behind and alone. Delphi felt incredibly hurt and betrayed by this, as she has been by Silent the longest. Additionally, she didn’t want to be aligned with Towie in any form. So, she made the painful decision to break her pact with Silent, and due to her close bonds with Tristram and Linden, began the process of making a pact with Tristram’s Archfey Matriarch instead.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Delphi isn't particularly trained in martial weapons. As such, she leans heavily on her magiks and arcane abilities instead. Though she prefers to focus her spells on buffing or healing her team mates, Delphi does occasionally wield offensive magic. Much of this is focused on long range spells, or those that affect other's minds and makes them easier adversaries. However, she has been dabbling into more directly damaging spells since unlocking new abilities and powers from Silent. As her powers have been developing, she's been favoring the damaging spells more and more, particularly with cantrips such as Eldritch Blast. Through her adventuring, she often found herself in close combat with little ways to protect herself of get at a safer distance. As a result, she acquired a Spellsword, to help defend herself when there is no other options. As a dragonborn, Delphi also possesses the ability to utilize a breath attack, though she really only does this when absolutely needed. She does carry a quarterstaff with her to be used incase someone or something gets too close to her. This staff is adorned with a crystal ball- her spiritual focus. When she's not adventuring, the ball can be removed from her staff and used as a traditional crystal ball for her business.

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