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Isle Meregrund was a mythic island with no fixed position in the oceans of Quelmar, it housed the Wand of the Spout some time after the War of Essence and before the Arctic Autumn. It is implied that either the Paladin or an unknown party managed to invade the island and steal the Wand prior to its possession and use by the Paladin in 466 PR.

About[edit | edit source]

The Isle itself is very small, perhaps a few hundred feet across, with a single small tower constructed at its center. Its existence and whereabouts were kept secret to all but a select few of Istishia’s most devout followers. These chosen warriors were entrusted with the eternal task of defending the island and its unfathomably powerful treasure, the Wand of the Feytouched Spout, from would-be raiders and thieves.

Word of the Wand and the island often spread through rumor and legend, and it was easy for most to dismiss them as such. But when such secrets made it out into the wider world it was only a matter of time before pirates and other interested parties made their move to attack the island and claim the artifact.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

The defenders had a few options at their disposal to keep intruders at bay: various ordinates and traps, as well as the tower structure itself which housed the Wand. However, the defenders’ main line of defense and the primary means by which Meregrund was kept secret was a powerful ritual that could teleport the landmass of the island and its inhabitants to a completely different, seemingly random place elsewhere in the ocean. The ritual required the sacrifice of twenty-one freshly-slain souls to be executed successfully.

Rumors[edit | edit source]

Being a mysterious island seemingly centuries old, the island was the subject of many rumors and shanties from pirates and sailors. It was said that Isle Meregrund was the king of all treasures according  to some circles of pirates and thieves, it was a treasure that "only shows itself to the sailors who have impressed the sea gods enough"----but due to its teleporting ways and advanced defenses, very little proof of the island was ever recorded, leading to it simply being a highly skeptical rumor.

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