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Overview[edit | edit source]

A subset of Quelmar’s Demi-Gods bear an affiliation with a specific element. These deities and their elements are as follows:

  • Grumbar - earth
  • Kossuth - fire
  • Istishia - water
  • Akadi - air

Because of their elemental connections these demi-gods are each linked to one of the four Tools of the Primordial Ancients. Some of these figures are referenced in the Great Fissure Nursery Rhymes, though it remains unclear what if any role they played in the original creation of the Tools themselves.

Presence in the Realm (circa 465 PR)[edit | edit source]

The four deities at one point or another established their presence in the Realm through devoted groups of followers that took it upon themselves to interpret and carry out the will of their particular god.

The Grumbarans[edit | edit source]

The followers of Grumbar established a handful of hidden underground enclaves across most major continents. These enclaves were connected by a series of teleportation circles. A warp even existed to somewhere in Kiston, though when last seen it appeared inactive. The Grumbarans knew of the existence of the Staff of the Osugborn Marsh and sealed it away under Howling Crag, where a protection spell simultaneously kept out both those without fiendish blood and those with an evil disposition. This defense was foiled when Banites were able to mind-control Tigger the Rakshasa who was able to pass through the barrier.

Devoted Grumbarans kept a number of customs in reverence to the earth and for their own clarity of purpose. For instance, they abstained from various pleasures such as alcohol. Another custom dictated that a Grumbaran would not pass anywhere where there was not solid earth directly beneath their feet, which notably ruled out boat voyages as a means of travel. Grumbaran followers were known to possess a particular type of magical stone that upon activation granted extremely durable stone armor that covered one’s entire body, making them very difficult to bring down in battle.

Notable Grumbarans: Coseismus

The Kossuthians[edit | edit source]

The fiery clerics of Kossuth had small groups of followers across the Realm during this time. Each group was typically led by a senior member who made most decisions for the group. In 465 PR, one such group was dispatched to the Grumbaran hold near Pepperoncini to attempt to claim the Staff as well as search for the Crown of Empyrosis. They eventually found both, but not before most of their number were killed in a skirmish with the Grumbarans, leaving Aritian to assume leadership of the group.

Kossuthian clerics were known to assume monikers alluding to the element of fire, one such example being Aritian’s second-in-command “Undying Flame”. When a Kossuthian dies their fellow clerics perform a traditional rite of death that includes burning the body to ash.

Notable Kossuthians: Aritian, Midnight, Ilakrin

The Istishians[edit | edit source]

Istishian priests led followers of the water-affiliated demi-god. When called upon to defend their place of worship, the priests would utilize a spell which transformed a large pool of water within the temple into a huge watery being with octopus-like tentacles which they could control. The Istishians like many other factions had an established presence in Galik, with a large temple abutting a waterfall which flowed into the ocean. This temple was partially destroyed by Banites in 465 PR. Istishian priests in the city exhibited distrust of followings of other similar deities including the Kossuthians.

The Followers of Akadi[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Akadi’s devotees as of yet.

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