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Wackobot (left) and Jackobot (right) as they appear in-game.
Jackobot as seen on the phone in Session 13.

Jackobot is a merchant first encountered by players in Session 1 of ⮞Get Submodule. This silver bot is accompanied by a lumbering Wackobot, who carries a small market on his back. Together, they sell equipment to Troubleshooters for their Troubleshooting missions. Jackobot sells four categories of items (Food, Drugs, Contraband, and Special Offers), but due to protocols can only sell from two categories at a time.

Jackobot speaks with a robotic resonance not dissimilar to Daft Punk's Doin' It Right, but as a merchant, so…basically this or this.

History[edit | edit source]

At one point in time Jackbot worked in the "Troubleshooting Counseling and Loyalty Equipment Bureu" where he would listen to the "MissionGoalsFeelings" of the troubleshooters. He was not there for long as the next day he was stationed in PLC Supply.

When working in supply, Jackbot has to be in "PLC Mode" where he gives out free reasonalbe equipment to troubleshooters to help them with their mission. However, Jackbot could be turned to "Merchant Mode" via a large switch on his back, which cuts him off from giving out any more free PLC equipment, and allows troubleshooters to shop his full list of special offers.

Jackobot later got a job as a Refbot working on the Vidshow "A Date with Death," where they helped enforce the rules of a strange ball game.

It's assumed Jackobot was destroyed as part of the disastrous "A Date with Death" and the resulting flooding of the sector when the Sewers were exploded.

However, Pixel built a new Jackobot out of some old destroyed R&D equipment during "The Trouble with Roaches," leading to a new special relationship between Jackobot and Pixel.

Return[edit | edit source]

"Oʰ boʸ I ʷoᵤlᵈ ceʳtaiⁿly ˡiₖe tₒ ᵈrᵢvᵉ ₜhᵉ auᵗobuˢ ₙoᵗ ₜhᵃt I can dᵣiᵛe aⁿ auᵗobuˢ buᵗ I ʰaᵥe wanᵗed ᵗo dʳiᵥe aₙ ᵃuₜoᵇuₛ."

The very same Jackobot that Pixel repaired later was smuggled back into Alpha Complex, where Pixel would use Machine Empathy to get it assigned on a mission that would lead it to blow open a wall of the complex, allowing the original team of Pixel and her colleagues to get back in.

Special Offers[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Box of Sequins Normal price 500 credits, special offer price 350 credits.
Polyshine Spray Due to an overstock, 1,500 credits.
Self-Aiming Slug Thrower ———
Manacles of Truth Highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, highly experimental. 300 credits.
Foam Underbody ———
Emergency Alarm ———
Exo-Crunch ———
Repellant Spray ———
Backstage Pass ———
Box Containing 8 Gross of Teela-O-MLY Pocket Mirrors Incredibly fragile and require the utmost care to transport around Alpha Complex.
Chapstick and Soap Free supplies given out in PLC Mode.
Surgery from a MedBot Offered to Troubleshooters who need medical assitance in PLC Mode.
STATIC PANTS Normal price 450 credits. Special offer price 550 Credits
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