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"I'm gonna slam my hand...which has something in it...into Gouverneur's mouth"


Hendrix-R/O/Y/G-WNK was a troubleshooter in the Alpha Complex. His job in the Alpha Complex was to be a Sing-Along Agent, inventing and singing songs to help people be happy.

Also known as "That Guy".

Also known as "Thomas"

Hendrix was a situational narcoleptic.

Gouveneur was in a throuple with Cinnabon and Gouverneur.

Hendrix's favorite body part was "Shaft"

One of Hendrix's SUPER SPECIAL abilities was "Bootlicking Matronly Blue Citizens"

Hendrix had another SUPER SPECIAL ability which was "Hacking and accessing big doors that are closed with tape in the Underdungeon AI dungeon of Quelm--of the Alpha Complex"

Death and Return[edit | edit source]

After planting a bug (like a microphone) on Evo, Hendrix catastrophically learned that Pixel was a Machine Empath, and staying true to his Singalong Agent ways, wrote an entire song about the two of them plotting to trick Friend Computer and hack everyone's way to Green Clearance.

Hendrix's actions (told through his song, see Hendrix's Song below) ultimately led to the entire team falling apart. As fingers and accusations fled around the debriefing room, only he and his love Cinnabon were still standing, having not been erased or demoted to Infrared.

The other troubleshooters did not take kindly to this ultimate act of loyalty, and shortly after had him killed off in a back alleyway, where he would never be seen again....for 12 years.

Hendrix was a founding member of the Phoenix Secret Society, which included their old teammates as well as a jackobot. Their goal was to break into Alpha Complex from the outside, Hendrix specifically wanted to return to show off a number of awesome recordings he had made at the recording studio located in the Outdoors. This was part of what was known as the "12 Year Plan". However to finish the plan, Hendrix and other had to take a detour and reboot Friend Computer, removing the malicious "AMC" code, and building a new Alpha Complex on the ruins of the old.

Hendrix's Song[edit | edit source]


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