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You see before you a dimly lit small chamber, on the walls various panels and terminals seem to spark to life as every word you hear right now translates into binaric pulses of electricity, sent out into the complex in one way or another.

The words seem to echo from the mouth of a beastly creature who exists in the middle of it all. He gestures to the wall where “Get Submodule” is written on a poster, and gestures back to himself.  You might notice instead of hands, he gestures using massive stalks. At the end of each of my stalks you might recognize the form of a blinded eyeball. Despite my blindness you realize that he can see you quite clearly where you stand.

You feel yourself losing all urges to shoot me as you *BEHOLD* my massive form. More dangerous than everything you’ve faced before you, you have no choice but to bequeath your time to his monologue.

Yes Troubleshooters. It is I. The voice and thought behind every submodule you have ever read for the last 12 years. As you hang on to his every word, you begin to feel the sensation as if maybe not every choice you’ve made along the way has been of your own accord.

And yours fears, even if you’ve only just recognized them, were warranted. As every submodule you’ve followed and hung onto. Every submodule every high programmer and secret society has clutched to like the breath of life, has been the gibbering of this terrible creature before you, no doubt captured and placed down here by The Computer long ago.

My name is AdhvAIGodhb, it is a common name in my language…in your tongue, you could call me----“James”.

And it begins to occur to you that James has been feeding everyone this information for years now, there has never been a simulation or a great algorithm that predicted the future.

Instead, I say, I have been telling everyone what they’ve wanted to hear, manipulating the fates and actions of everyone in the complex across the board.

Stepping into this room is the last action I have made you take, as I have been controlling many of you from the beginning. And if you don’t believe me, take a look behind Curtain #2.

BEHOLD the very same TransBot that I convinced a transportation agent to send prematurely, thinking that it would make him rich. Instead, it crashed into your assigned vessel, and from the moment you stepped on that second bus, until I guided you here today, you have been mine.

You ask, “To what End?”

He says, to the end of the realm. There is no problem with the island’s propulsion system. It working just fine, every High Programmer on the board believes that because that is what their Submodules say.

And I have been wasting everyone’s time, including your own, to ensure there is no way to save it in time. We will soon his the “Critical Horizon” after which there is no return. You would need a team of super geniuses, techno lovers, and clinically insane to fix the impeller in the next hour.

Strike me down now, troubleshooters, for I have already won.

Screenshot of James in his brief appearance in Get Submodule

James the Beholder (real name AdhvAIGodhb) was a psionic seer and Beholder imprisoned and used by Alpha Complex as part of a controversial and powerful program known as "Get Submodule". Ultimately through his machinations and manipulations, he was the campaign's big bad.

James attempted to convince everyone in Alpha Complex that IslandImpeller was not broken, he wasted time and send everyone on goose hunts in an attempt to sink the entire island of Cof.

James was murdered by Amanda.

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