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Laergul is the largest Bard College in Jewelspar.

About[edit | edit source]

Established in 812 BR, Laergul is a large Bard University. Located in Jewelspar, Laergal University is comprised of several bard colleges including:

  • College of Lore
  • College of Glamour
  • College of Whispers
  • College of Valor
  • College of Swords.

Laergal also plans to add the College of Creation and the College of Eloquence in future years.

The school colors are gold and green, the gold of course to acknowledge Garl Glittergold. It is a little-known fact that a boon from Garl Glittergold protects the school from divination magic. On the field, the students are known as the "Laergul Lyrics." Laergul has several sports offered including jousting, archery, wrestling, among others. There are many clubs and activities including sword swallowing and medicinal herbal club. There are 500 students enrolled at any given time. The campus address is: Laergal University, 727 Lyric Lane, Jewelspar, Pteris, 01743

History[edit | edit source]

Laergul was established by elven bards before the Holy War shortly after the founding of Jewelspar in 812 BR. At the time it was a single college, the College of Lore. While the city was under fire during the 100 year long holy war, Laergul served as a secret sanctuary to those in need of respite. In the PR era Laergul boomed with student enrollment allowing for the creation of four additional bardic colleges (Glamour, Whispers, Valor, and Swords).

In the 450s PR Jewelspar brought in bard and healing scholar Aria Valenford to teach students on some overlap of the two schools of magic, allowed a select number of bards to unlock abilities related to their bodies and health. One such unfortunate bard was Andif who taught herself to Enlarge, but in the process messed up a note and became comatose, requiring medical attention.

After the events, Andif was interviewed, revealing that she thought the spell would "Make her a big star!"

Laergul Poster c. 450 PR

Campus Structure[edit | edit source]

Located north east of Jewelspar Palace, Laergul is a large campus encased by black granite walls. Its gothic architecture is foreboding, and the campus is often covered with a layer of fog. The campus feels like a city within a city and it is easy to get lost. There is a small lake on campus, Lake Elesia, that is surrounded by courtyards.

In a back chamber, locked away, the Censer of Glittergolden Eyes sits, protecting the students and the lessons of the teachers from anyone trying to magically spy.

Notable Students[edit | edit source]

Notable Faculty[edit | edit source]


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