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Muirin Ó Donnchú is a human Warlock of the Fae. His patron, Titania, blessed him with power on his tenth nameday, after he sought her out in the forests of Isonhound. Since then, he has been a protector of the woods until his recent arrival to Kiston.

Muirin is the ancestor of Murray O'Donchu

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Muirin is thin and tall, with his dark brown hair stained a few shades darker by the bits of dirt, twigs, and dried leafs acculmulated in his shaggy mane. His skin is pale and splattered with mud and dirt, but his teeth are bright white and he wears a brilliant smile of a child who has just learned their first secret. His eyes are a deep blue, sparkling with joy and constantly moving about in their sockets, searching for the next clue or mystery to uncover. 

He wears simple loose clothing, an oversized brown robe, held to his waist by a woven plant fiber belt of his own making, and sandals of plant fiber. Under the cloak is a simple white tunic, stained and weatherworn well beyond its years. It's the only thing that looks tailor-made on his body.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Muirin is an enthusiastic explorer of the world. Blessed with a silver tongue, he is expressive and excited to share his love for the world with others. He has a child's curiousity, oftentimes preferring to see what is over the next hill rather than settling down. He's always on the move, and always seeking the next adventure. He attaches himself to others easily, and is seen as a fast friend in any group he travels in. Sometimes his curiousity gets him into trouble, and more often than not he proves too trusting in dangerous situations.

He is not adept at combat and will seek a diplomatic resolution over a martial one. His spells are more focused on utility rather than offensive. 

History[edit | edit source]

Youth[edit | edit source]

Born along the southern coast of Isonhound offered a wide variety of opportunities for Muirin. Having been a native in the woods of Woldlin all his life, Muirin was adept at navigating the misty realms within the trees. He lived in a small community of humans, each one devoting their lives to different fey; merely pawns in their ever-shifting games of intrigue. At one-point Muirin might have been considered one of those pawns, but no longer.

His youth was unremarkable. A fragile boy, he was often bullied by the other kids for being too inquisitive. He spent his youth with his mother and the other matrons of the community learning to sew, weave, and, most importantly, gossip and gather information. His natural charisma flourished, and showed himself as a strikingly intelligent and well-spoken young boy.

Upon his tenth nameday, he sought out and pledged his allegiance to the archfey Titania. She, being amused by this young boy’s precocious nature, granted him a barest fraction of her power and allowed the boy to step between her realm and his own. From then he began working with Titania, doing odd jobs and learning his way in the world. By his sixteenth nameday, the typical age for a boy to seek out the fey and make their transition to adulthood, he was one of Titania's favored. 

The Sea[edit | edit source]

As he grew older, he learned to love, respect, and, above all, fear nature in its many forms. This respect and admiration for nature came to a head when he met the sea for the first time. 

Stunned by its sheer size and beauty, he rushed to Titania and begged her to allow him to leave Isonhound, stating that perhaps he could travel the seas and expand her influence elsewhere. She granted his plea on the request that he would complete certain “favors” when they appeared. 

He gratefully accepted, and his journey began. He sought work on any vessel that would take him on. After a few brief encounters with disaster he found work in the town of Enaya, a port town on the northern coast of Isonhound. 

Kiston[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Warlock of the Archfey, his powers are derived from Titania's own. Utilizing his natural talents in charisma, a number of Muirin's powers invoke the ability to transform himself or his party into other forms, allowing them to navigate dangerous scenarios peacefully. When that fails, a bolt of enchanted druidic energy or a quick banishment to the night realms of the fey lie in store for his foes.

Muirin also spoke Giant, which he would use to connect his fellow Venship member Gymir with the rest of the team.

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