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Note: This page contains info for the Staff, for stats on how the Staff works in game, see GM:Other_Stat_Blocks

Staff of the Marsh

"By the Bonds of the Earth"

Type Staff
Effects Unimaginable control over all earth and land, massive earth titan armor.
Source Grumbar elemental ancient of Earth

The Staff of the Osugborn Marsh (or just Staff of the Marsh) is one of the Tools of the Primordial Ancients,

History[edit | edit source]

The staff was said to have been forged by Grumbar during a prehistoric battle between the gods and the Elemental Demi-Gods. Creation stories detail the battles fought and how it seemingly gave birth to the land masses of Quelmar, but after time, the myths and stories all become unreliable, and the only well known fact is that the staff eventually was recovered by a group of heroes known as Animal Storm at The Howling Crag.

The Curse[edit | edit source]

Eventually when the druid who recovered the staff was close to dying, she encased the staff in a nearly impenetrable barrier, which only fiends could enter. The secret reason was that the hero long ago was in fact a Rakshasa, a type of demon herself. The clergy that would later hold up in the Crag considered themselves the last defense against a possible Demonic Infiltration, an event where a demon or devil stole the staff and used it to destroy the world.

Recovery[edit | edit source]

In the mid 400s PR, shortly before the Arctic Autumn, a group known as AFEW, having already recovered one elemental tool (The Crown of Empyrosis), broke into the Howling Crag on a mission of taking the staff. While this seems malicious, they were in fact trying to protect the staff from Bane and his Banites. Unfortunately for AFEW, the Banites had already arrived, having made short work of most of the church's clergy. The remaining Grumbarans who hadn't taken shelter watched as one of the intruders, a Rakshasa by the name of Tigger, who was a descendant of the original Rakshasa from years ago, passed through the protective barrier, claiming his birthright.

Power and Use[edit | edit source]

The Staff only works on the eastern half of Quelmar for reasons unknown. Historically it was believed that it only worked on Osugbo (and the Staff was called the Staff of the Osugborn Marsh for that reason), but when the staff was brought to Amusa in the 460s PR, it surprisingly seemed to function there as well.

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