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Prehistoric Article

This article contains information said to be from Prehistoric Times. The validity of prehistoric content is dubious at best due to poor recordkeeping in the era, and should be considered unreliable, or at best: Legend.

The Howling Crag
Location Osugbo
Inhabiting Race Non-Human Races

A town founded by four adventurers in ancient lore (often referred to as Animal Storm, or simply Thunder Cats). The town was supposedly formed by a powerful druid employing the use of the Staff of the Osugborn Marsh, which was stolen from a powerful mage in prehistoric times.

The town would eventually fall into legend, but the mountain, and the dungeon inside where the Staff laid, would continue to be an important site in the Grumbar religion, with it becoming one of their main temples.

The Howling Crag is on a coast in south west Osugbo in the Alest domain.

The Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Several versions of the story exist involving how the animal heroes found the Staff of the Marsh, but in most stories, there are four.

  • Distant Thunder the cat-folk (Sometimes a Tabaxi, sometimes a Rakshasa, sometimes a Beastfolk)
  • Thur the Bird (Sometimes an Aarakocra, other times a winged elf)
  • Balrackas the Dragon (A dragonborn, Pterran, or similar scaley race)
  • Nekoto the monk (Neko seems to imply this was also a cat folk, but Nekoto's race varies the most among stories)

Grumbaran Temple[edit | edit source]

Eventually, the site known as The Howling Crag would move from legend into reality, and while most do not realize that the stories are true, clerics and elementalists of Grumbar know the Crag as a holy site in their religion. Grumbaran temples across the realm lay on literally "Hollowed Grounds", and the crag would over time become a sacred and secret territory for Grumbar, and Grumbaran clerics would meditate and become close to Grumbar by living in and around the Crag.

The exact location of the Crag within the Osugbo mountains is only known by high Grumbar priests and others who are devout, and is punishable by death if revealed.

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