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A Map of the AmuPter front in 11 PR, green areas are patrolled by Dolina forces, orange areas are Snobbite patrols. Red spots are dangerous active warfronts.

The AmuPter Front (short for Amusan-Pterish) was one of the major theaters of combat in Realm War I. It was fought between the Snobbite kingdom, hailing from Dragon Turtle Bay, and the reptilian, draconic forces of the Dolina Region to the east.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Holy War, the swamps of the Dolina Penninsula provided a suitable habitat for Lizardfolk, Kobolds, Dragonborns, Wyvernborn, and other Spawn of Tiamat. It was a major territory controlled by the dragons for most of the war, and even after the dragons fell, the reptilian folk continued to fight on in the name of the banished Tiamat. Attempting to continue their crusades across the realm, the Dolina forces tried to reach the badlands of Pteris where they could disappear into the massive unexplored regions.

The only thing standing between Tiamat's last forces and the hidden sanctuary of the unknown was the Snobbite Kingdom.

About[edit | edit source]

The water was the perfect battlefield for both factions, which may be why the AmuPter front was considered one of the most dangerous areas of war in the entire realm. The lizards could swim, and were masters of aquatic ambushes, but the Snobbite were a sea-faring folk whose skin and blood were crusted with the salt of the ocean.


  • Trying to head north and into central whirlpool areas.
  • Also trying to undermine the strong Snobbite pushback by bringing the fight closer to their borders.
  • Fought liberally with doses of a Dolina poison known as Maledictum Somnum
  • Overall momentum: North and Southwest
  • Salamanders charmed and trained pods of whales to hunt ships, and attached bombs to the whales, causing them to blow up, die, and deal 10d12 damage to a ship it reaches.


  • Trying to protect the north
  • Trying to kill the Dragonkin at the source
  • Trying to prevent inside attacks and clear their borders.
  • Overall Momentum: East

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Below is a small table of possible encounters one might run into when crossing by or fighting in the front. These encounters were used in conjunction with a hex map like the one pictured above.

Roll Event Roll Event
01-02 Your ship is sank 51-52 Lose Track of your position
03-04 Mysterious very lethal attack from Swikedom 53-54 Group of Elven bodies floats by
05-06 Ship takes major damage (10d8) from unseen rubble 55-56 Dragonborn Manned Encounter
07-08 Unfavorable wind conditions halve speed. 57-58 Message in a bottle
09-10 Dolina pushes forward, move battles a hex to Snobbite 59-60 Kobold Manned Encounter
11-12 Lose an NPC overboard (in order of least importance) 61-62 Snobbite Inspection, ambushed by a Dragonborn attack
13-14 Whale Bomb sticks to side of ship, gaseous explosion. 63-64 Encounter (Kraken)
15-16 Crew loses morale, beg to go home. 65-66 Snobbite pushes forward, move battles a hex to Dolina
17-18 Torn wing, -1 hex today. 67-68 1d20 GP stolen in the night
19-20 Canon falls overboard and sinks. 69-70 Small island with washed up survivors,
21-22 Kobold Manned Encounter 71-72 Watertight Chest rolls up
23-24 Bird lands on ship carrying mystery (poison) plant. 73-74 Wyvern Attack
25-26 Encounter (Baby Dragon Turtle) 75-76 Dragonborn surrenders from defeated ship
27-28 Water soaked with blood, -1 hex today. 77-78 Group of Snobbite bodies
29-30 Dragonborn Manned Encounter 79-80 Secret Compartment found onboard ship
31-32 Lizardfolk Manned Encounter 81-82 Female Crewmember is Pregnant
33-34 Ship hits immovable rod (1d10 /3d10 fullspeed) 83-84 Ghost Ship (can pillage/look for survivors)
35-36 Group of Draconic bodies 85-86 Encounter (Paramilitary elven ship)
37-38 Encounter (Sea Hags) 87-88 Snobbite Supply Ship!
39-40 Your ship loses 1d6 members. 89-90 Lizardfolk Manned Encounter
41-42 Snobbite Rogue Vessel fights for Wingship 91-92 Find a Stowaway on the ship
43-44 Ship takes minor damage (4d8) from a reef 93-94 Favorable currents provide +1 hex today
45-46 One NPC fatally attacks another. 95-96 New Magic Item washes up
47-48 Wyvern Attack 97-98 Favorable wind conditions grant double speed (for all ships)
49-50 Storm 99-00 Secret Vortex jumps the players up 7 hexes.

Messages in Bottles[edit | edit source]

Due to its heavy sea traffic, and the shortage of spellcasters on both sides of the war, a common form of communication on the front was the Message-In-The-Bottle:

"Dear Finder,

We have been abandoned at sea for 3 months now. This bottle is our last hope, and it held our last fresh water. You are probably fighting the good fight but we are dying here on this sandbank. I've done my best to draw our position relative of the Dolina coast…but unless you are fast, we may have perished. Below is a list of all our family titles, and where we hailed from. May the skinks perish for what they've done. Death to Tiamat."

(In draconic) "Word has come through to abandon the attack on the Narzana'l, the north front has doubled down on elven reinforcements. Butterboys with water artillery aplenty. Flee southwest and flank if possible"
"Dear finder,

Probably this bottle, or note, shall never be found, but I’ll just send it out anyhow. Just in case, by some coincidence, someone finds this, I would appreciate it if the finder drops me a line. I got this idea from a fairy tale when I was just a little boy.

Today I am twenty-one years old, but my conscience has guided me to do this. Anyway, I think it would be nice to have a correspondence through this new system. At this time, I am aboard the Veyet'toon. It is a Draconic Ship. We are currently headed inland around the peninsula to the Dolina bay for recruitment of jungle natives. I have no reward to offer the finder of this bottle, as I am just a plain Dragonborn, with just enough to appreciate life and happiness. However, friendship is the only reward I can guarantee you if you respond to my message.

May Bahamut bless whoever should find this letter.

Inla'wral Agnaxias"

"Dear finder,

My name is Tayyib al-Sahli. Please would you write to me, I would like it a lot. I am 10 years old and I like visitin marckets, playing the flute and the harpiskord. I have a pet rat called Sparkle and a pet fish called Speckle. I hope you are fiting hard and thank you for your servis to Snobbite. My mother says you are very brave.

Thank you again.


PS Thank you!"

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