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The Brak Foundation was a group of wealthy investors from the Treesgood family who funded expeditions to discover more about the Kiston Isles after the presumed death of their family member Brak Treesgood. The foundation operated between the years of 700 and 792.

History[edit | edit source]

In 692, about a year after Brak's ship originally crash landed on Cof, the rest of the Treesgood clan would put out a bounty for his safe return amounting to roughly 2,000 gold pieces. This led to various attempts to recreate the original voyage to Kiston that Brak was on, but as the only people who had mapped the tides had disappeared with Brak, reaching Cof was impossible.

Two years later, the search was revived, parts of the Choking Cockatrice, which had been Brak's last vessel, washed up on the shores of East Levinkan, and when word reached the Treesgood in Dolmvay, the bounty was increased to 9,000 GP.

Finally, after getting nowhere for 8 years, the Treesgood considered Brak dead in 700 PR, and set up a foundation in his name dedicated to bringing together cartographers and sailors to help prevent future losses at sea. The Brak Foundation would help fund expeditions to map the currents around Kiston, working at various times with AID and Pleth Ventures.

Around 707 PR, new discoveries by AID would dig up information about The World Destroyer for the first time, and scholars believed that the creature was slumbering on one of the seven islands. At this time, head of Pleth Ventures, Xandra Pleth, and head of AID Anema E. Core would agree to halt further voyages until they knew it was safe. No large discoveries came out of Kiston between 707 and 731, when a new generation of scholars and sailors decided to undertake the task.

By 760 PR, the tidal patterns of the Kiston Isles have been fully mapped, and reaching any of the seven islands became a possibility, but only for the most highly trained and proficient crews.

In 774, the Brak Foundation revealed (with new evidence from Pleth Ventures) that Brak's original ship, the Choking Cockatrice, landed on the island Cof.

In 791 PR, on the evening of the 100th anniversary of Brak's original voyage, the colony on Cof (then known as Thwackville) renamed itself in commemoration of those lost 100 years ago, taking on the new name Brakville.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

  • Nate Treesgood - Mayor of Brakville in 792 PR, a trained brute who did not get along well with the religious factions of Kragnux (Deity) that had taken residence on Cof.
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