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Also known as the Sepexilium (elvish for "the seven banished"), this group of mysterious beings comprises seven individuals, each having the ability to "mark" people, conferring strange abilities. As Far as we know, these are ancient beings that may predate gods to some degree. They have been depicted in visions as being those responsible of growing the jungles of Amusa, working together to some degree in order to hide themselves within the wilds.

Members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company learned about them during their time in Amusa in 893 PR. Lord Bellephon referenced the The Seven as his true patrons and the true embodiment of the wilds. Information from The Collector linked them to the gnolls and fungus demons against which the company had been fighting, and depictions of them have been seen within structures used by the gnolls. Lord Bellephon had notes that the Collector seemed to be collecting artifacts with specific ties to the Sepexilium.

What little is known about the individual members of the group was largely gathered by Marion Ette. The following notes are sorted by ancient, and include known artifacts associated with those ancients, as listed below.

General Notes:[edit | edit source]

The Marks often bestowed onto unlucky passerby are both intentional, as well as random- Either they get too close, or one of the Seven just happen to reach out. There have been reports of multiple people marked, all hosting some kind of strange ability.

  • A druid who could summon worms inside your body
  • A widow who was related to a string of disappearances near a mountain before disappearing over a cliffs edge
  • A cannibal able to take on the forms of those they had eaten
  • A soldier who could incite violent murderous rage in others
  • A doctor whose touch was said to turn you blind
  • A man who was said to have roots under his skin

There is also reports of a Paladin who managed to remove their mark, hosted by the God Ravager, and is currently living in Xender as a blacksmith. Some of the Collectors attendants who were marked, often report hallucinations of the Seven that afflicts them, trying to persuade them into using their abilities.

Records Marion finds seem to identify these being as an Elder Evil, though through ancient translations of dead languages Marion finds these definitions leaning closer to Demi God rather then Aberration.

Many of the artifacts in the Collection tied to abyssal energies seem to be becoming restless, lashing out with some repeatedly breaking their binds, as the wedding grows closer.

The Twilight Phoenix[edit | edit source]

  • She is fire without warmth, burning without light, the destruction of all you love.
  • She was a former celestial, beautiful and brilliant with rainbow feathers, before being being immolated by an unknown being. This being has made much effort to remove the Twilight Phoenix from all records.
  • A figure in a cloak of feathers wearing a blank mask standing within a flaming pyre.
  • The Collector's assistant, Marion, has had visions of her after being exposed to her artifacts.
  • Seemingly A figure of desolation. Marion has had many dreams of this figure, and at one point had been able to speak to them briefly. Stated "No one has ever protected us before..." during communication.
  • Had reached out using a burning body hanging from a noose, to Marion. Upon touching her, Marion had horrible visions.
  • She was one of the first creations before mortals, formed from primordial clay. Her father would gift her a great kiln in which she would form new creatures from that same clay.
  • She is the originator of some of the first greatest curses, and is seen as a mentor of evil witches
  • Many of her artifacts have to do with clay, family, and fire
  • Her titles include: The Lightless Flame, The Queen of Curses, Tenebris
  • She used to bear the title of Lady of Ill Luck. That is no longer the case

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

The Veiled Ember[edit | edit source]

The Veiled Ember is an artifact that takes the form of a small amber amulet, is encrusted with the masked figure and dark feathers and emanates a constant aura of desolation and fire. Upon close inspection, the blank mask on the amulet seems to shift, revealing different expressions of agony and despair. Those who dare to wear the amulet find themselves gradually consumed by an unquenchable internal fire, their bodies writhing in unseen flames that leave them perpetually scorched but never consumed.

The cursed artifact feeds off the despair of its wearer, manifesting visions of an endless desolate landscape engulfed in eternal twilight. As the flames within the amulet intensify, so does the desolation within the afflicted person's soul. Donning this made Marion's mark burn, and they are unsure what the upside of this particular item is, if there is one.

Ember’s Embrace[edit | edit source]

Ember's Embrace is a cursed relic, housing the primordial bones of an avian creature. Marion had first believed it to be The Lord Beneath, as their continued depictions of confined spaces, or possibly the Endless Expanse, due to the avian nature. Encased within a sealed granite box, the artifact emanates an aura of warmth and foreboding. If the observer is alone, even when they do not open the box, the room undergoes a transformation, enveloping the unfortunate observer in a trial of fire.

A palpable heat begins to permeate the room, and the mark on Marion's shoulder, a brand from previous interactions with another relic belonging to the Twilight Phoenix, intensifies in warmth. Glowing orange light seeps through the cracks in the granite, heralding the imminent arrival of her fire.

Simultaneously, the stone walls of the room catch with an otherworldly black fire, a blaze that devours light rather than illuminating the surroundings. Marion is drawn into the center of the room as the oppressive heat surrounds them, intensifying to a degree that threatens to consume flesh and bone alike.

This only last a minute, though feeling like mere seconds. In the pivotal moment before the flames can inflict irreversible harm, the Collector opens the door. The flames vanish as swiftly as they appeared, leaving Marion unscathed by the intense experience. Ember's Embrace, in its cursed nature, presents a paradoxical trial—threatening annihilation and offering salvation in the same breath. The Collector stated that his previous assistant had opened the box, and in doing so, they had been reduced to ash.

Perhaps the Ember's Embrace suggests that the relic is a vessel for The Twilight Phoenix's power, or a test of endurance that challenges the observer's resilience and ability to withstand the destructive forces of the deity. Either way, this trial is bringing Marion closer to learning about the Seven.

The Endless Expanse[edit | edit source]

  • A muscular monk-like figure with a featureless face whose visage gives the viewer vertigo.
  • Kompi had been seen in one of Marion's visions, where it was noted: "A small white kobold, resting in the palm of something incomprehensibly large."

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

A Cosmos Compendium: An Academic's Guide to Quelmar Starcharting[edit | edit source]

A book titled the same as those commonly studied in high-schools. This particular artifact had been found within a temple, and had been guarded by a Behir, which is a beast known to slay dragons. It had been inlaid in a podium, and the temple itself had primordial or draconic writing. It may be worth returning to investigate. Upon claiming the book, One member of the company, Kompi, had taken it and opened it. They were found staring at the pages blankly. Kompi seems to have a connection with the Endless after interacting with the artifact.

Kompi has stated a sensation of "Falling up into the sky, where only the stars are able to catch [them]." Looking into Kompi's eyes after this would cause vertigo, and a general loss of balance. These started out as nightmares, however Kompi has stated that they are closer to dreams now.

Quill of Aether Fall[edit | edit source]

The Abyssal Quill, also known as the Quill of Aether Fall, is a cursed artifact forged under the influence of The Endless Expanse. This quill appears mundane at first glance, with a sleek obsidian feather serving as its pen and an elegant yet unassuming design. Marion had initially picked it up to write their own notes, only to realize the true nature of the quill.

When the user dips the quill into ink and begins to write, the first sensation is deceptively ordinary – the nib glides smoothly onto the paper. However, as the user continues to write, an unnerving phenomenon unfolds. The quill seems to defy the laws of reality, as the act of writing becomes an inexorable descent into an endless abyss.

As the user moves the quill downward or in any direction, it feels as if they are plummeting into an infinite void rather than making contact with the paper. The sensation of falling becomes so vivid and immersive that the user perceives themselves descending endlessly, detached from the confines of the physical world. During this descent, time seems to stretch and warp, creating an unsettling sense of disconnection from the passage of reality.

The user remains in this trance-like state, seemingly unmoving, until an external force interrupts the writing process. It is as though the act of using the Abyssal Quill transports the writer into a realm beyond the ordinary, where the boundaries of space and time lose their meaning. According to Nassir, Marion had been sitting in place for only a moment before he approached them, although the dark expanse of ink on their notepad suggests they had been there much longer.

The Lord of the Beneath[edit | edit source]

  • A figure in a tattered cloak covering up a mass of tendrils and worms with a maw of sharp teeth.
  • The strongest physically, according to the former Green Knight.

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

Grave Mistakes[edit | edit source]

An Artifact that resembles a tombstone topper, or emblem, that, when placed on any gravestone that is not on consecrated soil, will begin to produce a mass of undead hands, reaching up, trying to pull any living being nearby into the ground.

This artifact has been untested on ground that is solid, such as concrete or brick.

The God Ravager[edit | edit source]

  • A thin and rotting figure with the head of a hairless wolf.
  • Seen in a vison as a massive rotting dog feasts upon a strange figure whose body radiates shadows.
  • Aka The Jawed God

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

The Rotting Maw[edit | edit source]

The Rotting Maw artifact manifests as a grotesque mask crafted from withered bone, resembling the snarling visage of the wolf-headed deity. Its hollow eye sockets seem to pulse with an otherworldly decay. When donned, the cursed mask grants its wearer what seems to be an unholy communion with The God Ravager, bestowing upon them a feral strength and a heightened predatory instinct. Those who wear the Rotting Maw find their senses sharpened to an unnatural degree, able to track prey with an almost preternatural precision. The wearer also gains a degree of influence over decay, able to induce slow rot in organic matter at a touch.

However, the true power of the Rotting Maw lies in its curse – feeding on the wearer's innermost fears and desires, gradually transforming them into a vessel for decay. Over time, the wearer's physical form begins to mirror the deity's rotting nature. Their flesh withers, and an eerie pallor replaces the natural hue of their skin. The curse whispers promises of power and dominance, tempting the wearer to succumb to the primal instincts of The God Ravager.

Woe[edit | edit source]

A cane with thorns growing from the sides. As the wielder inflicts harm upon the world around them, it seems that the spirit within the sword becomes increasingly empowered. Ravager's Bane, also named Woe, thrives on the brutality and drawn-out suffering caused by its strikes. The more chaotic and destructive the actions of the wielder, the more the weapon responds with amplified power. This cursed weapon rewards users for inflicting prolonged suffering rather than delivering swift, lethal blows. Even non-lethal or weakened blows are met with a peculiar surge of malevolent energy, adding an extra bite to each strike. The cursed nature of the weapon seems to revel in the psychological and physical toll it imposes on both the wielder's victims and the wielder themselves.

However, the power of Ravager's Bane comes at a cost. The more destruction the wielder causes, the more they become entwined with the malevolent spirit residing within the weapon. Over time, the wielder may find themselves increasingly consumed by a desire for chaos and mayhem. It seems that to break free from the item's influence demands a profound act of redemption and self-control, seeing how it consumes the psyche.

The Mother of the Lost Parade[edit | edit source]

  • A figure in a heavy cloak with too many arms and hands to count, also seen as a tall thin figure with hundreds of thin arms and hands and a large toothy smile.
  • Those marked by her demonstrate the abilities to cause madness and deceit.
  • Reportedly banished by the Gods because her song in creation had a discordant tune and had an unnatural beat.
  • The Lost Parade describes a procession of the mad and ruined who find revelry in their pain and shattered minds. Texts say that one day she will once again lead her parade across the realm, forcing all to join and dance to her tune.
  • Her artifacts often relate to music, statues, and hands
  • aka She of Black Tears, Hundred Hands, Imperious Dream, You Know Not Who You Are

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

The Self Winding Music Box[edit | edit source]

An ornate music box, adorned with intricate carvings of spectral figures dancing in an eternal procession. The exterior, though beautiful, carries an air of melancholy that hints at the hidden curse. When the lid of the music box is opened and its ethereal melody begins to play, an enchanting aura emanates from within, wrapping those in its vicinity in an ephemeral spell. The haunting tune carries a magical resonance that captivates the senses. The enchantment, although seeming to have no effect at first, is far from benign.

Upon listening to the melody and failing to resist its enchantment, participants fall into a trance-like state. Their faces become devoid of any expression, and they enter a surreal dance with the unseen specters of The Lost Parade. While in this trance, those affected lose all memory of their time within the spectral procession, leaving them disoriented and disconnected from the experience.

The eerie nature becomes more pronounced when interacting with the unaffected. Those under the influence of the cursed music box act almost normal, engaging in  an expressionless conversation and continuing almost meaninglessly normal activities while listening. They exhibit a peculiar compulsion to share the melody with others, urging them to listen or winding the music box themselves, as if guided by unseen hands.

When the magic of Box is detected, a ghostly visage of spectral hands is revealed, seemingly wrapping around the affected individuals. These appendages guide the cursed individuals in their interactions, directing them to share the cursed melody with others in an eternal cycle of entrancement. Breaking free from the curse seems to be as simple as silencing the box, or simply letting the music box finish the melody, and restricting whomever was entranced in order to stop them from further winding it.

Echoing Parade[edit | edit source]

The Echoing Parade is a cursed relic, manifesting as a necklace adorned with intricately carved hands, each delicately carved in different gestures. Once worn and attuned, the wearer begins to perceive the subtle and haunting whispers of what could be assumed to be The Lost Parade. These whispers weave a spectral connection to the ethereal procession of the lost, offering both guidance and an eerie sense of comfort. Unfortunately, the constant murmurs make it incredibly difficult to focus on one's surroundings.

As the wearer tunes into the constant murmurs, the whispers prove elusive, requiring a focused and attentive ear to decipher. The voices carry the echo of lost souls, recounting tales of their journeys, regrets, and the ephemeral nature of their existence. Although challenging to discern, those who listen closely may glean cryptic advice or warnings embedded within the spectral conversations.

The carved hands on the necklace, symbolizing the many arms of The Mother of the Lost Parade, seem to react to the whispers. They subtly shift and twitch in response to the ethereal voices, creating an unsettling yet mesmerizing dance of spectral appendages. The connection to the lost parade granted by the Echoing Parade is a double-edged sword. While the whispers offer potential insights and assistance, they also expose the wearer to the melancholy and sorrow of the departed. The emotional weight of the lost souls' tales can be overwhelming, testing the wearer's resilience and empathy.

The Great Reclaimer[edit | edit source]

  • A tall creature made of twisting vines with branch-like horns.
  • Seems to focus on the regrowth after death, and leeching of life, and burning the old in order to reclaim the land.
  • Many references to The Great Reclaimer tie them to a group of beings called the Wild Fey. When the Fey Realm was first created, the fey split into two factions, the Fey of the Courts, and the Wild Fey who wished to keep the realm untamed (These two groups often battled during the Plane War.)
  • Wild Fey attempted to regain their power by taking all of the magic of the continent of Isonhound. To do so they needed a massive sacrifice, and so they began to sacrifice the Fair Folk in an event known as the Pixie Nixings. The Great Reclaimer is often seen as A Leader to these fey, or at the very least an Ally.
  • This being is Not Fey, and is very much so part of the Material Realm.
  • Potentially a demigod Forest Spirit.
  • Allegedly, during the wars that the Great Reclaimer was betrayed "by the one they loved most" and trapped in the Plane of Fire.
  • Lord Bellephon, the former Green knight, wrote that his sword Oathsbane, which in description resembles the weapon wielded by Nassir, was a gift from a Sepexilium member, the Wild Desolation.
  • Aka Wild Desolation, The Titan Forest, The Floral Majesty, Friend of the Wild Fey.
  • Both the Green Knight's sword and Nassir's axe come from this being.

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

Nassir's Axe[edit | edit source]

After fighting a large beast, Nassir claimed a vine-covered axe, which shifted, its vines wrapping around Nassirs' arm to form a bracer. He is able to summon the weapon at will and to deal more damage to his foes with it by harming himself. Since he began wearing this artifact — which may be part of the Great Reclaimer's body — a distant fire is ever-reflected in Nassir's eyes, and he has reported nightmares but hasn't spoken of them recently.

He who Watches Alone[edit | edit source]

  • A figure with a ram-skull for a head with orange glowing eyes.
  • His mark grants scrying and the ability to cause great bloodshed.
  • His artifacts often relate to weaponry, violence and being watched.
  • Told expeditioners that "the fall of Thinwhistle was their fault," due to the company member's choice to focus elsewhere, and that "mortals were a mistake," only to then turn a civilian who had escaped gnoll imprisonment into little more than a flesh bag.
  • He Seems to enjoy watching, and his eyes can be seen with Detect Magic, appearing as bright orange shapes and veins. His influence was seen withing Lord Bellephon's lair.
  • Despite watching, he seems to not take action to help or hinder people, only judging others harshly for neglecting to do so.
  • In the Green Knight's notes, he refers to the Ramskull being as the most outgoing of the Sepexilium, but specifies that it is not their leader and far from the strongest.
  • aka The Warmonger, The Horned Reaver, The Weaver of Strife, "Ramskull Ancient"

Artifacts Associated:[edit | edit source]

The Sable Shroud[edit | edit source]

The Sable Shroud is a cursed artifact that takes the form of a tattered and ancient cloak, its fabric seemingly woven from the shadows of forgotten realms.

Those who come into possession of the Sable Shroud find themselves drawn into an oppressive veil of darkness that shrouds their existence. When worn, the cursed cloak imbues its bearer with the ability to move unseen through the shadows, becoming a master of stealth. However, this newfound power comes at a cost– As the wearer dons the Sable Shroud, disdain for humanity seeps into the cursed individual's mind, twisting their thoughts and emotions. As the wearer becomes increasingly isolated from others, haunted by a pervasive loneliness that echoes the deity's belief in the inherent flaw of human existence.

The Sable Shroud's curse extends beyond the psychological realm. The shadows that grant the wearer invisibility become a double-edged sword. The darkness begins to consume the cursed individual, gradually eroding their physical form. The more the cloak is used, the more the user's body becomes ethereal and translucent. This effect only seems to occur when the cloak is worn, and continues its progress once put back on. It gets gradually more difficult to remove, as the effect progresses. It can be assumed that once the individual fades, all that remains is the cloak. Marion will not be testing that theory, as they've personally already gotten to the point of no longer having their forearm while wearing it. They have worn it for about an hour to get to this point.

Artifacts Displaced (Unknown Origin)[edit | edit source]

The following are artifacts that have been encountered, but do not have enough details to reasonably place within the sections above. There seem to be similarities to the ones above,

The Mask of the Flayed One - Steals people’s skin (potentially?) Members of the company unintentionally killed an innocent soul by removing the cursed mask. Likely the God Ravager.

A Cursed Gravestone - Possibly Cursed Coffin. Trapped members of the company within coffins underground. Possibly 'Grave Mistakes' being used on solid ground. The Lord Beneath.

The Portrait of the Muse - Not enough details gathered. Allegedly has a banshee inside of it.

A Giant Mannequin Spider - Its minions came out of the dark, taking the form of the party's greatest fears. (Turns other people into mannequins?) The Lost Parade.

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