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The Collector
"A job is done well, or it is not done at all."
Relatives Unknown
Languages Common, others Unknown
Affiliations Tempest Brother's Expeditionary Company
Marital Status Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Eye Color Unknown

The Collector is a mysterious wealthy aristocrat in Galik who works to expand his collection and strange and cursed magical artifacts across Quelmar.

The Collector is an NPC from the Within the Wicked Wilds community campaign.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Collector wears a finely pressed dark suit and tie and carries a small leather bag that contains a number of rare artifacts within. His most distinguishing feature though is his large feathered owl mask. He has yet to be seen without the mask and few have ever seen his true face.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Collector is serious and to the point in his interactions. he keeps most of his cards close to his chest when discussing terms with adventurers and holds back from sharing the bare minimum of what is required. He seems to care little of the lives of others as he does not bat an eye at the plights of his assistants or when he pits multiple adventuring teams against each other. The Collector is very intelligent and has a fascination for what seems to be rare and occult artifacts and tomes. With all of this though he was quite a recluse, rarely leaving his estate unless it was absolutly necessary. Most of the times he would have his assistants do the field work on his behalf.

History[edit | edit source]

Most of what is known about the Collector and his origins is but rumor. The most widely believed theory is that he made his wealth out in Luggland before moving himself and his collection out to his estate in Galik. It is said that he has the most fortified compound in the entire city, even rivaling the headquarters of the Lyreguard. It is known that the Collector is not a man to be messed with as those who would ever cross him would disappear soon afterwards.

The Collector would contract the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company to retrieve a first edition copy of "A Cosmos Compendium: An Academic's Guide to Quelmar Starcharting" from an ancient cavern in the wilds of Amusa. It was later discovered that he had also contracted Jack of Hearts for the same mission but did not inform either team of this development.

He was next encountered by members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company out Mount Alkinimic where it was revealed he had hired and begun to fund the works of Lorrie Haslo. On this mission he was attempting to recover a phoenix statue called "The Daughter of the Setting Sun."

Later when returning to Galik he and Lorrie were ambushed by Gnolls who captured him in hopes he could restart their magic forge. He was later rescued with the help of members of the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, others Unknown

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