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This page is Quelmar-Specific, it is meant to record new, unique, and specific ideas from your stories and adventures, rather than catalogue existing information from other sourcebooks.
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This is a list of unique Magical Items known in Quelmar. Items that can be typically crafted and replicated (Such as a Bag of Holding) are not included on this list. Weapons are also not included in the list below and can be found instead at the List of Magical Weapons.

A[edit | edit source]

Artifacts of Kragnux[edit | edit source]

A series of relics that formally were parts of Kragnux. Became holy upon his ascension, and give a variety of powers.

Arcanic Amplifier[edit | edit source]

Artifacts that can be difficult to make, but infuse a series of metamagical abilities onto a spellcaster or another magical weapon or item. If overused, amplifiers can blow and discharge all of their metamagic.

  • Amplifiers of common, greater, and legendary rarities amplify by differing amounts.
  • Amplifiers were popular with followers of Bahamut during his banishment, and were often used by Clerics to ensure their already small clergy didn't die out during dangerous missions.
  • An amplifier was used by The Best Around during The Sundown to destroy Ith.

B[edit | edit source]

Basilisk Eye[edit | edit source]

When used casts Flesh to Stone (DC 12)

Basilisk Stomach[edit | edit source]

Can be masterworked using alchemists tools to make a petrification antidote.

Bracers of Racial Mimicry[edit | edit source]

Black Cigarette[edit | edit source]

A magical black cigarette can be used to cast "Fog Cloud" in an 30 foot radius around the smoker, at the cost of 1 HP.

  • Smoking the cigarette reduces its size slightly, cigarettes start with 7 uses, and disappear into ash after the last use.

Blackstone[edit | edit source]

Miraculous runes which allow Shadar-Kai to channel their own magical abilities and blink back into the Shadowfell.

Bluestone[edit | edit source]

A type of magic stone that allows its wielder to control and command automs

Buckler Buffer[edit | edit source]

Buckler Buffers were tin shields blessed with defensive magics. As a reaction, the wielder can channel the shield's defense, negating one spell which the wielder was going to be the target of (does not apply to Area of Effect spells). This shatters the Buckler Buffer.

  • When not being used to block spells, the Buckler functions as a normal shield.

C[edit | edit source]

Chronosphere[edit | edit source]

An artifact created by Archmage Nimz to capture moments in time and view them through a crystal ball at a later point.

Cloak of Shitty Invisibility[edit | edit source]

Invented by Professor Preicept Commutavi and discovered by The Oathwielders, this pacifist cloak grants invisibility to it's user, but smells incredibly bad, leading to anyone nearby to suspect there is a creature.

  • The Cloak was stolen by The Rattzias during their battle at sea, and when the Rattzias joined The Sheath, the cloak once made its final appearance, helping them ambush the OathWielders one last time.
  • Being a pacifist cloak, if any attack or dangerous action is taken while wearing the cloak, it becomes visible again.

Sailor's Cloak of Dryness[edit | edit source]

This cloak was water resistant, keeping anyone wearing it magically immune to water falling directly onto them as long as the cloak was worn on the topmost layer. Functionally, it's a raincoat but magic instead of fancy material.

  • Red was one famous adventurer who loved their cloak of dryness.

Crown of the Amusan Empyrosis[edit | edit source]

A legendary artifact, said to allow its wielder to control the maga and lava deep below Amusa, causing firey destruction and volcanoes to emerge anywhere with a mere thought.

  • When worn, the crown communicates with the wielder under the name "Yro". The crown always work in a self-defensive manner, ensuring that it stays out of the public eye. Typical behavior includes manipulation and murder of unloyal subjects.
  • One of four primordial artifacts.

Contract of Nepthas[edit | edit source]

A powerful contract that blinds, mutes, and deafens anyone who breaks its terms.

D[edit | edit source]

Docker's Shield[edit | edit source]

  • A Docker's Shield is a cursed artifact once owned by Zugs McFlair. When equipped over the eyes, it causes permanent blindness, but gives the user 10 feet radius worth of blindsight.

Draconic Soul Cell[edit | edit source]

  • Draconic Soul Cells were ancient artifacts of The Holy War which were designed to house a Dragon's soul, and trick the soul into living inside an inert stone facade. During the war, dragonborn mages could reincarnate or resurrect a once great wyrm, but if the Dragon's soul was contained in a soul cell, it would be trapped in eternal limbo, and resurrection would be impossible.
  • Some Draconic Soul Cells were used as prisons, and contained amulets or gems that could be activated to release the Dragon from the cell.
  • Ith is one notable dragon who was imprisoned in a soul cell. His release by Thokmay would require the realm to work together and find another Soul Cell old enough and powerful enough to contain Ith's spirit. This was accomplished by The Best Around when they stole a Soul Cell in Tawarakami. It would then be used in The Sundown to destroy Ith.

Dracoscourge[edit | edit source]

  • Dracoscourge is a Wyvernblade wielded by the Eladrin Bard Tristram Caniedydd in the pursuit of assisting the populous of Quelmar.
  • This Rapier acts as a +1 to hit and damage.
  • Thrice daily with the utterance of “hedfan yn wir” (translates to Fly True) the wielder can actually fly up to a distance of 60 to a seen point or target. If the point is in fact a creature, and you sword travels at least 30 feet, there is a special attack with advantage that will deal an additional 4d6 poison damage and the sudden onslaught will stun said creature into being unable to use it's reaction that turn.
  • At the end of this attack, the wielder can choose to fly up to another 30 feet either horizontally or downward.

Dryad Heart[edit | edit source]

  • When equipped, allows its holder to cast Druidcraft at will, and can be consumed as a goodberry. Through alchemy tools, an alchemist can work the heart into a potion of Animal Friendship.

E[edit | edit source]

Enchantment Polish[edit | edit source]

  • This polish carries an aura of Enchantment. When applied to weapons or armor, the target of the polish also gains an aura of Enchantment.
  • Polished items appear magic with "Detect Magic" and similar effects, but is quite misleading. The item itself remains unmagical, and only the the thin layer of polish on the surface is truly magical.
  • Items polished with this magic do not gain magic power for the purposes of overcoming magical immunities.

Eyes of the Hawk Potion[edit | edit source]

  • This potion granted magical darkvision (functions much like a warlock's Devil's sight) for 10 minutes.
  • Developed by Blumenthal, Dahlia, and the Dandy Lions in the mid 400s PR

F[edit | edit source]

Falgrim's Fire[edit | edit source]

  • Created by Falgrim Norest.
  • 2D4 fire damage per round. 1D4+2 total rounds till burnout. DC 15 Dex check to put it out (Full Round Action)

Fearmones[edit | edit source]

  • Fearmones are a special incense that induces a catatonic state in those who inhale it. Targets who are subjected to fearmones receive almost nightmare-like scenarios in their heads that typically revolve around what that target wants or fears in life.
  • Fearmones were used by the Troverth Dynasty against their enemies. They were the ultimate interrogation tool, and had the benefit of also neutralizing targets.

G[edit | edit source]

Gauntlet of Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Created by Archmage Rurik using resonant magic, the Guantlet of Gate could be wielded and then used to pick up an item or artifact of great importance. The Gauntlet would channel the energies of the item and open a portal to where similar energies in the realm could be detected.
  • This was used to great effect by holding one Arm of Sin to locate the others.

Ghadar[edit | edit source]

  • A device that can take in the DNA of a deceased creature and pinpoint their ghost, if the ghost is still present on Quelmar

Goldenstone Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

  • While not magic itself, the Goldenstone pickaxe had a very specifically chiseled head that, when dug into a patch of Wovenstone, shaped the small quadrant of stone into the exact shape needed to unleash a transmutation spell, which in turn would turn the patch of chiseled stone into pure gold.
  • These were utilized by Capella Consortium in secret to turn patches of the Feywild into gold, then snuck into Sneerwell for black market opportunities.
  • The famous pet rock Rocky was said to have a small patch of gold on his back thanks to his owner Tordek chipping at him one day.

Gulthias Flower[edit | edit source]

  • The Gulthias Flower has a magical aura that lures and attracts blighted plants.

H[edit | edit source]

Hammer of Mending[edit | edit source]

  • An innocent looking hammer that can cast Mending on an item by striking it hard with a blow of the hammer. The blow does not damage the item, instead magically fixing any small damage.

Handshaking Haversack[edit | edit source]

  • A Handy Haversack, but can link several bags to the same internal demiplane.

Heart of Stone[edit | edit source]

  • A special magical item used by followers of Grumbar

Heraldic Shield of Marquis de Stasch[edit | edit source]

  • A magical artifact once owned by Anema E. Core that allows anyone attuned to it to use their Charisma as a measure of their armor class in place of their dexterity, but only if the user is wearing 1000 GP worth of jewelry and clothing. If the user wears less than that, the garments and accessories burst into flame.

L[edit | edit source]

Lens of Destiny[edit | edit source]

  • The Lens of Destiny was a projection device for turning memories into vivid passages of sight and sound. In essence, it was a powerful artifact meant to allow others to witness events from another creature's mind. However, the power of the lens is dangerous, and a creature projecting a memory runs the risk of never waking up from the dream-state it enters for projection.
  • The Lens was kept in the horde of the bronze dragon Tenorixion for years, until it was pulled out of the horde and used to show the end of the War of Essence, teaching the many heroes of the realm the backstory of The Paladin.

M[edit | edit source]

Moonflower[edit | edit source]

  • A special alchemical ingredient with close ties to the curse of lycanthropy.

Mote of Elemental Earth[edit | edit source]

  • This mote comes from the Elemental Plane of Earth and when used on the Material Plane, can be thrown on the ground to function as a casting of Grease. This destroys the mote.

Mystery Meat Stick[edit | edit source]

  • The Mystery Meat stick is an Uncommon magic item of strange replenishing meat.

N[edit | edit source]

Nautilus Orb[edit | edit source]

  • A powerful energy source drawing from the chaotic energies of the Far Realm, Nautilus Orbs are typically used by Mind Flayers for a variety of reasons, including communication, reconnaissance, and manipulation. Powerful harnesses of psionic energy, a Nautilus Orb can subtly push creatures to follow the will of the Flayers, infecting their dreams and nightmares with haunting visions, or by communicating in strange voices at the back of a creature's head.
  • Juris was a half-gith targeted by a Nautilus Orb, and used as a pawn to lead the Illithid to Nymphsview.

O[edit | edit source]

Oil of Malice[edit | edit source]

  • A slow acting poison that activates each night as the infected sleeps, causing a level of exhaustion for 7 consecutive days until the target drops from fatigue. It was employed by Killis Goodman during his first attempt at capturing Sick of this Shit.

Orb of the Pterish Gales[edit | edit source]

  • A legendary artifact, said to allow its wielder to control the winds above Pteris, changing their speeds and directions at will.
  • One of four primordial artifacts.

R[edit | edit source]

Resonating Rock[edit | edit source]

  • A resonating rock is a special subterranean rock (used by miners, geologists, grumbarans, and dwarves) that emits ultrasonic frequencies that pacify any Galeb Duhr in the area.

Ring of Clairsentience[edit | edit source]

  • A reward granted to the chronomancer Blue by his unknown patron. It allows its user to open a small psionic "Window" into the past which is non intractable, allowing its user to see a limited scope of events that occurred in the past of a place or object.

Ring of Marquee[edit | edit source]

  • A ring that contains a demiplane of rest.

Ring of Second Chances[edit | edit source]

  • If you permanently die while wearing the ring, it casts Revivify upon death and becomes instantly mundane.

Rod of the Ark[edit | edit source]

  • A special variant of the Rod of Security that belonged to the catfolk Jedit. Unlike the normal Rod of Security, the Rod of the Ark contains a specifically forested paradise, which can supply and sustain nearly 200 animals indefinitely. Intelligent creatures enter and exit the demiplane as normal, but beasts and other unintelligent creatures are never kicked out unwillingly.

S[edit | edit source]

Sandwich of Regeneration[edit | edit source]

If this sandwich is not fully devoured, it regenerates. Don't eat it all!

Seed of Amnesia[edit | edit source]

Erases all memory of the day's events from anyone who ingests the seed. Two seeds, a week. Three seeds, a month.

Soul Star[edit | edit source]

The Soul Star was a star shaped magical container containing a demiplane of similar makeup as the ethereal plane. While its original creators still remain a mystery, it was determined in the late PR era that the object was effectively an asteroid, having crashed to Quelmar from the skies above (possibly from The Moon) and was formed primarily from Wovenstone, with an additional psionic crystalline lattice.

  • Chronologically, its first known appearance was on The Wagon, a mystical fey vehicle that travels The FrostSpine, it sat in a pile with other collected trinkets and treasures, where it was used to absorb the soul of the dragon that empowered the Wagon, a creature known as Vezoth.
  • When used, or when improperly handled, the Soul Star can claim the souls of nearby creatures and keep them captive inside its massive demiplane, containing thousands of souls at once.
  • Souls in the Soul Star can be retrieved with castings of "Dispel Magic"
  • The Soul Star was used by The Best Around during The Sundown in Zobeck to destroy Ith.
  • Was left in the citadel after The Best Around used it to destroy Ith, where, as a result of overcharging it, it burnt out and gave birth to the first (and possibly only) soul starchild, named Alenka
  • Alenka was then, in turn, overcharged at Relith Tower, and the many souls that composed her existence were scattered across the realm.
  • Ironically, the soul of Vezoth, finally released, reappeared in Zobeck on the same site that its sibiling Ith was once destroyed.

Spirit Staff of Naven[edit | edit source]

Contained the spirit of an old king named Naven, who was able to command and control whoever wielded the staff, would take over a Kobold later to become The Mountain King.

  • When commanded by Naven, the staff wielder could also expand the zone of influence and give commands to other feeble-minded creatures nearby.
  • The Spirit Staff was used by The Best Around during The Sundown to destroy Ith.

Staff of Noesis[edit | edit source]

The Staff of Noesis was held within a secret chamber in Wyvern Mountain, discovered by Darya and later handed over to the warforged colony known as The Sky Net.

  • The Staff of Noesis imbues lost souls who are stuck wandering the Astral Plane into inanimate objects. This allows something as mundane as a chair to become a walking talking animated object, imbued with whatever soul the staff has stolen.
  • The Staff of Noesis was used by The Best Around during The Sundown to destroy Ith.

Staff of the Osugborn Marsh[edit | edit source]

This legendary staff of ancient folklore was said to allow its wielder to easily command the earth of Osugbo, bending it with their will, creating mountains, volcanoes, caverns, and all other worldly features with a mere thought.

  • One of four primordial artifacts.

Steady Stone[edit | edit source]

  • Upon speaking the command word, this roughly 3-inch-diameter stone is capable of maintaining a constant temperature for up to 12 hours each day regardless of external conditions. Among its uses, it is capable of keeping a traveler warm, or of chilling food or drink. The enchantment is not strong enough to sustain a temperature extreme enough to cause damage to a creature for any length of time.

T[edit | edit source]

Truth Serum[edit | edit source]

  • Essentially a "Potion of Zone of Truth" with a Constitution save of DC of 18.

V[edit | edit source]

The Vaulkner[edit | edit source]

  • Known as the Silver Widower in Infernal, this legendary gun is supposedly able to kill any Devil, though it has a limited number of bullets.

W[edit | edit source]

Wand of the Feytouched Spout[edit | edit source]

  • Created by Istishia, the wand is a fabled artifact, mentioned mostly in ancient folklore. It is rumored that anyone who is strong enough to wield the wand can command the oceans around Isonhound, redirecting, evaporating, or freezing them through willpower alone.
  • One of four primordial artifacts

Wand of Orebliteration[edit | edit source]

  • A stone-like wand that removes creatures and objects of stone from existence. By banishing stonework to a non-existent plane, the items are removed from all of reality.
  • Typically only hold one or a few charges, and can only effect up to 20 square feet of stonework.
  • A wand of Orebliteration was donated by The Levinkan and used by The Best Around during The Sundown to destroy Ith.

Wand of Quickening[edit | edit source]

  • If the wand has not been enchanted with a spell yet, a Bard, Warlock, Wizard, or Sorcerer may choose to charge it. Choose one spell up to 3rd level from your spell list to imbue, provided it has a casting time of 1 action or 1 bonus action, and consumes no material components. Add the spell name to the name of this wand.
  • This wand has 9 charges. While holding it, you can use a bonus action to expend charges and cast the spell listed above. The number of charges depends on the level of the spell imbued:
    • Cantrip: 2 charges (save DC 13, or +5 to attacks)<br>
    • 1st level: 3 charges (save DC 13, or +5 to attacks)<br>
      • 2nd level: 4 charges (save DC 13, or +5 to attacks)<br>
    • 3rd level: 4 charges (save DC 15, or +7 to attacks)<br>
  • When the wand contains 0 or 1 charges, it shatters.

Wand of Ursling[edit | edit source]

  • A black wand. 7.5 inches in length. 2.5 inches from hilt to end of handle. The wand was found, by Wilhelm Folkel the Scrate, on the body of a deceased wizard in a sirens lair located under the Baleah Crossing.
  • A magical summoning wand linked to the Feywild, the wand conjures up small bear-like creatures known as Ursanids and psionically links them to follow the commands of the rod's wielder. However, if the spellcaster is not of a fey race, it can be difficult to successfully conjure an ursanid, and many non-fey (including Stumblebum) find themselves struggling to make the rod work consistently.

Waterskin of Inexplicable Upgrading[edit | edit source]

  • Turns water to wine, wine to brandy, brandy to spirits, spirits to dwarven ale, and anything else to an alcoholic substance so potent it is classified as a poison
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