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Type Lost City
Government Monarchy
Location Western Amusan Wilds
Inhabiting Race Thelryan Kobolds

Thelrya was an ancient underground city in Amusa inhabited by magically advanced Thelryan Kobolds. In ancient history the city fell to the demonic influence of the demoness Mother who attempted to use the great power in the city to become a goddess. The city was saved during The Thelryan Restoration.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The city was inhabited by Thelryan Kobolds with magically advanced relics and magical resources. This was due to being constructed over a major leyline crossing, possibly the largest in Amusa. The city was ruled by a monarchy and was commanded by three main sects, Wizards, Druids, and Warlocks. When the city fell these three sects fled to establish three separate villages. The village of Thinwhistle was founded by the city's warlocks and the village of Drakemire Hollow was founded by the city's druids, and the village of Emberglen was founded by the wizards.

History[edit | edit source]

The city began as a small kobold tribe who made camp over a major leyline crossing. The magic of this leyline let them grow rapidly both magically and socially. The magic even made them grow taller and stronger. Over time they built a grand city, hidden beneath the earth.

Over time the kobolds of the city sought to learn more about magic and the realm and reached out beyond the material realm. This caught the attention of the demoness Mother who used the opportunity to send her fungal demons to invade the city. The kobold king in a last ditch attempt to save the city sealed himself and the major leyline node in a powerful unbreakable timestop. All remaining kobolds not taken by Mother either escaped in magitech pods or were also sealed away in time stop vaults.

Mother would keep the city for herself and hatch a plan to break the timestop using a complicated ritual. The city would become the sight of a major battleground between Mother and the heroes of The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company who would defeat Mother and save the city in an event known as The Thelryan Restoration.  

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