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The Thelryan Restoration

The Thelryan Restoration was the culmination of the conflict between The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company and the vile demoness Mother. It began with Mother awakening her army of fungal zombies and ended with the company stopping her evil plans and banishing her from the realm, saving the lost city of Thelrya

The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company[edit | edit source]

The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company had been on the tail of Mother's plan for a god while, tracking down her cultists through out Amusa and exterminating them where they could. They had begun preparing to move on Thelrya before Mother awakened her fungal armies, forcing the company to pivot and focus on weakening her army before eventually taking Mother on directly in Thelrya.

Notable Combatants[edit | edit source]

Mother's Forces[edit | edit source]

After years of preparation, Mother awakened the army she had buried beneath Western Amusa. This massive army flooded out from the wilds and from beneath the continent's cities to ravage its people. her fungal zombies were aided by massive fungal demons, her loyal cultists, and wild lycanthropes led by the Loup Garou Eldrous who had pledged their service to Mother. The plan was for Lenore Hearthorne and Alistair Hearthorne to be wed in abyssal matrimony to break the time stop over Thelrya's leyline in order for Mother's avatar to merge with it. Throughout the battle all commanders would be killed or banished to the Abyss.

Notable Combatants[edit | edit source]

Mother's Plan[edit | edit source]

Under the light of the Blood Moon, Mother, a powerful demon from the Abyss hoped to use the major leyline node under the lost city of Thelrya to ascend to godhood. The only obstacle to this was that the last Thelryan King had placed a permeant time stop over the leyline in order to stop Mother from reaching it. In order to break this time stop Mother concocted a plan to shatter the time stop.

She commanded her worshipers to craft idols in her image and to use those idols to infect humanoid bodies with her rot. These bodies were to then be placed all over Amusa at places of powerful arcane significance. She then groomed the Galik aristocrats Lenore Hearthorne and Alistair Hearthorne to be her perfect worshipers, and planned to use the ritual of their wedding as an anchor for her ritual. Then to serve as her arbiter in the city, she crafted a demonic avatar of herself through one of her cult's greatest priests.

To ascend to godhood, she would use the major leyline in Thelrya to push her realm of the Abyss into the material realm, corrupting Amusa with her rot before then pushing it into the heavens, crafting it into a divine domain.

Her plan's endgame had the following steps:

  • Craft herself an avatar to execute the ritual
  • Awaken the fungal zombies buried across Amusa in order to overload the leyline network and weaken the spell over Thelrya. The zombies would then ravage Amusa, distracting its heroes and converting as many as they could into her fungal servents.
  • Wed Lenore Hearthorne and Alistair Hearthorne, thereby breaking the time stop
  • Have her avatar merge with the leyline, summoning her realm into Quelmar before pushing herself, her realm, and her new army of devout fungal zombie worshipers into the heavens, becoming divinity.

Mother was forced to fast track her plan due to the forces of Amusa getting wise to her schemes, awakening her fungal armies earlier then expected. She was only able to complete step three of her endgame plan, as after the wedding her avatar was slain.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

As the company prepared to advance to Thelrya, Mother awakened her fungal armies across Amusa. The company was able to identify that each pocket of zombies was tied to an idol of Mother, and if that idol was destroyed so would be the zombies connected to it. They quickly came together to construct four prototype devices that could lead them to where these idols were hidden and set out. Tracking these statues led the company all over Amusa, to beneath the city, to the wilds of Amusa, to the grove of the Thistlebrook Conclave, to the bodies hidden in their own basement, and even to the burnt out remains of Thinwhistle. After the company had destroyed a number of idols, they were able to clear a large enough path through Mother's armies to reach Thelrya.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

Stage 2 consisted of the company's attack on Thelrya and the height of Mother's ritual to ascend to godhood.

The Dimensional Anchor[edit | edit source]

Leftover from the Kobolds of Thelrya's experimentations with realms beyond their own, if activated, this magitech engine could bind Mother to Thelrya and allow her to be banished forever. A team of company members managed to activate the engine and keep it active while fighting off waves of Mother's monsters, allowing other adventurers to sunder her avatar and banish her.

The Lost Vaults[edit | edit source]

The company discovered that along with the sealed leyline, a number of mysterious vaults existed across Thelrya. A team of company members began to travel across the city, unlocking them one by one. They discovered many lost wonders, including magical weapons, arcane golems, and citizens of Thelrya who had been sealed away for their own protection. The evil lycanthrope lord Eldrous attempted to intervene, only to be destroyed under the light of the blood moon.

The Abyssal Wedding[edit | edit source]

A vital part of Mother's plan was to use the wedding of Lenore Hearthorne and Alistair Hearthorne as the anchor for her ritual. Once the two could be wed, the time stop over Thelrya would be broken. A team of company members went to engage with the pair of soon-to-be-weds before they could be married. Interrupting the wedding proceedings, they did battle with the couple's groomsmen and bridemaids before successfully destroying Alistair Hearthorne. Though in a last ditch attempt to succeed in the ritual, Lenore Hearthorne charmed the adventurer Chrysaor and married him, successfully breaking the time stop. Though immediately after marrying them, Lenore was skewered and killed on Chrysaor's blade.

The Heart of Thelrya[edit | edit source]

At the heart of Thelrya was the time stop and Mother's avatar. A team of heroes did battle with the avatar and their many demonic allies. When the time stop over the leyline was broken, the team managed to hold the avatar off and with the dimensional anchor in place, destroy them, sending Mother back into the Abyss.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the company's efforts, Thelrya was freed of Mother's influence, saving the ancient city. During the battle, a number of sealed away Thelryan citizens were saved, including the city's ancient Kobold King.

Returning to Galik the company and its members were welcomed as heroes. Mother's fungal armies were destroyed and Western Amusa was saved.

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