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Therrin Flare
Relatives Unknown
Languages Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarvish
Affiliations Church of Pelor
Place of Birth Unknown
Species Aasimar
Gender Male
Height 5' 6"
Eye Color pale blue
Therrin and Pexx

Therrin Flare is an aasimar warlock who was anonymously delivered to the Exhalted Temple of Pelor as an infant. He was born in PR 874. He has no information about his background prior to his appearance at the temple, but there are others who do.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

A human male of about 5'6" in height with silver hair, pale blue eyes and extremely light skin is how Therrin appears, with his coloration doing the most to give away his celestial origins. Therrin is clean shaven and has no distinguishing marks or tattoos.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kind, courteous and helpful are the characteristics most obvious about Therrin. He can be a bit naive in his efforts to be helpful, and is always accepting of those who are worshippers of Pelor (or those who are convincing). Healing is his calling, and he's not been forced to use his abilities in a harmful way to date.

History[edit | edit source]

The aasimar warlock known as Therrin Flare is a foundling raised in the church of Pelor in Galik.  He arrived in a crate of produce shipped in from the farms of Ranis Sewell outside of the city, and an inquiry utilizing the highest levels of truth magic available to the church revealed neither the farmer nor any of his family or farmhands had any inkling of how the boy had appeared amongst the cabbages.

Auguries showed primarily positive potential so the church assigned a grumpy retiree to watch the boy initially and see to his needs.  Father Jasper Thorn was a devoted servant of Pelor who had joined the most restrictive of Pelorian orders precisely to avoid raising children.  To be saddled with the duty in his golden years made him imagine the exarchs were all enjoying a hearty laugh at his expense.  But Father Thorn was a diligent man and despite his terse demeanor saw to the best of the boy's needs.

Their first interaction was remarkable.  Upon being told of his assignment and being introduced to the as yet unnamed child, Father Thorn picked the boy up to give him a good look and as he did so a glow appeared in the infant's eyes which quickly grew until it exploded in a brilliant flare of colored light that momentarily blinded all in the room.  When they could see again they noticed that a small birthmark in the shape of a celestial rune had appeared on his left arm near the shoulder.  It spelled the word "therrin" which had no known meaning, so Father Thorn took it to be the child's name.  Therrin's brilliant introduction seemed an appropriate surname, and Therrin Flare was born.

Therrin's divine origins were obvious from the start, but divinations revealed frustratingly little.  Still, with his aasimar heritage he was naturally drawn to the healing arts, and after an unremarkably normal childhood Therrin started to show his affinity around 8 years old.  He spent much of his time in the infirmary helping to tend to patients, and his quiet demeanor and careful attention made him an apt student.  

Therrin didn't discuss it with others but his childhood was filled with dreams which were visited by his divine ancestor.  He made a pact to work as an agent of Life in his mortal existence, and in return was granted the power to heal.  As he began to really contribute to the efficiency of the temple's healing prowess he also started to meet many people.  His unusual and mysterious origin and natural charm made him a bit of a local attraction, and people with minor injuries and extra time would make their way to Pelor's temple to be healed by the "angel boy".  Therrin tolerated the attention with good humor and did his best to ensure the temple was always well represented with his actions.

When he turned 16 he began to do shifts with some of the defenders of the city, going on patrols to provide active healing support.  There was almost always an opportunity to use his gifts during these outings and Therrin began to learn the city and make friends and acquaintances in many locations.

Now at 18 Therrin is ready to begin venturing further afield.  He has no specific ambitions and is eager to meet more people and use his healing abilities to help as many as possible, to show the people that Pelor does indeed care about their welfare.  He has received hints in his dreams that he'll ultimately fulfill a greater purpose, but for now he's content to learn and do his part to keep people healthy.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarvish

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Cure Wounds, Hold Person, Lesser Restoration, Prestidigitation and Misty Visions (Silent Image) used for mostly non-combat purposes.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Eldritch Blast, Sacred Flame, Guiding Bolt, Dagger

Expeditions[edit | edit source]

The Temple of Lolth[edit | edit source]

We set out to explore south of the camp. Paul wanted us to accompany him to do research on a ruin that had been noted not far off. We made our way there, Paul, myself, Sabbatical, Yewvane, Reedy and Paris. Pexx and Daq also accompanied us. When we reached the location we took time to review the structure. It was much older than we expected, and none of the barely discernable markings were identifiable by anyone in the party. Cautiously we approached the entrance and made our way inside.

The first room was spacious but dark. We began to move into it to get a better look when suddenly scurrying spiders emerged from various corners, and we were beset on all sides. We stood mostly near the entrance to avoid them, using ranged attacks, though Yewvane and Sabbatical were willing to get in close. The spiders were imposing to see, but ultimately not very tough and we fought through them with minor injuries. Sabbatical took some damage but shook off my initial offer of healing. We made our way through the room to an exit opposite the wall through which we entered. We passed through the doorway and came into another decently sized room, and again were beset by spiders. These were larger than the first group, each as big as a person, as compared to the first few which were more the size of Daq. The party again engaged the spiders, but these weren't just unnaturally large - they were also possessed of a magical nature that allowed them to use their webs to blast us with magical energy.

We fought on and eventually defeated the creatures, although the damage we took was more significant. When finished we noted the main feature of the room other than the spiders was a statue at the rear of the chamber. It was of a woman who was beautiful but also had spider-like features. It was a statue of Lolth, demon queen of spiders, whose trickery and deceit are renowned. She stood with a hand outstretched, palm up, as if waiting to be given a gift. With nothing particularly obvious to try we moved on, out another door that lead to a hallway. The hall was lined with what appeared to be large spider legs, though composed of ooze and not carapace. They moved like spider legs though, and tried to strike any who came close. But they were fixed in place and we were able to destroy them primarily with ranged attacks. I've never used my eldritch blast so much!

We reached another simple room, one which had an air of being a preparatory chamber, and which had a significant door to our left as we entered. We were again beset by oozy spider legs and a few spiders. As we defeated these, Sabbatical indicated she'd taken a decent amount of damage, so I used a cure wounds spell to heal her a bit. Yewvane made his way to the main door and opened it, and behind it was a horror. A spider-like creature, horse-sized, loomed over Yewvane. It seemed to be the source of the ooze legs, and appeared to be half-ooze itself. A tough fight commenced, and several of us were affected by fear and took some tough injuries. But ultimately the bit of healing I could do was helpful with others' abilities and we managed to keep our feet and slay the foul beast. We then searched its chamber, and Reedy's keen eyes found both an obviously magical cloak, as well as a large red gem that seemed just the right size for the palm of the Lolth statue we had previously seen.

Heading back out of the temple we stopped at the statue and placed the gem in its hand. Doing so revealed a secret door that opened in the wall behind the statue, and behind the door was a passageway that lead quickly to stairs heading downward. We chose not to explore further, and left the red gem with Paul. Reedy claimed the cloak, and the rest of us divided up a few gold coins we found. Then we headed back to camp to coordinate with the rest of the expedition. I don't think I'll want to explore the stairs any time soon, but if needed I'll definitely step up to the task.

The Downed Airship[edit | edit source]

We were able to find the downed ship pretty easily.  Once there we spoke with the captain and he told us they were attacked.  One of his crew was already dead, so we moved to help them repair the ship to get out of there.  Unfortunately the enemies returned quickly.  There was probably a dozen or more, of all different sizes and shapes.  They looked sort of like zombies and sort of like trees, and they were covered in slimy moss and rotting fungi.  They were babbling something Sabbatical said was Abyssal, and they smelled.  Really bad.

They surrounded us pretty quickly so we moved to defensive positions.  Kompi and I joined the captain on the ship, the rest of the party and crew moved to engage the enemies.  Lambda and Sabbatical were in their faces, Sabbatical tossing flames everywhere, Lambda just hammer them right in the face.  Paris jumped up onto the deck to better see the battlefield and began peppering the enemy with her decorative bolts, which exploded with flashes of glitter on impact.  Fashionable and deadly.

The zombie tree things hit pretty hard, and they also had other weird effects on us.  They could induce fright, and some of them would explode spores when hit.  I think that's what eventually got me.  But before that, fairly early on, we seemed to be doing pretty ok.  Kompi conjured up Al, and that was a huge advantage for us.  Plus the enemies weren't too hard to hit.  Well, I mean, I missed more than I hit, but I did blast one of them to pieces!

Three of these enemies were bigger and had large hammers they dragged around with them.  Weirdly they didn't use them, they just smashed at us with their fists.  The managed to surround Lambda and knock him down briefly, but I was able to send some healing his way to get him back on his feet.  As we fought on, we eventually winnowed their numbers down to four or five, when we finally took out one of the big hammer guys. That's when things got really bad.  The whole area shook like there was an earthquake, and suddenly up from the ground rises a giant zombie tree guy.  Twenty feet at least, and with four arms. Four. Arms.

It was fondling a boulder in a way I found uncomfortable to watch, but much like the hammer guys it didn't seem to want to use it.  Kompi sicced Al on it immediately, but then made a tactical error.  Kompi should have moved away from it before acting, but instead sent magic missles at it that gave it a nasty sting.  That drew the thing's attention right to Kompi. Before any of us could react, the thing lunged forward and snatched Kompi up.  It held one of Kompi's limbs in each of its fists, and drew him out like he was going to rip him apart.  It was horrifying!

That thing hurt Kompi bad, and then Kompi was tossed aside like rag doll.  We were stunned, and also outraged.  We continued the fight, and Nestor aided the captain in finally making progress on ship repairs.  The rest of us focused our attacks on taking out the giants, while a few tended to the remaining enemies.  As we were finally able to take out the last enemy, the whole area was again shaken like with an earthquake, but much more violently.  I was terrified, and we all determined to leave.  With the ship fixed and our companions all gathered on board, we fled back here.  I don't know what horror we missed.

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