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Silent is a divine Arbiter of Death rising to prominence in the continent of Isonhound. They possess great power over souls and assist souls moving on after death.

"Good. Not because I had to be, but because it helped the people. I ensured a good dragon lived, I ensured a body was brought properly to their final resting place, not because I had to, but because it was mercy to their souls."

You see a God looking down at you. They offer you a small deck of cards, and ask if you'd like to play a game.

Domain Death
Aliases Minor God of Death, Silent, Nin,
Alignment Neutral Evil
Epithets The Twilight Angel, The Hand of Mercy, Fate Reader, The Quiet One

Background[edit | edit source]

There are many gods in this realm, however, death is far too vast to be overseen by only one. Silent has hundreds of kin, each with their own followers and personal beliefs of how death should be used. Once powerful, Silent has lost many of her personal believers after being bound to Yggwilvs' Hut for years as nothing more than a pet and trophy. Yggwilv had been cruel, keeping Silent on the brink of starvation for centuries before deciding it best to keep the god alive with as little to feast upon as possible. Many of the souls she had reaped of men whom died on the battlefield that Isonhound had been built upon have been forgotten because of this starvation, and she holds almost no memory of the days before her capture.

After years of this, finally a group- some of whom had defeated The Green Stag in exchange for three wishes- had wandered into the dancing hut, and had been able to hear Silents voice. Once they had invoked their name, Silent was once again able to materialize into this realm. As they spoke over the course of three days, Delphi had eventually decided to use their final wish to free Silent from the witches control, and now sees Silent as their Patron, setting a very hungry God into the realm of Quelmar.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Silent is a tall, hooved being with a near white streak in their bangs. They have sparse, feathered wings and a skeletal ribcage, and two sets of horns that form a crown and halo-like appearance. They wear a covering over their lower face, and are often seen shuffling a deck of 22 tarot cards, the rest of which have been misplaced and re-found multiple times, as well as inviting unassuming mortals into a dice rolling game of sorts. They have been seen to conjure an ornate, carved scythe out of seemingly thin air in order to attack as needed. They seem to travel in between the planes of existence, and when they choose to manifest, they will tear a skeletal hand into the realm, with black shadows typically bleeding into the normal realm. They have been seen leaving their black to white ombred feathers behind as they slip back into the fold, and often this is the only thing left to prove that they had made an appearance.

Worshipers[edit | edit source]

As Silent has returned to Quelmar, so has their worship. After recovering from their time in Yggwilv's Hut they were once again able to bestow blessings and divine power unto their most dedicated of worshipers. Around Isonhound small alters have begun to spring up, carved by those whom she has reached out to across the land. Two of the most prominent alters can be located in Seglock as well as Musso where the residents converted to the worship of Silent after surviving an attack by the Crimson Terror, Flame. Even with contention rising regarding their return, Silent has still been successful in beginning to once again establish their faith. There has been other groups alluded to have been devoted followers of Silent, such as The Whispered Reapers, however these cults had dispersed and shifted their views greatly after Silent's sudden disappearance from the realm.

Notable followers of Silent include: Delphi, Hugo Clarion, and D'Kacilius Venrai.

Storybooks Dedicated to Silent[edit | edit source]

Book 1[edit | edit source]

Once Upon a time, Long ago, there was a princess.

The Princess was smart, and kind, and very pretty, as all good princesses are.

Sadly, this princess had been fighting a terrible war, against a very, very evil queen.

The evil queen wanted to rule the princesses' kingdom for herself, and wanted to get rid of the princess.

The princess wasn't afraid, though, because her kingdom loved her, and her armies trusted her.

She also had two very strong knights that had advised her, and who would never betray her.

One of her knights  was cunning, and was charismatic as they had been trusted.

The other knight thrived in battle, and only truly felt alive while fighting their war.

The princess and her two knights had become close friends over time.

Because of this, the evil queen knew she would never beat them.

So the queen made a plan.

The queen decided she needed help.

Deep in the woods, late under the cover of darkness, The queen risked her own safety and traveled by horseback.

She called out to the moon, In order to gain attention of a powerful sorceress.

The sorceress answered, pleased to be given a challenge after many years.

"I suppose I'll stop those knights," the witch said, without asking for anything in return.

And the Sorceress traveled to the battlefield itself, barely seeming to react to the fight around them.

The brutal knight had been so focused on their battle, he hadn't even noticed the woman simply standing there.

The cunning knight had seen the witch, however.

She watched the unfazed being, and became all too aware of her intentions.

"Mighty Spellcaster! What brings you to the frontline?" The knight shouted, making her comrade aware of the strangers presence.

The spellcaster only smiled, and watched.

The cunning knight knew they wouldn't be able to fight the witch.

They moved between the witch and her blood covered ally, and spoke. "Run along, now."

The words weren't only for the witch, and they all seemed to share this knowledge.

In a moment, the Fighter had bolted.

The Witch Laughed.

The Princess Cried, and watched as the cunning knight spread their wings, and the witches spell bound to them.

That knight, now trapped, had at least saved their friends.

The Furious knight and princess, still together, never searched for their friend.

There had been a war, and The Cunning Knight was simply a Causality.

Book 2[edit | edit source]

Not found.

Silent's Religious Symbol

Tenets of Worship[edit | edit source]

I believe in freedom. Shackles should not be forced upon others.

I believe that death is what allows others to grow.

I believe in not wasting those desecrated. I will take care of what others cannot.

I believe death is natural, and constant.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Silent is an almost playful being, although often will show annoyance with having to take care of things their self. They are incredibly sarcastic, though enjoy giving card readings to those who will listen to them. They lived quite some time being cared for by the witch in the dancing hut, scolded for talking and often left to sing for larvae that Yggwilv had kept.

To those who follow, worship, and/or are recipients of Silents power often see a particular facade of Silent. Though they are not necessarily a deceitful god, nor puts on a particularly strong mask, they do present themselves in a particular way to their followers. They seems to a bit more sarcastic and teasing, often goading adventurers with their lack of knowledge about various situations. They seem to try and separate the group out, to instead talk to each person individually. By doing this, they can get a read on everyone and determine how to speak to them and convince them in a more tailored and individualized way. They are fairly manipulative, but never in a distinctly evil or malicious way. They know how to read people and use that to their advantage in conversations. They also often use allegories, allusions, and veiled references to help people see hidden truths within themselves. Silent also enjoys playing games, especially tarot, to help reveal these truths within people.

Silent has spoken of many ways in which they've kept the souls reaped, often likening the process to consuming the essence of a person. After much pushback of the people, the god finally elaborated on the process in which they consume and store souls within their bones, and in turn, within their realm. Few beings have witnessed the majesty of her realm, however an assumed alter of the Whispered Reapers has been depicted within D'Kascilius' Soul-Scape. Adorned with both food and bone, four podiums had stood around the carved depiction of a skeletal hand gripping their scythe. The Whispered Reapers have branched out into many groups over the course of the thousand years she had been missing, although the stories that have survived often depict a shadowed realm, where the only light emanates into a cemetery, where collected memories and trinkets may be displayed.

Silent has gone out of their way to make promises to certain followers to imbue their souls into objects of importance to the individual, and even has promised those who do not worship them, that Silent will be the one to guide them to their rightful god. They do show favoritism to those who maintain banter with them, often enjoying the back and forth, however will become annoyed with those who act as though they are higher than death itself. Because of this, they are quite fond of the Fae, even showing that they enjoy the company of other god's presence. Silent has made it clear that they would happily work in conjunction to other gods, although will back down quickly if a divine custody battle were to take place. Currently, they seem to be in good standing with the God of Curiosity, Dysian as per Linden's good word, however they have been tied to other Gods of Quelmar, Including Nerull, The Raven Queen, Ellistree, and Lolth, with varying reputation between them. Currently, Silent seems to do their best to simply keep their head down and name unknown amongst larger gods.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Silent, as a god of death, has a wide variety of divine (and anti-divine) abilities. However, being Tasha's pet for such a prolonged period of time along with losing most of their followers, has severely weakened their powers. However, they are slowly working on regaining followers and having more people in Quelmar invoke their name. Since the five who traveled to Yggwilv's Hut came and invoked Silent, they have regained the ability to physically manifest in the material plane, along with simply willing creatures to just die. They also possess the ability to aid or prevent adventurers from making and/or failing their death saves and continue to mention the heed of the Dragon Flame that they've claimed. Silent has been shown inflicting and making others weak to necrotic damage on numerous occasions, as well as shown the ability to phase through physical objects with ease. When prayed to for a minute, a follower will often feel closer to their god, allowing Silent themself to become more attuned to the waking world and able to better interact with it.

Those who've Invoked Silent[edit | edit source]

Silent currently has fifteen beings that have directly invoked their name, and one who had been reaped by Silent.

The first of eight, being Delphi, Durian, Ensign, Herneldo, and Cynthia- These five traveled to Yggwilv's Hut to receive the reward from slaying the Green Stag. When they first arrived, said witch was no where around. Silent took this as an opportunity to talk to these five unfortunate souls first, and convince them to invoke their name. During their stay in the Hut, a few of them took the opportunity to play a tarot game with Silent. During these games, they were given chances to speak with Silent in a more free manner. Because of this, they grew closer to the god, especially Delphi. At the end of the three night stay, Delphi decided to use her third wish opportunity to request Silents' freedom, which was granted by the witch.

After the main headquarters of the Greedy Green had been built in Seglock, Delphi was quick to build an altar to their new patron. Five others, including Cynthia, had decided to interact with this before their quest to the fiery gates, allowing for Silent to aide in the unfortunate path they had taken. Karl Anders had unknowingly offered a sacrifice of wine, pouring one out to Silent while Aesir had played a song for them. Joshua, after refusing to take sides until the very end, had finally asked for mercy and invoked their name. Cyan had been offered a deal multiple times, yet refused to invoke Silent, insisting that "A god who needs a contract to save someone is not a god worth worshipping." Instead, they had learned that whether you worship them or not, Silent will only profit from ones death.

[EDIT: @blaise and @cheezydank's characters]

Silent Connections[edit | edit source]

Through a unique arrangement, a curious feywild god named Dysian allowed a curious harengon Life Cleric named, Linden Rue to form a special divine connection to this mysterious death demi-goddess without surrendering her soul. This connection will remain in the afterlife (for more details read Linden's insights below).

Delphi's Insights[edit | edit source]

Delphi was one of the first five adventurers to invoke Silent's name after staying in Yggwilv's Hut and delivering the Green Stag head. During these events, Delphi and Silent often played the god's 22 Tarot Card game. Because of this, Delphi grew closer to Silent, and Silent in turn pointed out some things in Delphi that the dragonborn didn't want to admit within herself. Mainly, it was pointed out that Delphi had more power in herself than she cared to admit, and that she was allowed to make selfish decisions to benefit herself rather than always thinking about others. During the three-night stay, Delphi found herself reflecting on their conversations. When the time came to make the final wish, she caved, and wished for Silent's freedom. In return for this wish, Silent agreed to be bound to Delphi in a patron relationship, and help Delphi hone her arcane abilities.

Karl Anders has heard of this Silent. After using a fancy looking table to hold his drink, he started hearing a voice in his head calling herself Silent. She seems to think he signed a contract, but Karl doesn't even know how to spell his own name. She seems well enough as a person. Although she did encourage him to break a big alter and it exploded on him so he's not so sure.

Hugo Clarions's Insights[edit | edit source]

Silent came to Hugo Clarion on the field of battle against the great Red Dragon Flame. What Silent made to him was a promise, that all are equal in death. It was much the same belief that Hugo found in the flame. With the signing of a name the deal was struck. He saw that the death arbiter could be aloof sometimes and permitted the actions of others that some may consider unsavory, but still beyond it all he could see what Silent represented. All death is inevitable. No man, dragon or titan is beyond such universal truths. From this death is what can be made new life. This is what Hugo stands for in Silent's name. An ideal a value, a promise, in their name.

Linden Rue - "A Life Cleric's Insights on Death"[edit | edit source]

Silent courted Linden Rue for some time, tempting her to 'come play' and become her "pet Life Cleric," and as much as our little harengon life cleric loves a good romp with Death, Linden, however, found herself skeptical at first. Silent was described to her (by her own followers and later her own admission) as a Demi-God who "eats" souls. In Linden's understanding "eating" souls is done by beings who seek to consume their essence to increase their own power thusly annihilating the soul from existence by using up its energy. Most death god/desses Linden encountered prior were shepherds or save havens for souls and would abhor the destruction of one of Life's gifts. Linden also noticed how Silent's followers were excessively eager to kill and deliver souls to the hungry Demi-Goddess of death as if compelled to do so to reap some rewards from their patron. All of this seemed dark and smacked of evil intent. Her first introduction to Silent's existence was when witnessed one follower deliver the soul of a child innocent that was killed by a poison from an altered goblin during the Seglock battle. Shortly after some of her followers were prowling around the makeshift hospital her and her guild The Iron Hawks put up and were maintaining after an attack on Seglock and "delivering souls." Linden posited that the dead ones had no choice, and even if they gave a choice to the dying, how many would refuse? Surely this was manipulation or at the very least taking advantage of these poor souls in their time of need. Consent is of the utmost importance, and it seemed these souls were not being given a choice. All of this seemed bad *very* bad...

Linden though has never been one to rush to judgement, for the moment, she was keeping a cautious distance by refusing to say the deity's name and instead gifting her the moniker of "The Quiet One" to avoid accidently invoking the demi-goddess. It was during this time she heard Tristram in debate with the goddess and decided to ask her some questions of her own and get some straight answers since the followers didn't really seem to be good at providing them. Here the first glimpse of the real truth of this divine being was revealed. Silent explained to her that she does not annihilate souls, she keeps them, they become a part of her. Furthermore, Silent shared with Linden that she began this when she witnessed death occurring with no one to remember the lost souls and took it upon herself to save them and remember them. Furthermore, she was, at least for a time, willing and able to give the gift of allowing living people to visit these souls and gain closure. Linden then learned that if Silent is ever destroyed all the souls within her will also be put to an end which is the only true way they'll be annihilated. Hearing this newer compassionate side of the supposedly dark and evil Demi-Goddess made our life cleric pause and began to give consideration that there may be more to this being than she seems.

Linden's opinion was further changed when she witnessed the Goddess being directly involved in the search for two lost sheep of hers. There was an air of genuine concern emanating from this powerful being. That seemed very strange and moving as she had witnessed no other deity be so deeply involved and concerned. There is usually an air of aloofness in deities with some never responding to their followers at all. Linden did take into account that the Silent had mentioned she didn't feel the souls when they first fell down the rabbit hole (as it were). So, it could still have been her concern was that someone took food from her mouth. Linden warmed more to Silent preferring to focus on the positive, however, still kept herself reserved due to the chance that she was just concerned her dinner went missing.

Linden and the goddess had some conversation, but much stayed the same for a while until Linden was called in by a fellow guild member to assist one of Silent's followers with a spiritual dilemma. This ended up being a wild adventure of trapsing through the follower's brain or soul... or whatever you call it (soul scape she believes). She did her best to help and witnessed Silent stepping in to assist albeit in a mysterious kind of way. Silent contractually ensured her followers and Linden were protected from the dark beings roaming the gem dragon's noodle. Again, Linden took into account that Silent was possibly gaining a demon, devil, draconic soul, along with her follower's soul so there was something to gain by helping, though, she did not have to grant Linden protection. At the end of this, the follower was still mentally broken and fled into the night. Silent once more offered a place for Linden provided the life cleric promised her soul the death goddess but Linden told Silent she could never give her, her soul as its already dedicated to her curious feywild god Dysian.

Linden opened a therapy stand with the slogan, "feelings are hard, talk to the wise white rabbit," and sure enough the aforementioned addled gem dragonborn Silent follower returned, slipping her a letter to meet him outside of town as he was still in quite a bad way. Linden is always one to help, even if this crazy fellow threatened to stab her with a soul stealing sword (that would deliver her soul to silent provided he actually successfully killed Linden - again consent is an issue here) at their first meeting. She realized quickly that the not so gentle dragonborn man's condition was dire and that some divine help might be required, so, she called upon Silent to aid her follower in his time of need and the demi-goddess appeared. During the initial conversation (after Linden poked the demon bear and angered him) Silent teased the demon stating that she'd "be honored to escort Linden's soul to her god" and this really struck Linden. The goddess wanted Linden to join her, though Linden still refused, Silent was going to ensure her safe passage to her god. This really changed everything and allowed Linden to see her with new eyes. The goddess was not saying this to woo Linden, it was merely to tease the beastly one. Through much back-and-forth progress was slow to end the follower's madness until both Silent and Linden found themselves swept up into his soul scape once more. Here a great battle was taking place with the devil and demon standing among a field of bloody and torn corpses. Being a bit nervous Linden stepped closer to the divine being accompanying her and in her kindness Silent protectively placed a wing behind the shaken rabbit to ensure she shielded her from any harm. This impressed Linden a great deal because there was no reason for Silent to protect her, Linden is not a follower of this divine being (and had refused her many times) and so was owed nothing from her. Throughout the harrowing ordeal, to save the follower Silent ensured Linden felt safe and protected. Once all seemed resolved and they found themselves back on the material plane once more and as this divine being had physically manifested to aid this process Linden did not miss the chance to wrap the dark terrifying death goddess in a warm love filled hug of appreciation (much to Silent's surprise). Linden feels everyone deserves love, no matter how fiercely terrifying their countenance may be.

Linden later presented to goddess with a gift, to aid a lost soul, because "all souls should be remembered" and there was no other way for Linden to set the soul, or at least it's memory, if that's all that was left, free. After sitting with her positive kind interactions with this goddess Linden sought council from her god Dysian and in his curiosity he was intrigued at his little life cleric's new divine friend and though he would not deliver Linden's soul he allowed her to pursue the "dance of life and death" being satisfied in the poetic beauty of their connection. He instead allowed Linden to offer Silent the ability to have a connection to Linden in the afterlife, where Linden can enjoy a presence in both places being free to travel from one to the other as she wishes. Silent could also call upon her to visit should she desire such if Linden is away, but Dysian would not allow Linden's freewill to be taken from her by binding her to this deity and so gifted the allowance for a connection instead.

Linden reached out to Silent and as deities always seem be one step ahead, she teasingly quired Linden about Dysian being willing to share Linden with her. With a grin Linden shared the offer her god had given and Silent happily agreed to the arrangement. Silent then graciously gifted Linden with more strength and power as an exchange for the memory Linden had previously offered her freely in kindness. The two had a heartwarming conversation and Linden brought unconditional love, warmth, and joy into the chilled darkness that has surrounded this compassionate being for so long. A rabbit light in a dark place.

And so, a new journey begins, Linden with two deities connecting with her and Silent with her new "pet rabbit Life Cleric" happily hopping at her side.

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