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Disaster Bicon
Player Name Craig
Aliases Little V Sport
Age 16
Hails From Novisk City, Breme
Education Ravendean Preparatory School
Current Whereabouts Ravendean

"I don't care about the government, and I really need a hug" - Vaeth to her father, probably

Vaeth Soval was a Half Elven student at Ravendean Preparatory School in 114 CR and was notably the daughter of incumbent mayor Alek Soval.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vaeth could be described as a hot mess. Her hair was haphazardly self-cut, and clothing was often old second hand vintagewear that was repaired with colourful mismatching threads. It was also common for her to decorate her outfits with badges and shaky embroidery, or anything else she’s able to affix to it.

Her general appearance showcased a strong Elven heritage, however her father’s rugged Bremish features snuggle in there too.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Many people have described Vaeth in many different terms. Absent minded, irresponsible, weird. For several years she kept to her own company, spending life more time in her head than reality. She developed a habit for collecting random junk she finds, and also a tendency to obsessively hyper-fixate on finding or doing specific things for a period of time.

More recently she has attempted to return to society at the behest of her therapist. Reintegrating with her fellow classmates proved to be a difficult task, and at times overwhelming when enough people and drama were involved at once. She continues to be enthusiastic in her task though, and tries to be sweet and kind to everyone, and to see the best in them - though definitely coming off as peculiar to many. Her social naïveté however did leave her in an impressionable state, which often resulted in rash, poorly thought out attempts to gain the appreciation of others.

She just wants people to like her.

History[edit | edit source]

Born and raised in the Bremish city of Novisk, Vaeth was a bright child, did well in class and considered a talented flautist. In 108 CR she moved to Ravendean with her parents and settled into life there. Life continued as normal for a couple years before her mother decided to leave the family, throwing Vaeth’s world into turmoil. Feeling abandoned, unloved, and lacking the needed support from her father - whose own coping methods made him appear distant to her, putting his time even more into his work and his Pelorian faith - Vaeth instead withdrew into herself; more often preferring the company of the forests than their peers. Dissociative journeys became common as Vaeth explored the worlds in her mind rather than experiencing reality.

With the start of the school year in 114 CR, Vaeth's therapist suggested it was the best time to try re-immerse into society with their classmates. After a slow start she eventually bonded with her seating plan neighbour Stefan Zoob at the back of the classroom, who also introduced her to Vinny Collins in the year above. Other early bonding attempts included the new girl Emmy Ravendean who Vaeth hoped to welcome to the town, and - much to her father's chagrin - Diana Arken-Nuhansen.

After weeks of mixed reports from the school, her father sought to impose his opinions on what he deemed were the negatively influencing relationships Vaeth was forming, leading to the little time they spent together to become tense and heated. These tensions peaked with threats of military academies and twisting of religious teachings. In the end the two understood that fighting got each other nowhere, and the most important thing was their love for one another. A deal was struck to better understand and support one another.

At school, Vaeth worked with Diana to try help Emmy following their worrying actions at the Ravendean Estate, during which the pair discovered her actions were being manipulated by her family. The two tried their best to keep Emmy close and out of trouble. She also attempted to expand her social circle by joining Zoob and Vinny in the lighting department for the schools modern themed production of Romeo & Juliet. Despite having no prior experience, Vaeth threw themself into learning the entire system and was fairly proficient in a couple days, a skill set she used at Zoob's final party.

In the journey up to Homecoming, Vaeth was surprised to find herself in the running for Homecoming Court, apparently beside both Vinny and as part of the Queendom with Diana and Emmy. Despite only finding out about the whole system three days before the dance, she was excited to campaign and look pretty in a dress and a shiny crown. Ultimately the results were never announced due to Lauren Flowers' disruption and the ensuing chaos of the night.

The Official Vaeth Moodboard

Vaeth joined the rest of their classmates in opposing the dark forces of Clippy and the Ravendean Family following the homecoming dance. After arguing with Diana, she was able to convince her to join Emmy and Charlie in the town centre, helping to fight back cultists as the pair dealt with their respective evil entities.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All she know is the empty bowl, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip & grab rock
  • Lives with ADHD
  • Had an insanely high Tetris score on their phone
  • Honestly she’s trying real hard y’all

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