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The World Breaker is an apocryphal beast of ancient legend, said to bring about the end of the realm itself. Throughout Quelmar history many creatures have been called the World Breaker, or sometimes "the Tarrasque" (a draconic term that means "god slayer").

The most notable creature to take the mythical name was the Redspawn Worldbreaker, the largest of Tiamat's Dragon Spawn, created in the deepest caverns of her Crystal City and unleashed on the realm towards the end of The War of Many Names.

About[edit | edit source]

The World Breaker was said to be nigh unstoppable, even by the gods. Imagery of the tarrasque has been found from prehistoric times, indicating that it's existence was just as much a part of the realm as the sky or the ground.

The World Breaker is described as a vaguely reptilian beast of unspeakable power.

History[edit | edit source]

False Tarrasques[edit | edit source]

Throughout history, many mages and beguilers have conjured or created world breakers, following the rich imagery created throughout history, leading many to believe that it was truly the end of days. These false tarrasques, more often than not, only invited the realm's strongest to take them down. When a false tarrasque is defeated, many believe that the end of the world have been stopped---not realizing that the true horrors still await.

Redspawn's Creation[edit | edit source]

Many debate whether the World Breaker was created on purpose to fulfill the prophecies, or if it's creation was so powerful that warnings of its coming were sent back in time to alert the realm of the creature. In any case, the World Breaker was eventually born out of The Crystal City in the secret land of Kiston as one of Tiamat's dragon spawn. Dragons who lived near the ground floor of the city were known to have had nightmares of being thrown into "The Big Hole", an ominous phrase referring to the deepest pits that lead into the World Breaker's chambers deep underground.

At some point after it got too large, the hole that lead into the Redspawn's chamber was covered up, with only a small passage that could fit a draco-orc (or a very young dragon) used to bring more food down without risking the World Breaker's escape.

Unleashed[edit | edit source]

In 1293 PR, Tiamat's Redspawn World Breaker showed itself to the realm for the first time. Shortly after, the Fracturing of the Weave occurred, effectively...breaking the world.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fun Fact[edit | edit source]

  • World Breakers can slip on ball bearings because there's no size limit on the ball bearing save.
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