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The heat is on in this Pteran treasure hunt!
The heat is on in this Pteran treasure hunt!

Season 1: The Road to Ta-Shedet

The heat is on in this hunt for the lost city of Ta-Shedet! This is an online campaign using the framework of The Lost Mine of Phandelvar and set in the badlands and deserts of Pteris in 180 BR. The "Brightwater Campaign" references the starting town of Brightwater.

Season 2: Damn Outlaws

We return for more tales in the Free City of Brightwater! Six months passed in the real world, 40 years passed in Quelmar, and this in-person (PA) campaign with four new players runs on Deadlands: The Weird West. Our heroes track down the McLain family across the region as they test if blood is thicker than holy water. The First Infernal Emergence (unintentionally set into motion in season 1) has scarred the landscape. Most fiends headed east for denser soul populations, but one stuck around that folks just refer to as the Devil. Hellish technology has cropped up, like shattersticks, warmachines, and infernal firearms (technologically distinct from mechano-magical firearms developed over a millenium later). Can they save the day or have fun trying?

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Maps and trinkets of the adventure so far, including a Redbrand bandana, the bronze lamp, Tina's moon crystal, the sending stones, and the scarab.

Season 1

Season 2

  • Addie, the Yuan-ti saloon dancer
  • Corey Spondent, the human muckraker
  • Antelope Allen, the dwarven huckster

Lists and Links[edit | edit source]

References to Other Campaigns' Worldbuilding[edit | edit source]

  • Springerella Wellingdale is a relative of Hoppert Wellingdale
  • Pterish Thri-Kreen originated in the SotS Inc campaign
  • The Swike doppelgang may or may not be precursors to the Swikedom
  • Nomadic, ancient Egypt-inspired, moon-worshipping elves first made an appearance at an exhibit of the Zobeck Art Gallery
  • A Feywild satyr was portrayed with an attempt at an Irish accent, following the footsteps of the Feywild-trekking Muirin O Donnchu
  • The Phendesian River dried up during a hot spell due to the seasonal chaos preceding the War of Essence
  • The Dark Fathers may or may not be related to the Dark Powers or precursors of the Dark Sons
  • The genie Malachite Perjurer broke the fourth wall, saying he couldn't explain the bad guy's plot as if it was Get Submodule and telling the audience he couldn't kill Evo, so stop asking
  • Some believe the orbs of calamity fell through Pteris and through the Underdark to hell. The subsequent flooding could have brought attention to this entry point into the Material Plane, leading to the first Infernal Emergence a year later.
  • the magical ven ship uses the Giant word for friend, "ven."

Maps[edit | edit source]

Pages for Post-Campaign[edit | edit source]

  • Unincorporated Territories (dual geography, Brightwater, Golden Gorge, Wide Gulch, Crook's Creek, La Sed, La Sedienta)
  • First Infernal Emergence (origin, infernal war machines, i.f.a., f.m., etc.)
  • Lolth
  • Corellon - add followers, etc.
  • Update Ta-Shedet depending on what happens, Bellovik, etc.
  • Magic Items - orbs of calamity
  • Magic Weapons - Hunger of Anubis
  • Redbrands (vs. Red Sashes)
  • Dryads - Pterish bit
  • might need to update list of wishes?
  • GM Page (Tomb of Menet-Ka and CKD, the sw at the ssoa,
  • Turner deserves a page
  • Update Swikedom page
  • Nezza deserves a page
  • The Fraser family tree deserves a page, link from Notable Bloodlines page
  • (update Sandy from Jamathon, exactly what she was doing)
  • Sandships should probably get a page to clarify the enchanted wood thing for others
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