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See also List of Quelmar Drugs

  • Cancer Free Cigarettes
  • Really Cancer Free Cigarettes
  • Cancer Curing Cigarettes
  • Backstage Pass
  • Pair of White Sneakers with Red Stripes
  • Box of Sequins
  • Evo-Does-Its
    • A variation on the "EZ-Does-It" drugs given to the Happiness Officer of the Troubleshooter teams.
    • Named for Evo
  • Benetridin
    • Common name: VideoLand
    • Clearance: INDIGO
    • Availability: Administered to Troubleshooters, Vulture Troopers and anyone else on ‘routine’ missions.
    • Effects:  Produces the  ‘Teela  O’Malley Syndrome’;  subjects think  no  matter how outrageous the risk they cannot be harmed. Also acts as an anti-psionic; the subject cannot use  any mutant  powers  and  is  invulnerable to most mental attacks for the duration of the drug.
    • Side-effects: Causes mild visual and audio fantasies. Injection frequently causes organic damage. 


  • Corrective Aerosol Collars (CACs)
    • Monitored and punished citizens who broke any probation rules they were under.
  • Nukeblast Sheilds
    • Aluminum plated shields that DEFINITELY provide protection against nuke blasts.
  • Laser Pistols
    • Come in many different colors based on the clearance of the shooter. Typically higher colors (ROYGBIV) are more and more lethal to the colors below them. So an indigo pistol can demolish a set of red armor.
    • Can be carefully rigged by someone good with machines (like Pixel) to explode in a massive blast upon firing, typically killing the shooter, as well as anyone else nearby.
  • Reflec Armor
    • Shiny plated overalls that reflect laser pistols of the same (or lower) color.
  • PDCs
    • Personal Display Computers - function like smart phones
  • ME Card
    • Combination credit cards and ID cards. Has biometric data, inventory, auth codes, etc.
    • Takes 1 days to cancel, 4 days to replace
    • Faster to borrow someone else's card if a citzen loses their own
  • Static Pants
    • Illegal, probably. As advertised, these pants accumulate static electricity with improbable efficiency. Two small, practically unnoticeable metal nodes protrude from the kneecap section of each pant leg. When these nodes contact a grounded object/person, the static discharges harmlessly (mostly) with a satisfying flash and crackling noise. Harmlessly, that is, if the wearer takes care to discharge the pants every few minutes. Should the wearer neglect to discharge the pants—well, the charge continues to build. As the charge grows, the user might experience tingling sensations, ‘seeing stars’, electronic equipment malfunctions, spontaneous human combustion and frizzy hair. Finally, though the pants are indeed custom made, they tend to be ill-fitting and generally shabby.
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