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⮞Get Submodule/List of Items

Drugs[edit | edit source]

See also List of Quelmar Drugs

  • Cancer Free Cigarettes
  • Really Cancer Free Cigarettes
  • Cancer Curing Cigarettes
  • Backstage Pass
  • Pair of White Sneakers with Red Stripes
  • Box of Sequins
  • Evo-Does-Its
    • A variation on the "EZ-Does-It" drugs given to the Happiness Officer of the Troubleshooter teams.
    • Named for Evo
  • Benetridin
    • Common name: VideoLand
    • Clearance: INDIGO
    • Availability: Administered to Troubleshooters, Vulture Troopers and anyone else on ‘routine’ missions.
    • Effects:  Produces the  ‘Teela  O’Malley Syndrome’;  subjects think  no  matter how outrageous the risk they cannot be harmed. Also acts as an anti-psionic; the subject cannot use  any mutant  powers  and  is  invulnerable to most mental attacks for the duration of the drug.
    • Side-effects: Causes mild visual and audio fantasies. Injection frequently causes organic damage. 
  • Co-Cola
    • Literally just soda. But since it's illegal in the alpha complex, it's addictive and sugary and delicious and hyper.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

"Jetpacks? This isn't like a Sci-Fi novel. This is Alpha Complex! We don't have JETPACKS." - PLC Nerd #23 to Ezra

  • Corrective Aerosol Collars (CACs)
    • Monitored and punished citizens who broke any probation rules they were under.
  • Nukeblast Sheilds
    • Aluminum plated shields that DEFINITELY provide protection against nuke blasts.
  • Laser Pistols
    • Come in many different colors based on the clearance of the shooter. Typically higher colors (ROYGBIV) are more and more lethal to the colors below them. So an indigo pistol can demolish a set of red armor.
    • Can be carefully rigged by someone good with machines (like Pixel) to explode in a massive blast upon firing, typically killing the shooter, as well as anyone else nearby.
  • Reflec Armor
    • Shiny plated overalls that reflect laser pistols of the same (or lower) color.
  • Kevlar Armor
    • Reflects physical bullets like from slugthrowers
  • PDCs
    • Personal Display Computers - function like smart phones
  • ME Card
    • Combination credit cards and ID cards. Has biometric data, inventory, auth codes, etc.
    • Takes 1 days to cancel, 4 days to replace
    • Faster to borrow someone else's card if a citzen loses their own
  • Static Pants
    • Illegal, probably. As advertised, these pants accumulate static electricity with improbable efficiency. Two small, practically unnoticeable metal nodes protrude from the kneecap section of each pant leg. When these nodes contact a grounded object/person, the static discharges harmlessly (mostly) with a satisfying flash and crackling noise. Harmlessly, that is, if the wearer takes care to discharge the pants every few minutes. Should the wearer neglect to discharge the pants—well, the charge continues to build. As the charge grows, the user might experience tingling sensations, ‘seeing stars’, electronic equipment malfunctions, spontaneous human combustion and frizzy hair. Finally, though the pants are indeed custom made, they tend to be ill-fitting and generally shabby.
  • CRUD Collars
    • Clone Recovery Unlimited Delivery Collars, allow for instant delivery of clones if they die without needing to walk or ride all the way back to the site of the mission.
  • Plasma Generator
    • A powerful one-shot kill weapon given out to contestants playing "A Date with Death"
  • Force Field
    • It works. But it's not air permeable. Whoops.
  • COIT
    • Circuit Override Interface Transfuser, used to remove bugs and hacks from interfaces.
  • Slugthrowers
    • Just normal pistols
  • RF Tracer
    • A special radio tracing device built into a multicorder that could track down the frequencies of Rastaman Ganja and his team who were after the Black Box
  • Omnigestoline-NG (invented by Ned-G).
    • A drug to provide the Matter Eater ability for 12 hours. It does absolutely nothing. If the players take a pill in the lab, Ned-G will say "Well, it takes an hour or so to get going. Make Sure we get a full report."
  • Suggestor Goggles (invented by Victor-I).
    • These have whirling lights that give the wearer the Charm power over anyone he can somehow convince to look into his eyes while he is wearing them. A recorded message keeps repeating, 'Look into my eyes. You're growing sleepy.'
  • Teleportransitron (invented by Ned-G).
    • Designed to imitate the Teleportation power, this five-kilo belt device actually works and can be demonstrated. Unfortunately, the power pack is a 60 kg device mounted on a two- wheeled cart which must be towed behind the PC. More unfortunately, its calibration is extremely delicate, and after any jar (like walking out of the laboratory) it transmits the user, the user's equipment, the user's clothes and itself to widely separated locations. Failure to return the device is treason. Finding it after a teleport may be tricky.
  • Autoresponse Imager (invented by Victor-I).
    • A belt-mounted holographic projector that simulates Polymorphism by showing images that follow the wearers actions: the user can appear as a jackobot, friend computer, Teela- O-MLY or any Of 126 other images stored on microslide carousel. If asked, Victor-I demonstrates some useful settings; no complete list is available. The slide controller has a tendency to reset itself randomly in use.
  • Telekinetic Pack
    • Supposed to simulate Telekinesis, and any PC who asks for TK powers is going to be stuck with it. It is a harness mounting dozens Of magnetically controlled wire filaments that can coil tightly or extend to five meters. It is controlled by nerve impulses, and comes with a thick manual Of operation. The manual is censored, Of course; the pages are blank. Of course, in use it simply snags everything in sight, including the operator, like a tangler that shoots at one target per turn. Throughout the rest Of the mission the PC will involuntarily pluck items off walls, desks and passing citizens.
    • KA BOOM
    • Trusted to The Win-A-Mon on a mission to blow up the outdoors.
  • The Crawler
    • The Crawler was Alpha Complex's top secret vehicle, only outfitted to troubleshooters if they needed to go on a mission outdoors. It appears to be a winnebago with no wheels, just hovering systems. It was outfitted with plenty of seats, and never ran out of gas thanks to its 3 ton solar array that stuck out 18 feet from the top of the vehicle. It attracted lots of attention as well as sunlight, and would wind up being chased by dozens of traitors and outdoor
  • Procognitron
    • An attempt by Victor-I to invent a lower-level version of the Get Submodule Program, the Procognitron was capable of making low level predictions, such as predicting a trash-can would fall over IF it was kicked. Or predicting that if you drove to the RAD sector, you would then arrive in the RAD sector. It was built directly into the Crawler (see below) for most missions.
  • Eyepods
    • Small cameras implanted into the eyes of Alpha Complex citizens under the rule of AMC, were constantly monitored and triggered to overheat and explode if communist mutant activity was witnessed.
    • Eye pods also were color coated and synced with the Complex servers, keeping anyone from ever lying about their clearance
    • "Reality TV" was created as an excuse to randomly stream citizens' eyepods to Alpha Complex's broadcasts, meaning anyone at any given time could be outed based on what they're looking at.
  • Veragay Cage
    • A Faraday Cage, it could be used to block out signals from the malicious AMC in order to let troubleshooter do nefarious things without their eyepods recording it, such as ordering submodules or discussing treasonous activity.
    • Looked like a normal cage, but fabulously decked out in rainbows.
  • Kalachakra
    • Invented by Victor-I and Pend-R-GRA
    • An inflatable raft shaped like a wagon wheel (or Kalachakra)
    • Has 2 settings, one settings fills with air for floating, the other setting fills with helium for flying (for Ascending or Descending)
  • ClotheShielder
    • Invented by Victor-I and Pend-R-GRA
    • A button looking device you slap onto you which creates a forcefield to defend from dirt and grime.
  • QuothDealer
    • Invented by Victor-I and Pend-R-GRA
    • Generates an inspirational quote (which is pulled from Quotes of Quelmar)
  • BetrothFielder
    • Invented by Victor-I and Pend-R-GRA
    • Hormone detects that detects betrothals, high emotions.
  • Atlacerator
    • Invented by Victor-I and Pend-R-GRA
    • It's just a knife. But it functions as a dagger of wounding (much like the famous knife of Atla)
  • Bitchcoin
    • Decentralized tokens which came in the form of very centralized physical coins of precious metals.
    • Bitchcoins were tracked using a Blockchain, which was a very long receipt paper that needed to be signed every time the coin exchanged hands.
    • Many high level citizens thought Bitchcoin was fashionable and would attempt to retroactively apply blockchains to their purchases, causing them to frequently hire troubleshooters to backwards-track every purchase and exchange of coin from manufacturing to sale to resale of any goods that were blockchain'd.
    • The monetary value of bitchcoins were dependent on how many bitchcoins were still in circulation, so many commie traitors would often try to steal and destroy any bitchcoins they could find in order to make their own bitchcoins skyrocket in value....only to have their own coins stolen by others trying to do the same thing.
    • First appeared the Paranoia Reunion game at QuelmarCon 22.

Contraband[edit | edit source]

THE BLACK BOX[edit | edit source]

The titular Black Box of the Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues. What is inside will not be written on the wiki and attempting to spoil Paranoia's most famous module will not be tolerated here. If you want to know what's in the infamous box, play the module yourself, or go watch Quelmar's Black Box Blues on Youtube via ⮞Get Submodule.

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