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Hemlock Ravendean[edit | edit source]

Hemlock Ravendean
Player Name Rose
Languages common, weird telepathy
Affiliations Ravendean Family
Species Serpentine
Gender female
Eye Color hypnotic

Hemlock "Emmy" Ravendean was member of the class of 2368 (78CR) Ravendean Preparatory School. She was a descendent of the long-lost Ravendean family.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Emmy was at a first glance attractive, at second glance alluring. In her human form, Hemlock was a white woman with hypnotic eyes. She was tall and curvy and had long blackish brown hair that she often wore in braids. At school, she dresses modestly and smiles sweetly.

When the lights go down, the fangs came out. Her limbs undulated, unhinged and flexible. Her skin dissolved into an inky black and her purple eyes turn to glowing neon slits. A terrifying but mesmerizing sight.

الباذنجان[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Emmy was often described as being intimidating but beguiling. She was extremely outgoing and thoughtful, but with a darker edge that often led to conflict. She had a manipulative streak as well and had few genuine friends, though she would have liked to have some.

She was often torn between the desire to prove herself as the heir to the failing Ravendean legacy, and the desire to get along with her fellow students. She shouldered an impossible responsibility of being one of the only members of the Ravendean family able to shift easily between human and beastial worlds. She was not very independent and often struggled to find her footing outside of her family's shadow.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Hemlock Ravendean was born in an underground cave and was raised in her serpentine shadow beast form. She grew up as a creature in the dark, and was taught often about the sanctity of her bloodline and ancestry.

For centuries her family had been cursed to live as beasts, forced to live in the shadow and hoard their treasure and power. When her madly magical parents managed to reverse the curse, Emmy had spent nearly 50 years as a beast, but was transformed into a 16 year old teen-aged girl. The family then returned with their hoard of wealth back to the town named for them, prepared to resume their leadership in Ravendean.

A lot had changed in the millennia that they had been gone. Magic was suppressed in most of the realm and their once beloved home had been turned into a tourist trap. The world the family had built before their untimely demise was in ashes, and they set out to begin their rising, dragging their children along with them.

In-Game Story[edit | edit source]

Mood Board

Emmy at the start off the series was slightly stand-offish, full of herself, and honestly not that nice. She was often passive aggressive and believed herself above school rules. There was definitely something infectious, but also quite dangerous, about her. She spent a large amount of time studying the behaviors of others in order to learn how to best blend in as human and was moderately successful at it.

Family loyalty was, and had been for as long as she could remember, the most important thing. Immediately upon returning to civilization, Emmy had an impossible family legacy to fulfill. In addition to navigating being the new kid in school and juggling social/academic commitments, she was often given tasks designed to test her loyalty. Through out the game she learned that the sacrifices she was being forced to make for her family were wrong. She eventually teamed up with the rest of the gang to defeat her family. Following the reckoning, Hemlock would spend the rest of her life trying to undo the wrongs her family had done.

Hemlock's Dreams[edit | edit source]

Due to the fact that Emmy lived with a soul devouring serpent possessing her a large portion of her mind (it's fine, we're chill), she often experienced nightmares when attempting to gaze into the abyss, or even when she was just trying to sleep. These dreams were often referred to as “bad trips”, occasionally caused psychic damage, and were generally not helpful in any way.

Dream 1

Your arms are trembling under the weight of the crumbling foundation. If you look up you can see the looming shadow of an ancient estate. You try to stand tall, but you're just one person, you're not strong enough to hold up an entire building. You're just one kid. Sweat pours down your face and now your hands are slippery. In the windows you can see the principal at school. "That's a lot of clubs", they say, and suddenly they are right in front of you and their eyes are swirling with hypnosis and their face has distorted into a snake and then they stick out their tongue and it's a forked tongue like a snake and they say "do it dear."

Wake up.

Dream 2

The estate is back but this time you are inside. You're running as fast as you can through the corridors but the walls are turning into sand and out the window you can see Diana and she looks so disappointed and hurt. You open your mouth to scream but can only gurgle and when you look down your mouth is filled with blood and there's a dead mouse on the floor.

Wake up.

Dream 3:

You wake up smiling in the morning and there's someone next to you in the bed. You're holding hands, and they are soft and sweet. But when you roll over it isn't a person at all, it's a coil of cool black scales. It's a snake but the snake doesn't have a head, where is it's head? You go to feel around on the floor but you have no hands and then you realize with horror that you are the head, and the coil, and the scails. You open your mouth to scream but only a hiss comes out.

Wake up.

Dream 4 (recurring):

Party strobe strive lights, angry eyes, bodies colliding in the dark. Hands on hands on scales on teeth. But then you're falling down and down and down and down. You rush past window after window of that ancient estate and it looks so disappointed. It’s curtains curled in the shape of a disapproving glare. You see the ground, right before the collision, and it's covered in ancient scrolls and papers.

Wake up.

Dream 5:

This is prom, right? You were helping people calm down after the fight. It was a chaotic moment but it's calming down now you just want to know what is happening. But if that is true then why is everyone on fire? Was there fire before? The flames keep getting taller. You're swallowed.

Wake up.

Dream 6:

It's the damn estate, back again, but this time it's a tiny model, and then there's the whole town and your mom is there and she's watching a little toy train choo choo through Ravendean and then she snaps her fingers and the whole town goes up in flames. And in the windows of the estate you can see your friends, Diana and Vaeth and Charlie, and they are all screaming. You reach in to try to pull them out but the windows are too small your fingers don't fit. Then your sleeve catches on fire and-.

Wake up.

Dream 7:

You're in the woods and everyone is there around you, so you will never be alone. But when you look closely, they aren’t your friends. They are all corpses. And now your mouth is filled with blood again.

Wake up.

After the creation of the anti-magic bubble, Emmy was no longer plagued by nightmares, at least not while she was within the walls of Ravendean.

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