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Player Name Allie
Aliases "Q"
Hails From Osugbo
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde

Queen Hillevi Luddite-Quickley (nee Quickley) was a queen of Jewelspar in the mid-PR era. Hillevi came from nothing, was arrested, rehabilitated, globe-trotting, killed by a sea serpent, and eventually wound up back on top.

History[edit | edit source]

Sketch of Hillevi done by a witness in Jewelspar

Backstory[edit | edit source]

SotS Inc Adventures[edit | edit source]

The Shadow Queens[edit | edit source]

Hillevi was made a legitimate Queen after her marriage with Prince Zachary in the Astral Plane. Once Zach usurped the throne from his father, however, Hillevi hesitated. Anchoring herself down as a royal seemed contrarian to all of the adventure she hoped for in life. As a compromise, the city gave Hillevi a group of four secret servicemen who would join her on a quest to Nymphsview. She said her goodbyes with her royal husband and hit the seas.

Hillevi was eaten by a Nightshade that had latched on to Captain Duskella.

Hillevi was resurrected by Vimes, Juris and Anema (as well as a bard named Jon Mayer) in a tense battle against the forces of Nymphsview. The group convinced a High Cleric of Olidammara to restore her to life.

Viscous Mockery in Action (Art by Linus)

Queen of Jewelspar[edit | edit source]

Hillevi's Note[edit | edit source]

In my time since being freed from SotS, I've written a letter to Prince Zachary. I cast illusory script on it so to everyone but Zach, it looks like a typical political correspondence that a prince would get. For Zach, it's a very carefully written apology letter. Apologizing for deceiving him, explaining some of my background, and reiterating my feelings for him, but stating that I have no expectations, that I just needed him to know. I specifically tell him,

"You took me by surprise, Zachary. You are a rare, good man in a world of wicked politicians. I haven't met someone so caring since my parents. You deserved so much better. I truly did, and still do, love you." llevi's Notei

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