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Kyle Lane
Languages Common, Bremish, Elvish
Affiliations Xandrian Adventurer's Guild
Date of Birth 870 PR
Place of Birth Xandria, Republic of Xandria
Species Human
Gender Male (he/him)
Height 5'8"
Weight 154 lbs
Eye Color Blue

Kyle Lane is an engineer and scholar of the Xandrian Adventurer's Guild located in Xandria. An inquisitive mind, behind Kyle's rather shy and quiet nature lies a keen intellect, wishing to study all sorts of worldly phenomenon, and to apply them in engineering projects. He is also good friends (though he wished they were more than just friends) with Eavan Ice-Eye.

In game mechanics, Kyle is an Armorer Artificer.

Physical Appearance

Kyle is a standard human from Xandria. He has brownish-red hair and normal physique for a human of his age in his area. He isn't much to look at on the athletic side of things, especially compared to the other members of the Guild, but he is one of their more intelligent individuals.


Kyle is a rather shy individual. He is soft-spoken and generally not really the most social person on the planet. Yet, his curiosity and empathetic nature has allowed him to engage with other people, and if he gets on an engineering or scholarly subject that interests him, he will gladly spend time talking about it with anyone who is interested.


Kyle Lane was born the bastard son of a small-time noble. When he was born, his father cast out him and his mother to hide the affair to prevent scrutiny on his aspiring career in Republican politics in Xandria. His mother, unable to raise her son in the grueling lower bellies of Xandria, gave Kyle up for adoption. He was taken in by a Dwarven mechanic who moved to Xandria from Osugbo named Arthur Lane, who raised the boy (who he named Kyle) as his own. Kyle received Arthur's love of tinkering and learning about new things, and when he was old enough he enrolled in a Xandrian engineering institution. Upon graduation, Kyle was approached by Lord Philippe Rodier, the benefactor of the Xandrian Adventurer's Guild, who asked Kyle to join and learn the ways of an artificer. Kyle joined up, and he soon became noted as an intelligent scholar and engineer within the ranks of the Guild.

It was then he met Eavan Ice-Eye, the Guild's Witchwolf hunter. The two struck up a friendship, but while Eavan was more than happy to be Kyle's best friend, Kyle wanted more. In truth, he fell head over heels for the red-haired wolf woman. Yet, despite how often they adventure together, Eavan's inability to see romantic advances and Kyle's inability to make them kept Kyle's wishes at bay.

One day, Kyle was asked to venture to Xender to help the Kingdom with their arcane problems, and hopefully help engineer solutions to them. He and Eavan would travel to Xender as such.


Kyle knows Common, Bremish, Elvish, and Dwarven.

Powers and Abilities

Kyle's artificer ability stem from a metal glove he keeps on his person to channel spells. His abilities as an Armorer allows for him to quickly make defenses.

Attacks and Weapons 

Kyle is not much of an attacker, more of a defense support individual. His skills aim at helping his friends protect against damaging attacks and spells, but he can cast destructive spells if needed from his gauntlet.

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