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This is the Green Dragon named Longfang, not to be confused with The Green Fang

Languages unknown
Affiliations unknown
Aliases unknown
Marital Status unknown
Place of Birth unknown
Species dragon (green)
Gender male
Height 15' (est. based on tracks)
Weight unknown
Eye Color unknown

Longfang (also known as "Dippy") was a Green Dragon first identified in 825 PR in Isonhound.

The first known reference to him was during exploration missions into the foothills of the Northern Snowy Mountains. Adventurers were hired to investigate locations suspected to be the entrances into the lost Dwarven Citadel under the mountains.


Longfang was about 15 feet tall.

Relationship to Horatio Cheshire

Mutated goblins were encountered who professed their loyalty to a green dragon named “Longfang”. Additionally, orcs living in the region were apparently given the opportunity to swear allegiance to the dragon and, when they wouldn’t, they were run out of the foothills by the goblins.

Suspicion abounds as to what the dragon wants with the area in and around the Northern Snowy Mountains but the running hypothesis is that the dragon intends to move its lair into the area.

The existence of the mutated goblins has been attributed to a human alchemist by the name of Horatio Cheshire. The connection between Longfang and Horatio is still unknown.


Was the nephew of the dragon Gideon

Powers and Abilities

Assumed to be similar to other green dragons

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