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Quelmar Goes to Space (TV Series 80 CR)

Quelmar Goes to Space

TV Series 80 CR - TV-17 • 80 min
IMDb rating | 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Adventure Sci-fi Space Western

Some indeterminable number of decades from now, some indeterminable number of lightyears away, long after the end of the realm, a crew of rebels fight for survival and freedom, as civilization gradually expands into the vast and endless void of space.

Created by: Rose Hahn and Magitech Space Western

| Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1: Under the Boiling Moon[edit | edit source]

Pilot | "Astronomical” Part 1 | Aired August 7, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

All is not well on Station 6, the barely surviving satellite colony orbiting a wandering planet. As oxygen depletes, a crew of rebels come face to face with the ruthless and power hungry station proprietors, Doshman Industries.

Pilot | "Astronomical" Part 2 | Aired August 7, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

Something dangerous and void touched lurks aboard the satellite. An unstable alliance with Jasper Doshman leads to disaster for the crew.

Episode 2 | "Let the Flames Begin" | Aired August 14, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

Doshman Industries continues to make remorseless grabs for power at the expense of the citizens of Station 6. When the crew receives their first mission from General Lucian, they discover the true meaning of the phrase slow burn rebellion.

Episode 3 | "Gunning for a Promotion" | Aired August 21, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

The crew is broke, so they do the only reasonable thing they can do: organize and plan a heist. Killian strikes out on his own and disappears, leaving the group on their own.

Episode 4 | "The Fine Print" | Aired August 28, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

The crew is reunited at The Archive, which turns out to be a dangerous source of information. Together they confront interpersonal and intergalactic secrets

Episode 5 | "We Forgot We Were Human" | Aired November 4th, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

After blowing their cover over and over again, the crew must go into hiding in one of Crux's old cult hideaways. J is forced to blend in with Lucian's bots. Obligations, relationships, and other demons resurface.

Episode 6 | "Defector" | Aired November 11, 80 CR | ⭐ 10/10[edit | edit source]

In this Midseason finale, the crew faces a myriad of consequences as they are pursued through out Station 6. All their past crimes finally seem to be catching up with them.

Episode 7 | "I Want to Break Free" | Aired December 14, 80 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

The crew has made it to the Station 6 prison, albeit not under the circumstance they might have hoped for. Dreams plague the crew, courtesy of Crux's demon friend, and a prison break turns into a riot against the regime.

Episode 8 | "Go Get Your Gun" | Aired December 21, 80 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

After putting it off for as long as possible, the crew must deal with the mind controlling brain chips. But the situation is much more complicated then they originally thought.

Episode 9 | "Paper Planes" | Aired January 11, 81 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

After declaring war on the Doshman's, the crew must intercept a transport containing mysterious but dangerous cargo.

Episode 10 | "Uprising" | Aired January 18, 81 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

Returning from their mission with a dangerous plant, the crew finds Station 6 in chaos and must split up to deal with the impact.

Episode 11 | "Kiss the Sky" | Aired January 26, 81 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

As tensions rise, Doshman Industries offers a temporary ceasefire in the form of an invitation to a masquerade ball. But as the masks come off, the crew must contend with the truth about the settlements fate.

Episode 12 | "Bad Moon Rising" Finale Part 1 | Aired February 4, 81 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

The demise of Station 6 is on the horizon and the crew must act fast to formulate a plan to destroy or deactivate the void flowers before they exterminate the citizens of the satellite.

Episode 12 | "Bad Moon Rising" Finale Part 2 | Aired February 4, 81 CR | ⭐10/10[edit | edit source]

The crew has their final confrontation with Phoenix Doshman and must confront the void as well. Station 6 is on the brink of destruction and seemingly impossible choices must be made.

| Cast of Characters[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Name Playbook
Prototype J 91360 (She/Her) The Artificer
Baz (He/They) The Traveler
Crux (He/Him) The Gambler
Dr. Mara Powel (She/Her) The Sawbones
Killian Hayes (He/Him) The Outlaw
All cast and crew >>[edit | edit source]

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| Story Line[edit | edit source]

"Welcome to the Beyond, pard. Beyond what? Beyond hope or help, beyond safety and security. Unfortunately, not beyond the reach of the Law or the Civ, or their rules and corporations. Beyond just about everything that you’ve been told is necessary to survive. But that’s ok. Dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and let’s take a stroll..." - Apex City Games

future post-history anti-facist anti-capitalist pro-laborer space western TV series outer space space colony

Tag Line: This game takes place in space, and space is WEIRD.[edit | edit source]

| Did you know[edit | edit source]

Settlement Trivia

Our settlement is a satellite tire shaped man made colony rotating a planet, occupied by a community of tinkerers and manufacturers. It is owned by Doshman Industries (a wealthy family), who profit by exploiting artificially intelligent slaves and using cruel technology to their advantage.

Trouble lurks on the horizon in the form of slowly depleting gravity stabilizers.
Map of the Station 6
The Civ is good and right, the Civ is safety and order, the Civ will drag you into the cold light of their conformity. In our settlement, the Civ is most embodied by giant U screens that just blast propaganda.

The Law will maintain the order that the Civ promotes. The law has the power and the control, but they are not on your side. In our settlement, the Law is most embodied by private Doshamn security guards in grey suits . Formerly martial.

The Void is the home of demons, spirits, and of things far stranger. It turns the laws of nature upside and inside out. Round these parts, the void is most embodied in the void zoo - an interactive, life like model of boiling hot moons and ice cold stars that surround our satellite.

Obligation to thrive in style is at the heart of the Settlement. We all cherish it. Occult groups that seek the void operate in the shadows of the Settlement. We feel conflicted about it. The ugly truth is that is tire was supposed to be a temporary outpost and we all know it, but we try not to talk about it. Our settlement’s view on magitech is that it is only for the upper-class.

World Trivia:

Our settlement is located a tire shaped satellite. Our world is beautiful because it is connected to a wandering planet and its environment is always changing, yet terrifying because it was not meant to last as long as it has. We are barely connected to the rest of the universe, due to the fact that it is difficult to travel to other systems. Our day and night sky consists of artificially manufactured by a large reflector and roof holograms. Some parts of the satellite bear unmistakable signs of life in the form of a temperate ecosystem, while others are sterile and technologically enhanced. The satellite is inhabited by robot factions, old d&d races evolved into something new, and unique creatures that are naturally attuned to magitech.

Universe Trivia:

To our knowledge, the universe beyond our settlement is completely unknown because we have been in our world for centuries.

Travel between worlds is considered extremely dangerous because we don’t know what’s out there and there are creatures from the void that may consume anything.

Legend tells of a truly safe place: Tsyionnia. It is thought to be safe because there is no Civ there to oppress you.

Horrid tales travel throughout the universe of a planetary graveyard. Danger lurks there in the form of celestial terrasques.

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General Lucian: "So what's your plan? You want to, what, walk out of here today, right now, and overthrow Doshman Industries? The wires of corrupted CIV and LAW run deep and thick within the foundations of this satellite. Deeper and thicker than you can possibly understand. Though, I suppose I shouldn't expect you to. Understand, that is. I guess you wouldn't have the need to care about the intricacies of this organization, being as you are disposable."

| Details[edit | edit source]

Release Date: August 7th, 80 CR

Country of Origin: Oppidan

Official Sites: Netflix

Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Infernal, Undercommon

Filming Locations: Unknown
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