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Below is a list of Quelmar Races, organized by origin and time of creation.

Original Six[edit | edit source]

The following 6 Races were the first to be put on Qulemar, each a representative faction of the 6 gods who created the realm

Race Description Creator
Centaur Noble half-horse folk Obad-Hai
Dryad Enchanted treebound maidens Mielikki
Dwarf Strong, bulky, short, humanoids Moradin
Gnome Tricky little humanoids Garl Glittergold
Orc Barbaric Monstrous Nomads Gruumsh
Rakshasa Enlightened, Clever Tigerfolk Pelor

Old World Races[edit | edit source]

The following races existed on Quelmar before recorded time, having migrated to the Prime Material Plane from other places in Quelmar's Great Wheel, each race's original origin plane is listed.

Race Description Original Plane
Aarakocra Humanoid Bird Elemental Plane of Air
Beastfolk The Beastlands
Bugbear The Beastlands
Bullywug Elemental Plane of Water
Darkling The Feywild
Doppelganger Hades
Dragon Arborea
Dragonkin Arborea
Elf Arborea/The Feywild
Fairy Tiny, winged, extremely civilized Feyfolk The Feywild
Giant Ysgard
Gnoll The Beastlands
Goblin Pandemonium
Grung An evolution of the Locathah Elemental Plane of Water
Halfling Arcadia
Harpy Elemental Plane of Air
Irda Beautiful (and alien) Giants Ysgard
Locathah Elemental Plane of Water
Medusa Carceri
Mousefolk The Beastlands
Pterran The first reptilefolk The Beastlands
Quickling The Feywild
Sahuagin An evolution of the Locathah Elemental Plane of Water
Satyr Appear as half goat, also called Fauns The Feywild
Siren The Feywild
Skulk The Shadowfell
The Stitched Cloth People Bytopia(?)
Kreen Includes Thri-Kreen and Tohr-Kreen Elemental Plane of Earth
Triton An evolution of the Locathah Elemental Plane of Water
Troll Pandemonium
Volt Flying Electrical Bugs Elemental Plane of Air
Witchwolf Humanoids with wolf-like features The Beastlands(?)
Wyvernborn Savage cousin of the dragonkin Arborea
Yuan-Ti Descendents of Pterran The Beastlands

New World Races[edit | edit source]

The following races came into existence after humans, which means their creation is recorded in the timeline of Quelmar. As these races appeared later in Quelmar history, be careful to note what year your campaign takes place during to ensure you can access these exclusive races.

Race Description Year Introduced
Human Time keepers and inevitable survivors Shortly before 0 BR
Aasimar Human variant (Celestial) Shortly before 0 BR
Tiefling Human variant (Fiendish) Shortly before 0 BR
Draconian Corrupted Chromatic Dragonkin 207 BR
Elan 344 BR
Illumian 344 BR
Vanara 650 PR
Dryad (New World) Descendants of old world dryads 695 PR
Warforged 700 PR
Automaton 791 PR
Trollkin Descendants of Trolls 10 CR

Races Created by Cross-Breeding[edit | edit source]

The following races are not god-created but rather the result of interesting parings of Quelmar races.

Old World Crossbreeds (Prehistoric)[edit | edit source]

Race Description Parent 1 Parent 2
Avariel A subrace of Elf Aarakocra Elf
Drakkotaur Centaur Dragon
Dragonborn Humanoid Dragonkin
Broonie Halfling Elf
Firbolg Elf Giant
Genasi Genie Humanoid
Goliath Humanoid Giant
Hobgoblin Goblin Bugbear
Kender Halfling Gnome
Kobold Dragonkin Pterran
Lizardfolk Humanoid Pterran
Nilbog Gnome Goblin
Ogre Giant Orc

New World Crossbreeds (After 0 BR)[edit | edit source]

Race Description Parent 1 Parent 2
Changeling Human Doppelganger
Dhampir Human Vampire
Half-Dryad Human Dryad
Half-Elf Human Elf
Half-Giant Human Giant
Half-Orc Human Orc
Shifter Human Lupine

ExtraPlanar Races[edit | edit source]

Finally, the races below are not typically found natively in Quelmar, but may travel in Quelmar for various reasons ranging from exile to wanting to escape their home plane. Campaigns set in other Planes may see large societies of these races.

Race Description Native Plane
Aboleth The Underdark
Beholder The Underdark
Drow Elven Subrace The Underdark
Duergar Dwarven Subrace The Underdark
Grimlock The Underdark
Half-Illithid Lizardfolk The Underdark
Illithid The Underdark
Kuo-toa The Underdark
Minotaur The Underdark
Myconid The Underdark
Orog Orc Subrace The Underdark
Quaggoth The Underdark
Shardmind The Underdark
Svirfneblin Gnomish Subrace The Underdark
Eladrin Elven Subrace, became widespread in Quelmar after 650 BR The Feywild
Harengon The Feywild
Leprechaun The Feywild
Tibbit The Feywild
Ursanid The Feywild
Woodkin The Feywild
Shadar-Kai Elven Subrace The Shadowfell
Barbed Devil Baator
Djinn Elemental Planes
Elemental Elemental Planes
Mephit Elemental Planes
Gith Includes Githzerai and Githyanki Astral Plane
Naga Astral Plane
Ghost Ethereal Plane
Modron Mechanus
Demon The Abyss
Angel Any Good Plane
Kenku The Beastlands
Lionfolk The Beastlands
Lupine The Beastlands
Mousefolk The Beastlands
Rabbitfolk The Beastlands
Ratfolk The Beastlands
Sharkfolk The Beastlands
Tabaxi (catfolk) The Beastlands
Tortle (Turtlefolk) The Beastlands
Ursin (Bearfolk) The Beastlands
Wolfen (dogfolk) The Beastlands
Slaad Limbo
Yugoloth Hades, Gehenna
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