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Teela in her tailored orange jumpsuit & dress
Aliases Teela O'Mally
Place of Birth Alpha Complex

Teela-O-MLY (pronounced Teela O’Mally) was one of the Alpha Complex’s most famous actors and held an Orange level clearance. She was the embodiment of how every citizen should be: smart, hard-working, and most of all loyal. She also sure was swell. Innocently young and attractive, Teela starred as the titular lead of an anthological serial, displaying her impressive acting range in a variety of different roles each week. Often her characters reflected the everyday citizens of the Alpha Complex and their love for Friend Computer. Should that loyalty ever be tested by commie mutant traitors, The Computer would always be there with its troubleshooters to save the day. Her performances inspired those of the Alpha Complex, such as Troubleshooter Pixel-4 who recited Teela’s monologue upon their death.

Teela was also the leader of "The Clone Arrangers", a secret society entirely based on the creation of illegal cloning vats, creating immortality for free for its members through unlimited clones.

Teela-O-MLY as depicted in her third most popular Vidshow: "For ORANGE OR GREATER THAN ORANGE Eyes Only"

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a charismatic celebrity people would often empathise with her, and do as she suggested. Obviously this was just because people were fans of her work and loyalty to The Computer, for if it was some sort of mutation Teela, as a loyal citizen of The Computer, would surely have self-executed herself as a mutant traitor.

“I regret that I have but six clones to lose for my friend The Computer. I have strayed from the path of right, and I am grateful The Computer has given me a chance to make amends. But I am low, I am too low and not worthy of The Computer’s forgiveness. I only hope that my clones will learn from my shameful example, and they will serve the computer loyally. To the end of their lives.”

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