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Type Town
Government Democracy with an elected townmaster
Location Central Pteris
Inhabiting Race Elves, Humans

Brightwater is a frontier town on Pteris' central coast, nestled between the dunes and the badlands, that existed around 180 BR.

About[edit | edit source]

On the outskirts of civilization, things were wild this far west. Brightwater was located at the top of the cliffs forming the eastern border of the Kharmaja, the sea of dunes. Located in the dry equivalent of a bay, sandships would come to Brightwater's docks from the far reaches of western Pteris. Its clifftop was "bright" and its well supplied "water."

History[edit | edit source]

Notable Places[edit | edit source]

The Brightbeer Saloon served its eponymous Brightbeer and hosted Eugene Epond ("Gene E.") most nights. "Fun Show Fridays" (aka "Fun Day Fridays") were a fan favorite with the changeling's one-humanoid acts. By 220 BR, Gene was the saloon owner, and it had been rebuilt with half the saloon overhanging the cliffs on stilts.

Bart's Provisions and Inn was a general store that dabbled in arcane and adventuring items for the more reckless of the region.

The lighthouse was abandoned after the top story, light, and lightkeeper were swallowed by a white sandworm.

Along the main drag, there is also a small combination townhall/library, a sheriff's office, and a shrine of the moon.

At the Church of the Sacred Heart, Father Silas leads worship to Pelor ("the Father").

Notable Residents (circa 220 BR)[edit | edit source]

  •  Missus Clarabelle Mclain owns a plantation on the outskirts of town. Her sharecroppers include common folk, but many sharecroppers and all of her servants are green-clothed angels with golden wings.
  • Mr. Lucy, also known as the Devil or the Man in Black, often frequented the town to make his deals. His curled moustache is as dark as his fine vests.
  • Mayor Archibald is the timid, frumpy townmaster circa 220 BR, while Sheriff Tina is the marshal.
  • Edward Jacobs and his son Bill (rest in stew) often spent time in Brightwater.
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