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Friþleas (Pronounced "Frith-less") was a port city in (and capital city of) the Champerty kingdom.

About[edit | edit source]

Arrival[edit | edit source]

Travel to Friþleas was typically done using Teleportation Circles, of which the city had innumerously set up around the perimeter, complete with a standard check-in and customs for each tourist and traveler. Though not as common, the city also had fortified gates with customs tents set up for less magically inclined travelers.

Part of the arrival checks included stripping visitors to their garments (removing all bags, armor, and items) and scanning for any invisible items or weaponry. Items that show up in a Detect Magic aura are identified before they can enter the city.

Laws[edit | edit source]

Visitors to the city can only have 1 magic item on them in public, while citizens of the kingdom can have up to 3.

The Eternal Hunters[edit | edit source]

The City Guard of Friþleas were known as The Eternal Hunters, based on their magical ability to avoid ever having to retire to beds for the evening. These highly trained citizens were required to be elf-blooded by nature, or at least have some form of trace-like sleep. Even when trancing, Eternal Hunters had trained themselves to "sleep-walk" the city, providing a low level of surveillance even when technically asleep.

Arcane Tricksters[edit | edit source]

Despite being a small city, Friþleas was home to many nefarious gangs who called themselves "Arcane Tricksters". Replacing the typical rogue factions that live in cities, Arcane Tricksters were twice as dangerous, as they employed mystical powers to dupe people out of their goods or money (or lives) without them even retaining memories of the encounter. It was easy for them to simply use mind games and trick pawns into following them to back alleys.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

The Amnesia[edit | edit source]

The Amnesia was a public-ownership tavern

Mindquarters[edit | edit source]

The Mindquarters was the name of the capital building, a cylindrical building approximately 6 stories tall (which of course was massive for an era where buildings rarely rose more than 2 stories), the Mindquarters housed most of the offices for the city's leaders, and a number of important persons for the Champerty kingdom as a whole.

The Mindquarters was partially destroyed in 10 PR after a surprise attack by the Shogun of the Troverth Kingdom, later known as Breakwater's Bamboozle. He had allowed himself to be caught in order to smuggle black powder explosives (which did not show up in the city's magic detection) and blow himself up while in the courts located on the ground floor of the Mindquarters. This explosion was notable as both Julian McFlair and The Oathwielders both risked their lives running into the explosion to save lives---leading to the former formally joining the latter.

Department of Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

The Department of Foreign Relations was an embassy located near the Mindquarters. In 10 PR the consul of Foreign Relations was an elf named Thurden Presmaris.

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