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Introduced in Chapter I: Bars and Bars[edit | edit source]

Bela Galpsi[edit | edit source]

Bela Galpsi was the consulor representing the Bard's college in Mulyo. Bela took Orris under her wing and made him a Questor working officially for the No Man's Kingdom.

Blit Liver[edit | edit source]

Blit Liver was a hardy man from Snobbite that crossed paths with the OathWielders on at least three occasions. The first time they were trying to save him, the second time he was trying to save them, and the third time they were trying to kill him.

Coalkell[edit | edit source]

Coalkell was a half-vampire ogre lord who attacked Nakashiri. He was defeated by the team, working alongside Vinder (see below).

Courage[edit | edit source]

Courage was encountered by the OathWielders in a Shinardu encampment. A tiefling outlander, Courage was true to his name and laid his own life on the line to assist the OathWielders in getting out. They immediately asked for him to join their campaigns, but true to his lone wandering nature, he refused and escorted fellow prisoner U to safety.

Elyel Buck[edit | edit source]

Elyel Buck was the representative of The Eastern Flower Monestary of Batai that was present in The Delvin during the stone giant attack. After the attack, she took Dusky under her wing and gave him a Bag of fine chalk dust, meant to help him climb if used on his (hot) hands. She also gave him a flower bracelet to mark his Questor position under the Monestary and the kingdom as a whole.

Gracy Veum[edit | edit source]

Gracy Veum was a minor NPC encountered in Balabag by the Oathwielders. She was a survivor among the city's ill population as she did not trust the water. She spoke and acted very conspiratorially, and formed a massive barrier of bodies and stones that she used to protect herself. Though pegged as a "crazy lady" her conspiracies proved true. A bit of a swashbuckler, Gracy was adept at tossing passing by zombies or enemies into the rapids of the city's river.

Inialos and Nardual[edit | edit source]

Inialos Arahice and Nardual Cralen were two elves of Glendoveerian heritage, hired out by Glendoveer to assist the LaCroix Kingdom in a covert wartime operation later known as The LaCroix Conspiracy. Inialos was a shy elf with elbow-length dark hair, while Nardual was a cynical woman with peppered salt-and-pepper hair.

First seen in session 1 of the campaign as two suspicious figures hanging out in The Delvin, the OathWielders had actually stumbled upon their operation in full force, as they worked alongside a LaCroix vampire in the city.

They would cross paths again with the OathWielders after being kidnapped by Shinardi in the wilds just west of the city as they fled, having successfully planted their fall-guy within the Delvin. While there, they finally introduced themselves to the players, but after thanking them for the rescue, swiftly continued their way out west.

Many months later, the group would be captured again, this time by Champerty, where they would be subjected to psionic tests at the Corpsus Academy. It was after being rescued (again) by the OathWielders here (and then brutally interrogated) that the truth about the conspiracy came out. After interrogating the truth out of them, Roha took the conspirators back to the emmigration office in Ethiruva to be arrested by the authorities of Glendoveer---who modified Inialos' memory to remove any hints that the LaCroix Conspiracy was funded by Glendoveer, and the two of them took the fall.

Inialos is described as "constantly wanting help even with simple tasks, regularly checking the sun and moon, never smiling". Nardual is described as "never refuses a challenge, no matter how stupid. Easily brought to tears but tries hard to hide it. Gives attitude to everyone except for Inialos."

Kari Aercow[edit | edit source]

Kari Aercow was the consulor representing the town of Eleuthero, which formed part of the No Man's Kingdom. Kari granted Niebelung an official "Questor" title after the stone giant attack, and granted him an Hourglass that he could use to keep track of time during their travels.

Kichio[edit | edit source]

Kichio was a secondary "Litigator" at Senshi no Rakuen who served as a public defender in various "trial-by-combat" court cases. Unlike her fellow litigator Kel, Kichio felt no real pull to leave her hometown and see the world. She was more than happy to help the OathWielders while they were in town, serving as the litigator for Eve and Roha when they were put on trial by Master Shama. After helping the team fight the demon Shama was chasing, the OathWielders headed out, and Kichio had to say what she thought were her final goodbyes to Kel. She would be delighted to join his side again and have her friend back at the end of the campaign.

Note, Kichio and Kel NEVER had a thing. People definitely implied it but it was purely platonic love.

Lady Hidori[edit | edit source]

Lady Hidori the Concubine of the Pheonix was one of the few survivors of the Balabag Plague, and was discovered hiding in her palace by The OathWielders. She was wielding her late husband's (the Lord Kiyoni) wedding ring, which also functioned as a Ruby Ring of Protection. She would provide the Oathwielders with valuable information regarding the state of the city, clues about what happened, and her palace would become a makeshift shelter while the OathWielders resided in Balabag.

Lady Hidori and Dusky had a brief spark, fueled by both of them having an innate connection to the Phoenixes of the realm, but Hidori would later turn against the Oathwielders after hearing that they slaughtered dozens of Samurai, though she remained thankful, leaving the team with the title "Lady Savior".

Master Shama[edit | edit source]

You'll have to fight me to free your friends...It is the only way.

Master Shama was the "Keep Master" of Wyvern Keep, located near the Wyvern Mountain on the border of Troverth. Shama was rescued by the OathWielders when a Demon infiltrated his keep, and in return, he gave them passage, shelter, food, and more before pointing them towards Balabag.

Shama continued to have an ongoing pen-pal relationship with the team member Kel.

Nimlebrie[edit | edit source]

Nimlebrie was the consulor representing the druid circle known as the "Gift of Forests". Nimlebrie took Eve under her wing and made her a Questor working officially for the No Man's Kingdom, additionally she passed on a "Vial of Goodberry" to Eve to use on her travels.

President-King Libertine[edit | edit source]

"If we can't trust each other...."

President-King LIbertine is the ruler of The Delvin since the end of the Holy War. He is known for his progressive (and socialist) views that helped shape the state of the city in the years following wartime, and into Realm War I. When asked why his policies were so strictly volunteer-based and socially ingrained, he would often respond "If we can't trust each other, how can we begin to trust the realm?"

After an attack on The Delvin by a Stone Giant, Libertine tasked a group of volunteers who appeared at the scene of the attack with tracking down the perpetrators. He gave the group a "Wrot of Business", a cart and horse, and a calendar. With a deadline of 20 days, the group would need to get to the other side of the continent and solve the mystery of the attack. This group, bound by located and happenstance, would later go on to be the formative members of The Oathwielders.

Tasaday Liver[edit | edit source]

Tasaday LIver was one of many drunks living in Balabag at the time of the plague. Like other Livers, Tasaday was affected by The Curse of Life. Tasaday had won every drinking contest he had ever entered his whole life. When he first met the team, he was concious, tipsy, but otherwise the only one with a strong enough constitution who could talk (though heavily slurred).

He traveled with The OathWielders during their adventures in the city, even joining them in the sewers under the city to discover the demon that caused the plague. However, in the ensuing battle, Tasaday Liver was caught in the powerful tide of the river under the city, and was presumed dead. After meeting Ladagan Liver, the OW believed Tasaday survived the encounter.

U[edit | edit source]

U (Pronounced eyo) was an aarakocra mother who had fallen subject to the tortures of the Shinardi. Unable to talk (among other things), U was as helpless as can be, but gave a patient optimism to the players, as if silently begging for them to take the initiative and play hero. U's pleading, and the selfless actions that followed from the OathWielders, can be considered their first altruistic act of the realm. Though they rescued the Aarakocra, she would silently head off with Courage to find sanctuary in hiding.

Vinder Gandelossen[edit | edit source]

Vinder Gandelossen was a hunter and Dhampir who crossed paths with the OathWielders just outside of Nakashiri where he, like the others, had noticed the thick smoke from over the valley and rushed to see what was the matter. Vinder proved to be a formidable soldier, and had been traversing the wilds on a hunt for an item called the "Javelin of Thor". Vinder was an expert scout who provided intel to the team on how to sneak into the town by night.

Fatally struck in the battle with Coalkell the ogre, Vinder's assistance to the OathWielders was paid back tenfold when they all simultaneously offered their arms for him to feed and heal up. Vinder likely returned to his home kingdom of LaCroix after the events, and was not seen again.

Zuri the Stone Giant[edit | edit source]

Zuri was a stone giant veteran of The Holy War that had been invited to The Delvin to give a speech about her time fighting the dragons. However, during Zuri's first attempt to give her speech, she was targeted by dragon-apologist Elan (of Orcish heritage) in the audience, giving her a life threatening aneurysm. If that wasn't bad enough, Zuri was then targeted by malicious parties representing the LaCroix Kingdom, who hired psionicists from Champerty to mind-control the giant and force her to attack the audience, who seconds earlier were hanging on to her every word. Zuri's speech can be found on the 10th Anniversary of the Holy War page.

After the Oathwielders stopped the mind control (by killing the psion), Zuri was hospitalized and smuggled out of the city back to Pteris where she could live in peace among her fellow giants.

Zulu Bornore[edit | edit source]

Zulu Bornore was the consulor representing the mercenary group known as "The Protectors" that operated out of The Franks. Zulu gave Drake a combination blow gun/10 foot pole after making him an official Questor working for the No Man's Kingdom.

Introduced in Chapter II: Might and Magic[edit | edit source]

Sueyka Huntsari[edit | edit source]

Sueyka Huntsari always thought one day he would go see Balabag. Being a native of the neighboring Land of the Bugbear, it wasn't an impossible goal. Perhaps he would enter a traveling merchants guild, or he could strike a deal with a Balabagian shop to sell some fascinating new weapon he'd invented. That was before the draft.

Now faced to give up his own creative ideas for the sake of the Dynasty, Sueyka knew he could still travel to Balabag on the right march. Luckily, his Uncle was a very well respected veteran of the Holy War, and it was through his familial connections that he was able to get stationed with his Uncle, traveling to Balabag on important state matters.

Balabag was not anything like he had imagined. The bustling city of stringed lanterns, weekly festivals, and bustling market squares had given way to a stigma of infection. Mostly evacuated now, Sueyka was brought under the city, where he learned the sad truth about the infection...there was no way to save those above, and to prevent further spread of the incident it would need to be razed. These dark secrets, among others, would be his to keep from the world until it was ready to know.

There was a silver lining though. He never dreamed he'd get to meet the famous Lady of the Phoenix, or even help her into her cart. He never imagined he'd get to go face to face with real live demons and taunt them in their cages like a master over evil. However, others had found the hidden fortress under the city, they had seen the demons and the secrets, and who knows what else. Many of them were being elusive. These people scared Sueyka. That is why he requested to be placed with the demon cart than with the intruders.

Hours into the evacuation out of Balabag, his suspicions proved correct. The last thing he remembers is mustering his own strength to unleash one demon onto another type of demon...before he was brutally knocked unconscious.

Sueyka would be taken hostage by Kel as the group fled during The Battle of Rescuer's Road. It was there that Kel was able to sway Sueyka into giving up his patriotism to see the insanity of the Troverth Dynasty. Sueyka would join Kel on The Phantom Front and form a small clan of Oathbreakers who would attempt to kill The Emporer of Troverth.

However, what they thought was the Emporer was infact Shogun Breakwater, and these oathbreakers were walking into the middle of a covert operation later known as Breakwater's Bamboozle. In the ensuing battle, the Shogun and his men would kill almost all of the Oathbreakers, with only Kel and Sueyka surviving. would drag Kel away from the warfront, inviting him to live on the road as fugitives and criminals from the law.

However, devastatingly, Kel would decline to become a formal Oathbreaker, and Sueyka would begin his own adventures on the road, beginning an underground uprising within the Samurai forces.

Professor Preicept Commutavi[edit | edit source]

Professor Preicept Commutavi was a transmuter who was lurking in the Osugbo wilds in the year 10 PR. However, in his travels, he was ambushed by Night Riders of Troverth. His chest of magic items would be taken by The OathWielders when they stumbled upon it by chance.

The Professor himself would be taken to Balabag for transfer to The Phantom Front where he would cross paths briefly with the OathWielders, relaying information to them about the Front, about Champerty, and also noting that there are many teleporting Champerts in the region who might lend them a hand.

The Oathreader[edit | edit source]

The Oathreader was the informal title given to the Troverthian shaman who was responsible for capturing the team later known as The OathWielders after they attacked Troverth soldiers.

The Oathreader used Fearmones on the Oathwielders to give them nightmares of their greatest fears and wants.

Admiral Queasom[edit | edit source]

Admiral Queasom was a leader in the DolmHarm kingdom that lived in the town of MarHarm at the time of it's burning. Queasom grew up in the tunnels of Steelhand Hall during the Holy War, and it is there that he learned of Helm from the dwarves.

Queasom, as part of the "Patrol of Helm" was one of very few soldiers awake the night of his hometown's conflagration, and likely the only witness who pieced together that Dusky was in fact the perpetrator of the arson. Being too old to formally fight in the army, Queasom took a cushy position that allowed him to travel freely with a small avenging force, primarily focusing on finding the man who burned down his hometown. Being a devout follower of Helm, Queasom believed it was his responsibility to defend and avenge his loved ones.

When Queasom received intelligence that Troverth had captured Dusky, he arranged for a pay-off of the Samurai hauling Dusky around, and instead had Dusky personally delivered to him, at which point he loaded Dusky into a traditional Trovertherian firework cannon, and launched him to his death over The Phantom Front.

Queasom would make one more appearance in the wilds of Champerty, while traveling towards the Phantom Front, Queasom and his men stopped in Owtkast where he would briefly encounter The OathWielders. He would pass his wisdom of Helm onto the one called Eve before the groups separately, with them being none the wiser that Queasom had killed their friend Dusky.

Having successfully defeated the phoenix who burned down him home, Queasom retired shortly after.

Ladagan Liver[edit | edit source]

Ladagan Liver was a Dolmharm soldier employed on the River Front between DolmHarm and Champerty. More specifically, the Oathwielders encountered Ladagan after he had been reassigned to The Phantom Front. It was here that he was crucial in introducing the team to how life worked on the front.

During a magical ambush on the Trench Camp by a Clay Golem, Ladagan was killed in action. However, before the others could bury his body, he suddenly resurrected out of thin air, regenerating wounds and returning to life. Ladagan was forced to reveal his secret, he was reassigned because he was cursed with The Curse of Life. He was the first Liver to explain what the Curse of LIfe was to the Oathwielders, giving them hope that both Tasady Liver and Blit Liver could still be alive. The team would spend another day on the front with Ladagan, but say goodbye after they worked out a deal to be teleported across the front into Champerty Territory.

Shogun Breakwater[edit | edit source]

Shogun Breakwater appeared on The Phantom Front as part of Realm War I . A changeling, Breakwater was able to shapeshift into the perfect form of the Emporer Troverth, an act which fooled the Champerty Kingdom into kidnapping him. Though he briefly escaped to the town of Owtkast, he was captured by Champerty spy Julian, in association with The OathWielders.

After being captured and taken back to the Champerty capital of Friþleas, Shogun Breakwater (still in the guise of Emporer Troverth) was brought before a board of judiciaries to stand for his crimes. At that point, the doppelganger revealed that it had also shapeshifted away an explosive firework device under his clothes...the resulting explosion caused insurmountable harm to the Champerty kingdom. Though the Oathwielders played a part in getting Breakwater to Friþleas, they also were present during the explosion and saved countless lives from the collapsing courthouse.

  • Conjurer Deltana

King Mayhem[edit | edit source]

In a prime example of the saying "in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed king reigns", King Mayhem Ezekial was a 12 year old tiefling child who was elected the leader of the Half-Orc settlement of Owtkast under the title of King of the Halfsies. He assisted the players in locating a doppelganger that had infiltrated the town.

Ezekiel always longer to be a warrior, but grew up in a monastery as a cast-off child. He learned sums, logic, and proper worship, but always dreamed of being a warrior. He wandered off from the monestary when a troop of half-orcs was marching nearby, and after being discovered among their ranks, was deemed a divine leader given to the half-orcs. Seizing the opportunity, Mayhem Ezekial started his monarchy.

Thurden Presmaris[edit | edit source]

Thurden Presmaris was the former head of the Division of Foreign Affairs in the Champerty capital city of Friþleas, who was promoted to be the Paragnost of the Mind shortly after the capital's Mindquarters (located in said city) were attacked in Breakwater's Bamboozle, causing the fatality of the former Paragnost. A sympathizer of the Glendoveer cause, Thurden flipped on Champerty, and used the destruction of the Mindquarters as a way to seize power. Elves, such as the population of Glendoveer, have a long history of working with magic, but were not as attuned with the Mystic Arts, leading to a severe weakness if Glendoveer and Champerty were to ever come to blows.

Thurden's first act as the new Paragnost of the Mind was to alter the Syllabus of the Corpsus Academy (which treats the Paragnost much like a headmaster). In doing so, he hoped to slow or impede the progress of new Mystics in training. Though Thurden wasn't discovered to be a spy in the campaign, he would appear again in a one-shot where he fought the players.

Asi[edit | edit source]

Aasima el-Mian was an elderly snobbite officer docked in Ethiruva who lent the OathWielders the use of his ship. Unfortunately Asi and his first mate, an aarakocra known as Qra (see below), were caught in the cross fire as the OathWielders fought against a group of Sea Hags in an event later known as Drake's Deal, and while Qa survived and would continue to travel with the OathWielders under a new captain, Asi was lost at sea. Asi was described as "dark-skinned, dark-haired, and uniformed like a conquistador". Asi considered attacks by the enemy as personal affronts, and he embraced the concept of Noblesse Oblige.

Introduced in Chapter III: Plumb the Depths[edit | edit source]

Qra[edit | edit source]

Though technically introduced at the end of Chapter II, the OathWielders got to know Qra the "Chakrakocra" for the first time in Chapter III. Qra (Pronounced 'Ka') was a very laid back Aarakocra who "went with the wind". Qra provided light comedy during the team's trips at sea, and spent most of his time meditating (or sleeping) in the crow's nest of team's ship, The Kulu. Qra was one of the few casualties in the great battle against The Sheath.

The Rattzias[edit | edit source]

Captain Tasneem Ambisnaih and First Mate Hamda Najwa Nu'ma, collectively known as The Rattzias, were a duo of sea-faring Snobbite pirates who crossed paths with OathWielders during their trip southwest to Pteris. The ruthless and powerful captain leader Tasneem had accepted a bounty to recover a relic of Lathander from a recent shipwreck, and she had no hesitation in cutting down the meek clerics and taking the artifact for herself (no doubt to sell it for an amazing price). However, the two of them found themselves evenly matched with the OathWielders, and only after Niebelung tossed Hamda overboard was it revealed the two of them were also married. Once the team found Captain Tasneem's weakness, they threatened Hamda's life---or the relic. Captain Tasneem gave in, and the team succeeded in saving the clerics and their artifact.

But Tasneem lost the battle, but not the war. She and her wife Hamda were later contacted by a mysterious dragonborn, and were recruited to join The Sheath, an elite team dedicated to stopping The OathWielders.

Belorin the Dawnbringer[edit | edit source]

Belorin the Dawnbringer was the leader of a group of halfling clerics of Lathander traveling out of Luggland, their mission was to deliver a sacred relic of light to a temple in the western lands. But at some point in open waters, their ship was ambushed by a tribe of Sahuagin, and against all odds, a group of survivors found an air pocket in a submerged cavern to wait out for help. Through prayer, Belorin was able to communicate their near-fatal situation---but leakers in their midst also sold their location to highest bidders, including The Rattzias (see above) and Scua's School of Shadows.

Belorin and a number of his clerics (Calkis, Jayjen, and Idoras) were rescued by the OathWielders (Notably first mate Orris, who went against Captain Drake's orders to dive underwater and recover them) , who kept them safe in their Ring of Marquee until they were able to make it to land. However, while traveling together, Belorin and his crew continued to feel uncomfortable in the presence of Eve, who confused them. Her name was a swear in Lathander culture (the 'Eve' is the opposite of the 'Morning') but her tattoos shared many symbols and designs with Belorin's own tattoos of Lathander. They saw her as a strange anti-christ figure, and were glad to leave the OathWielders the following week. Though the information they passed on about Lathander would help Eve discover her true heritage.

Chieftan Krusgir[edit | edit source]

Cheiftan Krusgir was the leader of the coastal town of Mek, where the OathWielders stopped to rest on their way south towards Nawfar. The Chieftan originally came off a bit brutish, but the team came to learn that Krusgir put on a barbaric posture to defend his town and his people. At the town's little tavern, he came to life with a large jolly humor. However, one thing that bit Krusgir was how easy he was to sway. The OathWielders happened to be in town at the same time as Asar Partui. Asar sold Krusgir a number of servants after convincing him how useful it would be to have them in town, including the slave known as Jugbug. Once Krusgir had purchased from Asar, it put him in direct opposition to Orris and the other OathWielders, who wanted to rescue Asar's servants.

At some point, someone fed Krusgir a cupcake of Anti-Gravity and he got stuck in the tavern, attached to the ceiling, until the cupcake's effects wore off.

The Great Asar Partui[edit | edit source]

Asar Partui was a traveling merchant who specialized in servants and slaves, particularly of fey species, who were often captured as prisoners of war in the Fey Front.

A cut piece of lore which showed how Morella (and her daughter Kaia) were Livers, despite not having the surname.

Morella Prakseesin[edit | edit source]

Morella Prakseesin (nee Praks) was Drake's wife. Her name meant shining sea. Morella was estranged from Drake after the loss of their daughter Kaia, who died in a freak accident known as The Abaddon. Though Drake was banished from their home kingdom of Snobbite, he worked hard with the OathWielders to travel the realm and return home. Unfortunately for both Prakseesins, Drake was taken into custody by The Sheath as a bargain in return for Orris being spared. He was teleported back to Snobbite and placed under arrest...mere hours before the OathWielders finally crossed paths with Morella on the AmuPter Front.

Despite Drake's banishment, there were still attacks on the Prakseesin household, on both Drake's father, as well as Morella.

Knowing she had to move and stay away from the public eye, she packed up what was left in their old house, which had slowly become a makeshift memorial, and go away. While packing, she also re-found everything her father had left her when he died. It turned out that Morella Prakseesin's family bloodline actually goes back to an old ruling class that ran Snobbite in the pre-Holy War days, when the lure of the military industrial complex didn't interfere with the natural order of things.

When Marella discovered this, she knew she had important information. But the rulers of Nawfar offered to buy the lucrative book off of her, stating that the people would never give her an ounce of power after what her husband did to her child. The options were to reveal the truth, and make Drake's sacrifice meaningless, or agree with the nobles and sell off the papers.

She was given 2200 gold for the books, which she assumes were destroyed. With no more claim to anything, she let herself get drafted and spent days searching for herself on the water again---the first time she'd been on the water since Abaddon. She slowly worked up the ranks and now commands her own vessel. It was on that vessel that should would finally cross paths with Drake...almost. When the OathWielders were crossing The AmuPter Front, they briefly ,met up with Morella. But earlier that very evening, Drake would leave the team permanently, making a trip back to Nawfar in order to be a bounty. A bounty that would make The Sheath filthy rich. Though Drake's sacrifice would save his own team's life, it would take him off the ship only hours before Morella would meet up.

Morella would talk briefly with the team before escorting them to the Galik harbor, sending the team on their ultimate mission: the end The Curse of Life.

In the Epilogue, Morella and Drake would finally reunite over the body of their daughter Kaia, who would perish when the curse was broken.

Cuara of the Ilroch[edit | edit source]

Cuara was Roha's mother, and a warrior on the Fey Front during Realm War I. Cuara and Roha escaped the war in Glendoveer, living in Champerty for a while as refugees. At some point while living abroad, Cuara left Roha and returned to Glendoveer, where she was captured by soldiers of Woldlin, and eventually turned over as a prisoner of war to the Woldlin hero Asar Partui.

Cuara would later relate to Roha that she went back to Glendoveer because she needed to defend the arcane archers of Ethiruva and put forward the proclamation that they will not be a part of the resistance or the coup. Champerty had been nothing but gracious to Glendoveer and the whole movement is underhanded and almost evil.

When Asar tried to sell Cuara to a hill giant (Chieftan Krusgir, see above), Cuara followed Asar to Asar Partui and intercepted the auction. With the combined forces of her team, the OathWielders were able to steal Asar Partui's Ring of Marquee, which contained Cuara, as well as a number of other slaves, and Roha finally reunited with her long missing mother. Soon after, the OathWielders fought The Sheath and Cuara was key in killing the slaver Asar Partui for good. After the vengeance had been completed, Cuara took off back to Osugbo to finish the work she had begun regarding Champerty's underhanded revolt by Glendoveer.

Cuara became a soldier on The Phantom Front working for Champerty in an attempt to push back Troverth. Seeing the big picture, Cuara believed that it would never be safe for Glendoveer refugees to find new lives in Champerty if Glendoveer overthrows their kingdom and is left facing the overwhelming power of Troverth. Hoping to get ahead of that terrible future, Cuara fought her hardest against Troverth force, even going so far to ask Roha to join her in the war.

Cuara wouldn't be seen again until the campaign epilogue, in which the injured and retired Cuara would return to the wilds of southern Isonhound to continue to search for and rebuild the Ilroch Herd of Isonhound, with her new granddaughter Eve.

The Sea Drakes[edit | edit source]

The Sea Drakes were a number of Champerty natives hired out of Friþleas to do menial tasks on the team's ship, a boat known as The Kulu. The four Sea Drakes were as follows:

  • Ezos the Smart One
  • Scrotos the Slimy One
  • Brutos the Strong One
  • Jamie Lynn Spears the Shy One

With the exception of Ezos, the Sea Drakes all perished between the OathWielders' adventures in Jewelspar and their attempt to cross the AmuPter Front. The final surviving Sea Drake, Ezos, attempted to haggled a higer pay out of the OathWielders by the time they arrived in Galik, but the team did not believe he was worth any more than the few copper pieces he got a day....Ezos walked.

Saqiram Al-hamdan[edit | edit source]

Saqiram Al-hamdan was a short-lived NPC who joined the OathWielders where Drake took their ship, took all of Asar Partui's money, and---for a brief moment, almost ran away to Nawfar with his buddy Niebelung. When the team had to chase Drake down and get the money and ship back, Saqiram joined them, as he had a ship in the harbor they could use...and more importantly, he believed Drake was responsible for his son's death in the incident known as The Abaddon.

Archmage Nimz[edit | edit source]

One of three nobles of Jewelspar and possible patrons of the team, Archmage Nimz was the most powerful of Jewelspar's rulers, and ultimately sent them on a nearly lethal mission to dig up the bones of Valhazzith from the city's bay. The team was successful, and in return Nimz gave them enough money and access for the team to acquire a Elven Wingship. The big requirement of his patronage was that the team did nothing to harm Elves, a restriction that would cause the team a lot of problems when they came toe-to-toe with the other elven nobles Olorona and Elhorn (see below).

Meriel "Ramon" Olorona[edit | edit source]

One of three nobles of Jewelspar and possible patrons of the team, Olorona was excited by the OathWielders and wanted to be their one and only patron. A silly goose of a noble, Olorona kept the mood light and merry, like a judicial jester. He sent the team on a quest to prank one of the other nobles, and they ultimately settled on pranking Elhorn (see below). However, when Olorona found out the team went behind his back to also recruit the patronage of Archmage Nimz, Olorona took the betrayal personally. A heavy grudge holder, Olorona wanted to sink the team's new fancy ship and take back the money and goods he had given them as part of their patronage. To do this, Olorona was recruited by Elhorn to join a team ultimately known as The Sheath.

Ailuuin "Isaac" Elhorn[edit | edit source]

One of three nobles of Jewelspar and possible patrons of the team, the team found Elhorn's heavy thoughts and deep philosphy a big turn-off. Elhorn asked the team interrogative questions and his snooping and questioning kept the team from ever being interested in his patronage. However, he was selected as the victim of Olorona's patronage-prank, arranged by Merial Olorona (above) in order to prove that The OathWielders were limber and quick-witted enough to keep life laughable. The team's temporary party member Jugbug played a charming song on Elhorn, and convinced him into thinking he was a goat. The elf got on all four and started to chew the pages of the tome he was reading.

Of course, when Elhorn's charm wore off, the team had run far away, leaving him no choice but to send a warrant for their arrest in an intellectual quest for vengeance. When the team was released from prison on a pardon, Elhorn knew he would stop at nothing to get his vengeance, and sought out the team known as The Sheath, and he would recruit his rival Olorona to join him after he discovered they broke the terms of his patronage as well.

Introduced in Chapter IV: The Curse of Life[edit | edit source]

Kaia "Lily" Prakseesin[edit | edit source]

Nera[edit | edit source]

Nera was the name given to Kel when he asked what spirit or guardian was speaking to him from his new Holy Avenger sword. Nera guided Kel into following her orders, eventually culminating in The Griffon's Last Stand.

Dapollo the Bard[edit | edit source]

Dapollo the Bard was a childhood friend of Niebelung, and the first person he reconnected with once he was back in his old hometown of Galik. Dapollo was a city bard through and through, and provided countless tips and secrets to the OathWielders on navigating the microchosm that the city is. One benefit he gave them was the secret of how the WIzards Guild calcuates prices so that they knew when they were looking at a good bargain or not. Dapollo could speak with small beasts, and spoke 3 languages.

Madame Hal Driklar[edit | edit source]

Madame Hal Driklar (aka Niebamom) was the mother of Niebelung and his sister Glittoria. She lived in a small modest house a district away from The ArchCrystal Tower, where her late husband worked as a scholar. Like Niebelung, she was an illumian as well. She was 50 years old, and her house was always open to Niebelung and his friends, as they rested and hid out from the ShadowGuild. After the campaign ended, Niebelung likely moved back home with his mom for a little while because she loves him and would always give him shelter

Glittoria Hal Driklar[edit | edit source]

Glittoria Hal Driklar was Nieblung's sister, and had seemingly disappeared in the stacks of the ArchCrystal Tower when she tried to track down where her missing father went. Instead, Glittoria stumbled upon a secret operation run by the ShadowGuild, who operated in secret between the many chambers of the tower. Glittoria was taken hostage now that she knew their secrets, and was forced to work for the guild if she wanted to keep her life (and her family's life) safe. Years later, an accomplished thief and guild member, Glittoria would seemingly disappear during an event in which the Dark Powers infiltrated the Galik sewers and kidnapped several members of the guild. Glittoria would become one with the darkness, and gained several new powers with her new bonds she formed to the Raven Queen.

Another few years would pass before the OathWielders themselves would become victim to another round of Dark Power mists. While in the mists, Niebelung would see his sister, and beg for her return. She knew she couldn't stay for long on the material plane, but with permission, was able to join Niebelung briefly in a battle to save his life, as well as the lives of his new teammates. Glittoria was a combatant at the famous Griffon's Last Stand, and when the dust cleared and millions laid dead around the realm, Glittoria said her goodbye, but not before telling Niebelung she will find him again, in the form of etheareal messaging ravens.

Ashley Angelbane[edit | edit source]

Ashley Angelbane (or just Ash) was a shadowdancer and assassin who was lurking in Galik for some time working (as one of many) of Nera's disciples. Ash was previosuly an assassin with the ShadowGuild, but she had troubles blending in with the other criminals, who seemed so openly evil, and she personally had trouble keeping up with the ever-changing system of code wrods and speech patterns. Eventually she found new purpose when she came across a Holy Avenger weapon, who later tasked her with keeping an eye on a new recruit of Nera---She found Kel in the city and protected him from an ambush of assassins (who were actually after Orris), revealing herself to the team as someone who had been tracking them. From that point on, she strove to teach Kel the weight of his new job as a shadow-warlock of Nera.

Unfortunately for the OathWielders, Ash was an unapologetic killer, slashing down any and every person who got in the way of Nera's goal. This joyful killing made her a "Mist-Magnet", meaning that the more she killed, the more likely it was that she would draw the attention of Dark Powers, which she did during the Battle of the ShadowGuildAfter the campaign, Ash would marry teammate (and fellow shadow mage) Julian McFlair. They would go on to buy a house they called "McFlair Manor" and would settle down in the cities high quarters, eventually having descendants which resulted in the birth of one Zugs McFlair.

Vidor of the Ilroch[edit | edit source]

Vidor was a magical ranger centaur, and a member of Roha's tribe of centaur. He split ways with Roha when their tribe was ambushed as part of an operation on The Fey Front, but later the scholar Rapscalia (see below) went back to find Vidor and the others. As mentioned in her logs Ilroch Herd of Isonhound: The End of Cycle:

This time the tribe voted 4 to 1 to take the trip. Vidor was the only dissenting voice, and was given the option to stay in the cold or join the others. For the first time in my decade with the Ilroch, I watched the tribe voluntarily split. Vidor, who could produce flames of warming, decided to stay put. It continues to surprise me how hard headed these centaur could act in the face of imminent danger.

Knowing the general vicinity of where Vidor had stayed behind in northern Isonhound, Roha paid a teleporter in Galik a HEFTY fee to bring her to him, where they held a short conversation, and she was able to break through his hard-headedness. Together, the two of them returned to Galik where they began to formulate a plan that would get revenge on the elves that ravaged their families (see Tuar Rhivir below). After Tuar's death, Vidor and Roha were satisfied, and Roha decided she was done traveling with the OathWielders, taking her new friend and leaving the team forever. But before she could even leave the city, Nerull struck out, and Roha was called back into action to help the OathWieldesr one last time. She and Vidor both took part in The Griffon's Last Stand.

After the team disbanded and went home, Vidor fathered a child with Roha, a daughter they would name Eve after the fairy who sacrificed herself at that ultimate battle.

Tuar Rhivir[edit | edit source]

Tuar Rhivir was never a glendoveerian elf. Originally a member of Roha's tribe, Tuar actually hailed from Woldlin and infiltrated the centaur tribe as part of a plan to help the Ilroch join their cause and convert their pacifist ways into that of the warriors. He (and his friend Keman) arrived shortly after Glendoveer already had the Ilroch in their good graces, in an espionage mission to turn the Ilroch more savage and then ultimately make them a force against Glendoveer.

However, after the second council debate (which ended in their decision to help all injured andy hurt all hurters), Woldlin determined it would be best to remove all chances of Glendoveer gaining Centaur assistance. Tuar was the one who turned the orders over to Woldlin such that they knew the time was right to strike, leading the the attack on Roha's family detailed in The End of Cycle.

Tuar would continue to hunt all the centaur who escaped the inital genocide, going so far as to form hunting parties and scouting even the most frigid and northern forests of isonhound looking for the last Ilroch. Roha teamed up with one of the other survivors, Vidor (see above) to formulate a plan that would get their revenge on Tuar. For well over a week, the OathWielders and their allies seeded rumors through the streets of Galik, knowing from their year together that tavern stories about the OathWielders spread faster than wildfire. All the rumors pinpointed to a time and location that Roha would be with all the remaining Ilroch. The bait was succesful, and Tuar hired a conjurer squad to teleport him and his soldiers to...the headquarters of the Galik's infamous ShadowGuild. The ShadowGuild did NOT take kindly to the intrusion, and a massive Battle of the ShadowGuild followed, which led to Tuar and his team being assassinated in the midst (and the mist) of the chaos that followed, finally giving the Ilroch Tribe the room it needed to repopulate and flourish again.

Rapscalia[edit | edit source]

Rapscalia was one of the many scholars at the ArchCrystal Tower doing field work around the realm during Realm War I. More importantly, Rapscalia was doing research on the FeyFront and various tribes and societies that were disrupted by the war efforts. Rapscalia is the author of the journals Ilroch Herd of Isonhound: The End of Cycle and Ilroch Herd of Isonhound: Customs and Traditions. When the OathWielders arrived in Galik, they briefly crossed paths with Rapscalia, who had just returned from Isonhound with two addendums to her works, which can be found at the bottom of her End of Cycle works. The addendums revealed that Roha's family and friends were betrayed by an elf (Tuar Rhivir, see above) who had infiltrated them. Rapscalia and Roha shared a brief moment of solace as the info-dump of what remained of her tribe came as quite a shock, but Rapscalia promised Roha to continue to document all the customs and history of her people to ensure that there will be a future for the Ilroch after all. Rapscalia headed back overseas to get all information she could about the Customs and History of the tribe directly from Cuara. Rapscalia's letter back to Roha updating her on the progress is found below:

The ArchCrystal Tower

Letter of the Field Researcher


It’s been a bit over a tenday since I departed to gather your mother’s stories. I arrived in Champerty 4 days ago, and spent some time with Cuara at a base camp just southeast of the front.

Your mother has had to take some time to handle all of the new information about the tribe. Apparently she was rather close with Fellener, and his death seems to have hit her the hardest.

I do hope that the potions we picked up helped you locate Vidor. If this message finds you still on the north coast I beg that you find shelter or head back soon. The war I witness here dwarves the Fey Front in spectacle, but these magical tricks and illusions are 10 times less lethal than the guerilla warfare of the Elves. I informed your mother of your quest and she also worries for you just as I’m sure you still worry for her. I reminded her in small talk of your requests for her to abandon her warfaring ways but she is stubborn.

That does not mean we are any safer here. Quite the opposite, two days ago we were ambushed in the night by dark robed Troverth elites who moved with a precision I haven’t seen this side of the ocean. I am okay, but I have the most terrible news about your mother Cuara.

Your mother has been discharged from the Champerty military after the attackers broke her left arm at the shoulder. I did not see it happen, but only heard her scream as she fought off several of the armored men with just her hoofs and arms, like a captured beast in the night.

She says it was just like the night she was taken as a slave, and she would not be subjected to captivity again. There is a fire that burns in your mother despite her years, a fire that saved her life at the cost of her arm. While not severed, it appears to have been irreversibly disabled. She tries to hold her bow but cannot must the grip strength to keep a steady aim.

I’ve spoken with her today at length of her next plans, reminding her that with Winter’s arrival, the tribe typically visits their neighbors at the south of Isonhound. The tribes from Pteris are surely expecting the Ilroch to join them there, and though they are not true family, they are a part of the greater Ilroch history. And even if the tribe has been all but extinguished, sometimes good friends are the same as real family. My hope is to leave your mother in good hands before I depart, and among her second family. We depart tonight.

If you have Vidor or not, I ask that you join us there so that anything else the Pteris centaur can tell us about Ilroch traditions can be shared with you.

I look forward to seeing the last of the Ilroch tribe among other centaur soon. I hope to see you there as well.


Researcher and Scribe of the Archcrystal Tower

Gainpin Hawftry of the Lyreguard[edit | edit source]

Gainpin was one of the 10 members of the Lyreguard in Galik, and a devout follower of Helm. Gainpin and the Lyreguard had been given explicit instruction to seek out Eve in the city and shelter her, which they did by granting her and her friends lodgings in their Citadel of the Griffon. What Gainpin and his friends did not know, was that Helm anticipated that Eve and her friends would soon become the #1 target of the force of Nerull, and as a result, Gainpin was caught up in The Griffon's Last Stand, which took place at his own home base of operations. Gainpin would fight alongside halfling clerics of Lathander, marking the first time the two branches of Pelor's former power united side by side. Eventually culminating in Pelor's return.

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