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The gods of Ta-Shedet were standard greater deities manifest uniquely to the pre-historic culture. Most were depicted with the head of an animal and had Shedethan names. These racially ambiguous appearances also opened up worship across racial boundaries. The isolated Pterish elves worshipped Garl Glittergold and Moradin without any associations with gnomes or dwarves.

Senusret/Garl Glittergold
Common Name Shedethan Name Animal Head Domain
Corellon Kaab hawk moonlight
Garl Glittergold Senusret green ram trickery
Nerull Anubis jackal death
Moradin Djehuti ibis knowledge
Waukeen Dedun eagle civilization
Pelor Rakhmet scarabs/dung beetles life
Sseth Serket scorpion arcana
??? Isis ??? ???

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

When running a Shedethan adventure, either name is acceptable depending on your need. Players may find Shedethan names more alien and ancient-Egypt-like, but they will likely forget these names or give them comical nicknames. Players may immediately remember the domains of Common names, but they can also get hung up on depictions and personalities from centuries if not millennia after the story. Choose wisely. In the Brightwater campaign, a mixture of Shedethan and common names were used, though only one name was used for each god. Those characters heard tales of Corellon, Garl, Anubis, Djehuti, and Pelor.

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