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Symbol of Kossuth

Kossuth the Fire-Lord is one of the four Elemental Demi-Gods, said to have been born out of the realm upon its creation.

History[edit | edit source]

In prehistoric times, Kossuth forged an elemental tool known as The Crown of Empyrosis, the crown and its appearances throughout history became a common thread in Kossuth Fairy Tales.

Clergy and Practices[edit | edit source]

The teachings of the Kossuthan religion on Quelmar are built around an assumption that those fit to succeed will do so and that the faith of Kossuth is innately superior to other faiths, especially those of the other elemental lords and particularly to that of Istishia. The driving force in the Kossuthan church is ambition, and the reward of successful ambition is power.

Dogma[edit | edit source]

The eternal Kossuth sends his pure fire to cleanse us all and temper our souls to a more pure state. Expect to be tested and strive to rise to the challenge, no matter what difficulty or pain it brings you. Follow the Promised above you, for they have proven their worth and achieved a higher state which you too can find in Kossuth's service. Find the true vision, the final goal of your life, and pursue it utterly. Give yourself totally to the cause, and it will return eternal rewards to you. Guide the teeming masses to the pure light that is Kossuth so that he may reforge all life into its essential form, and complete order and harmony will follow.

Followers of Kossuth on Quelmar seem to be schemers intent on cleanly reorganizing the world as it is into their own vision of perfection—through abrupt and violent means if necessary. Of all the elemental religions, Kossuth's is probably the most dangerous and unpredictable in that individual churches of Kossuth are led by powerful leaders with a rigid priest hierarchy beneath them but no ultimate authority other than Kossuth to report to. Its priests and members are quick to resort to violence and quick to take offense at the actions of others; the "justice" of a Kossuthan is harsh, quick, and brutally suited to the offense or the crime.

The Kossuthan church frequently builds its holy shrines near large sources of fire, such as volcanoes, or in hot, arid areas, such as deserts, but most often builds its large temples in cities and countries of substantial size. The Kossuthian Church of Galik is one of the largest in the realm, with a number of other churches dotted in the area around the Volcanoes known as the Twin Devils.

History[edit | edit source]

iIn the 460s PR, a group of Kossuthians infiltrated The Howling Crag using a teleportation circle located in the Grumbaran hold in eastern Amusa. This group included the cleric Aritian, who would later go on to assist in the destruction of Kossuth's Crown of Empyrosis.

Notable Followers[edit | edit source]

A portrait of Bruneld Redmane, wearing his famous crown which would later house his soul.

Prehistoric Clergy[edit | edit source]

The following names were recovered by ArchCrystal scholars, said to be prehistoric clerics of Kossuth.

  • Averil Woottone The Whispering Flame
  • Brinley Bentone, Heat of the Tolls
  • Bruneld Redmane. Forger of Alarms
  • Dunstan Stoddarde The Warming Comfort
  • Eadburg Huntere, Revitalizer
  • Eadda Bagleye The Blind-Fighter
  • Felberta Botwrighte, Gift of the Chanters
  • Harlan Osbornee The Insular Chime
  • Hayley Claye The Burnt Smith
  • Hildred Coombse The Coal Burnt Siren
  • Hildred Hardwicke, Seat of the Magma Gong
  • Holden Fishmane The Walking Elemental
  • Lana Wakefielde The Obedient Ember
  • Langley Brookee The Numinous Blaze
  • Marshal Elwyne, Friend of Efreet
  • Riley Waterman The Sumptous Pyre
  • Sigeweard Cockburns, Highpriest of the Tendrils
  • Swithin Darwine, Prayer's Bell Fire
  • Twyla Deadmane The Hungry Ruler
  • Windy Hargravee, Founder of the Fire Drakes
  • Wulfnoð Thorleye The Promised Firewalker
    • The Thorleye lineage can be traced all the way to modern day practitioners in the area near Nestle
    • The Thorleyes used camels for trading
    • And they were allergic to chocolate.
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