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"Free as Waves"

Domain Tempest, Nature
Alignment Neutral

Istishia is the Elemental Demi-Gods of water.

Notable Actions[edit | edit source]

Istishia is said to have created the Wand of the Spout, one of the Tools of the Primordial Ancients.

Istishia commissioned 5 guardians to protect the wand on a moving island known as "Isle Mergrund". At one point in the PR era, the island was under imminent threat with the reappearance of the other tools around the realm. Istishia was said to have sent this message to the island's guardians.

Kossuth, the damned tyrant of the flame, the opposition to all we wash over, has cursed us. Action must be taken swiftly or we risk losing that which we guard so preciously.

He has tricked my clergy into revealing the location of Isle Meregrund to a faction known as "The Red Wizards". Not to be taken lightly, their exploits are well known even to our pantheon.

They will come and they will not stop. Our only hope is to move the island--transport it in a tidal wave across the seas to a new hidden location. Our altar on the ground floor of the tower is capable of performing this monolithic task, but requires powerful dark magic.

To empower the Sanguimancy Drive, the hearts of men must be placed in the urns surrounding the scaffold. Only after all urns have been filled will it channel the dark magic and teleport the island to safety. While you could sacrifice yourself for the realm's good…I would rather see their hearts fuel our spell than your own.

Protect the Wand at all costs, but remember this. The Red Wizards are mortal, and as such could possibly be reasoned with. But whatever blows our way on the water, do what must be done.

Do not try to be what you are not; rather excel at what you are and carry our message of personal excellence to the world. Be flexible but not unreasonable.

Be prepared to pay the price or reap the reward for the actions of this eve.

Followers and Practices[edit | edit source]

Notable Followers[edit | edit source]

  • Father Chonszul of Galik, arch bishop of the Istishian temple. Chonszul led a hunt for the Wand (and the other Primordial Tools) in the mid 400s PR. They were not very successful, and most of the tools fell into the hands of AFEW, Banites, or most notable, The Paladin, who would use Istishia's very wand to freeze over the realm during the Arctic Autumn.
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