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Iyachtu Xvim is a tyrannical ruler who distrusts all but himself and his father Bane.

About[edit | edit source]

Like his father, Xvim’s symbol is a hand print. However unlike Bane, the hand print contains a pair of eyes on the palm.

History[edit | edit source]

Xvim is known to be the son of the God known as Bane The Black Lord. Bane is said to have perished during the Demonic Resistance in 138 PR. Since then, records show that Banite powers all over the realm have refuted their god’s demise, instead insisting that Bane lives on in his child. Iyachtu Xvim is described in some records as a “Great Eyed Cambion of Tyranny and Destruction”

He helped his father back to life when the opposing gods destroyed him. On his father's death, he lost all divine status, but used his massive mortal armies to break into his father's old quarters, elevating himself to the status of an Exarch. Eventually his father was revived by a obtrusive cult dedicated to Bane. They destroyed Iyachtu in the process of recreating Bane, but Bane restored Iyachtu as a lost soul, bound to do nothing more than go forth in his father's place.

Prayers[edit | edit source]

Banites of certain sects followed Iyachtu Xvim himself, and many prayers were whispered to his name in hopes that he would lend deadly aid to their efforts.

Obey or die in pain and utter destruction. Enslave or slay the weak, and be sure that they know their suffering is in Xvim's name and by his will. Cause pain and fearful obedience in others whenever prudent. Be a cruel, heartless tyrant, and Xvim shall be pleased. Slay the priests of other gods whenever you can do so without being identified by others. Capture tyrants and take them to senior clergy members to be delivered unto Xvim. Capture all wizards and bring their magic to the church-or bring them to Xvim's most senior servants so that they can be transformed into creatures who will do service to Xvim as guardians. Spread fear of Xvim over all the lands. Destroy whatever and whoever bars his will and see that word of his power spreads but that no one survives to describe your deeds in detail except mortals who worship him. Destroy all witnesses to secret acts, but leave alive survivors to tell of Xvim's power when spreading casual destruction. Acti

Notable Actions[edit | edit source]

In the 460s PR (and perhaps even longer before that), Iyachtu spearheaded a clan of Banites operating out of Galik in an attempt to recover the Tools of the Primordial Ancients. Iyachtu himself never fought on the battle fields, but he would use a special aspect of himself: "Eyeachtu", a spectral beholder. Eyeachtu would lead the charge with the Banites when they attempted to steal the Staff of the Marsh at The Howling Crag, only to be stopped by combined forces of Grumbar and AFEW.

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