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"The Fool"
"I am a clown, a jester, a harlequin, a fool. My purpose is to entertain." (Note: image is ai-generated, watermark doesn't show up well on white backgrounds)
Player Name What kind of question is that supposed to be? (Real Answer: Geoffrey)
Relatives I am but one of many.
Languages The Common Speech, Poetry of the Elves, and the Secret Language of (aka Common, Elvish, Thieves' Cant)
Affiliations "The Masses"
Aliases "The Fool" (real name unknown)
Marital Status Why don't you come find out yourself? ;)
Date of Birth The Day of Fools, of course
Place of Birth The Spark of Joy
Date of Death When the joys of the world leave the mortal coil
Place of Death The End of Happiness
Species Changeling
Gender All of them, and none of them (Genderfluid)
Height Varies (normal appearance 6')
Weight Varies (normal weight 180 lbs)
Eye Color Iridescent

"The Fool" is an enigmatic traveling entertainer who seeks to spread joy wherever they go.

Costume of The Fool (Physical Appearance)[edit | edit source]

"The Fool" is an elaborately dressed harlequin with pale purple skin and shoulder length glossy platinum hair hidden under their harlequin hood. They typically wear a colorful jester's costume with various bells and bangles. An ornate white jester's mask covers their face, conveying facial expressions through the shifting visage.

(A display of emotions is what I represent. Shifting and changing, like the passage of time.)

Myriad of Faces (Personality)[edit | edit source]

"The Fool" is... strange to say the least. They are always seemingly jubilant and are outwardly expressive no matter the situation. An eloquent story teller and entertainer, "The Fool" seems to have a disdain for sadness and sorrow, and always attempts to cheer up anyone they see.

(There is no place for sadness and sorrow in this world. Leave them and enjoy the wonders of happiness instead!)

Legend of The Fool (History)[edit | edit source]

There have been many theories as to who The Fool is and their origins.

Some people say that The Fool is a former royal jester, either retired from an ancient court, or on the run after greatly insulting a king.

Others believe that The Fool is an escaped circus performer who chose to go on their own journey, or exiled from their troupe.

A few say The Fool may be an avatar of some god linked to the performing arts from another world.

Some even believe The Fool is just some random wanderer, repenting for some unknown sin.

Only The Fool knows the truth, and even then, they never reveal anything about who they truly are, keeping their lips tightly sealed and reveling in the rumors instead.

Records have shown "The Fool "appearing in several places without reason, across both continents and time. However, the people who have met "The Fool" have all felt something about themselves change. Perhaps a trace of "The Fool's" humor and joy left behind?

The most recent appearance of "The Fool" was at the Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company headquarters on the stroke of midnight on The Day of Fools in 824 PR.

(Think what you like, for a fool is everything and nothing you believe. A story is told better with mystery.)

Words for the Masses (Languages)[edit | edit source]

"The Fool" is well versed in Common, although they occasionally sprinkle in Elvish words and phrases when talking. They also know Thieves' Cant, but that's supposed to be a "secret".

(Oh, I'm such a fool, revealing that! Keep a secret for me, won't you?)

Skills of the Trade (Powers and Abilities)[edit | edit source]

"The Fool" has various tricks and skills up their sleeves. They are skilled with costumes and disguises, and can freely change their appearance (Shapechanger). [insert]

(A fool always reveals their tricks, for they would not be a fool if they didn't!)

Performance Tricks and Props (Attacks and Weapons)[edit | edit source]

"The Fool" is skilled in fencing and carries an elegantly crafted silver rapier (not mechanically a silvered weapon) along with an ornate jeweled dagger named "Comedy" and "Tragedy" respectively. "Comedy" is primarily used for swordship performances, while Tragedy is used for sleight of hand tricks, knife tricks and other dangerous performances. They also carry around what seems to be an endless supply of cards which are used for parlor tricks.

(Comedy and Tragedy- two sides of the same coin. Let my performance sway you to your emotions!)

Stories and Acts[edit | edit source]

Slay the Red Horror (Song)[edit | edit source]

”Deep in the mountains, a mighty roar echoes, as the belly of the beast rumbles hungrily for more.”

”A mighty red dragon, hailing from afar, has woken and thirsts for gold.”

”Pillaging and razing, as villagers run amok, as fear and despair spread among the folk.”

”’Fear not, people!’ A voice cried out from the distance, as several horses bringing the king’s guard arrive. “We will drive back this foul beast from these lands!”

”With mighty thrusts and blows and ballistas and bows, the dragon is driven back, but even then they do not forget.”

”Several days later, a group of adventurers set out, intent on slaying the Red Horror.”

”Sneaking into the lair, weapons at the ready, they delved into dark enemy territory.”

”Loud laughter bellows as the Red Horror reveals themselves, with crimson red blood staining their claws.”

”’You have made a poor decision, coming to my lair. Now you will suffer, and become part of my hoard.’”

”The heroes fought valiantly as blades and sorcery flew through the air, and with one final strike, the dragon breathed their last.”

”With head in hand, the heroes returned, showing the world that the Red Horror was no more.”

Dominion of Irivud (Tragedy)[edit | edit source]

"In a far away land, a kingdom stands, ruled by a mad child-king. His emotions ran wild, shaping the land, bringing fear and despair to all."

"Of all the people, there was a couple. Simple and content with their lives. Until the day a great storm grew in the distance, and tore them apart for eternity."

"The man survived, scarred and beaten, weeping in sorrow, then with resent. He set out on a quest against the child-king, crying for vengence, but in the end, the royal courtiers struck him down."

"Held in the dungeons, broken in spirit, the man thought death would be salvation, but the child-king had other plans."

"With a slam of his fist, the child-king sent the man back in time- back to the moment when he lost his wife."

"Tortured and tormented, the man tried to change fate- but slowly lost hope, until all there was left was a shell of his former sanity."

"The child-king relished in the man's suffering, cackling with glee- for he was the one in control. No one would stand in the child-king's way- for when the fury of storms strikes, the only thing remaining is ash and dust."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • No one has seen "The Fool" in other attire, nor has anyone seen the face behind the Jester's Mask. (A fool must always be prepared to entertain. I can't be wasting time putting on makeup and costumes!)
  • "The Fool" made their debut in RP chat at the stroke of midnight of April Fool's Day. Coincidentally, that is also their birthday. (A fool never appears without reason. Joy will be spread!)
  • "The Fool" is inspired by a random rabbit hole involving Italian theater/opera, harlequins, tarot cards, and embracing the insanity within :) (Sanity? That's just a construct made by the weeping masses that blocks the path to pure bliss and joy!)
  • On that note, "The Fool" is not related to Felix in any way, shape or form. Really. Anyone who tries to convince you so is lying. (They aren't connected for real)
  • Dominion of Irivud is heavily influenced by The Duviri Paradox from the game Warframe.
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