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Budli (First appearance)[edit | edit source]

Budli appeared first as an NPC at The Bleak Academy, but would become a player favorite, being picked up as a Player Character after the early death of Sycamore. More info on Budli can be found on his player page.

Professor Drake and Professor Ngise[edit | edit source]

The Illithid Professors of the Bleak Academy proved to be the first villains of the campaign as they chased down the team consisting of Ildrin, Gus, and Forgorith through The Bleak Academy. More information on their specific work can be found on the Bleak Academy page.

Desatysso the Vampire[edit | edit source]

Desatysso was a Vampire villain who lived under Skull City, encountered by Gus and Sycamore as they tried to escape the city on foot. Gus heroically sacrificed Sycamore in order to escape unharmed.

The Looking Glass Knight[edit | edit source]

The Looking Glass Knight stands tall. Drow and Mind-Flayer for scale.

The Looking Glass Knight was an unusually massive and fully-armored Firbolg who had been trapped in the Underdark in the ancient past.

Due to the chaotic and punishing energies of the Underdark, he would be displaced in time and space, appearing before a group of lost adventurers including 11 (who was also displaced), Olga and Vladimir Petrov, and Henric. The 5 of them, all Quelmar natives lost in the Underdark, would work together to find a way back to the surface.

Though the Looking Glass Knight eventually would face The Pudding King, his fate was left unresolved, and it is unknown if he succumbed to the Deep Gnomes or escaped to further his pursuits in the Underdark.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Looking Glass Knight used a massive tower shield that had been polished to a perfect mirror surface. When looking into the mirror, it was possible to see a full arcane warrior standing on the other side. If the Looking Glass Knight entered intense combat, he could summon this warrior from his shield, who would assist him in battle before returning to the mirror-world.

The mirror world was also capable of storing up to 3 other medium creatures, but if the mirror shield was broken, the link into that demi-plane was permanently destroyed.

Jinkun[edit | edit source]

Jinkun was the brother of the Drow Jintuk, and as part of his family, was sentenced by his Matron to hunt down Jintuk. Unfortunately, while Jinkun was hunting down Jintuk, he crossed paths with the deadly Ildrin (now in Drider form). Jintuk and Ildrin would become nemeses after Ildrin killed his brother. .

Thaluul[edit | edit source]

Thaluul was an Observer who captured the Underdungeon characters in his lair, forcing them to undergo a variety of physical and mental tests. He would be slain by the players, but not before revealing he had been corrupted by the eldritch energies of Shug, procuring a massive black tendril out of his eye socket.

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