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"Take this to my lab...Carefully!"

Falgrim Norest
Falgrim Norest
Languages Dwarven, Common
Affiliations Order of the Watchful Eye (Master)
Species dwarf
Gender male
Height 5' 2"
Eye Color blue

Falgrim Norest was a dwarf serving as a Master Alchemist in service to the Order of the Watchful Eye in the town of Gammelgard. His services include protective and healing potions as well as experimental offensive concoctions such as Falgrim's Fire.

History[edit | edit source]

In 825 PR Falgrim was tasked with coordinating the adventuring groups that were hired by the Order to investigate the lost entrances to the Dwarven Citadel under the Northern Snowy Mountains. Additionally, the groups were to look into the presence of abnormal goblins seen in the area.

Falgrim offered an additional reward on top of the payment the Order provided. This reward was for the return of a goblin specimen for Falgrim to study to determine its origin.

Both groups that were hired were successful in their mission for the Order as well as recovering a corpse for Falgrim.Through the study of these corpses Falgrim deduced that the most likely creator of the abnormal goblins was a human Alchemist by the name of Horatio Cheshire, an alchemist he had studied with in their youth.

Currently the Order of the Watchful Eye, in concert with the city guard of Gammelgard, has issued a Writ of Detainment for Horatio Cheshire. Adventurers are being sought to follow up on leads as to his whereabouts.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

As head alchemist of the order, Falgrim was proud of his potent creation: Falgrim's Fire

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

A stout dwarf with blond hair and a beard, Falgrim shows the scars and marks of someone who has spent their life in a lab pushing the limits on what should be done with volatile substances.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Falgrim has a welcoming air about him. He is always good for a laugh and a drink of good ale

Languages[edit | edit source]

At least Dwarven and Common

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