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"Friend Computer, let me gale you with a tune!"

Cinnabon-R-DND (also known as That Guy when censured) was a Sing-A-Long Agent and Secret Spy, whose job was to sing songs and keep up morale around Alpha Complex.

Cinnabon was also the Loyalty Officer of his team, with a responsibility to kill anyone who was unloyal to Friend Computer.

Cinnabon was the first of his team to be promoted to Orange clearance.

Cinnabon's mutant power was that he could create protective energy shields.

Cinnabon had originally believed he was a member of the secret organization PURGE, alongside fellow troubleshooter Pixel, but after successfully infiltrating their ranks, he let his cover slip, and Pixel confirmed to PURGE that he was indeed a spy.

After that revelation, PURGE was sent out to Erase Cinnabon's clone template permanently. Resulting in his removal from the Alpha Complex for 12 years.

Return to Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

Cinnabon was a founding member of the Phoenix Secret Society, which included their old teammates as well as a jackobot. His personal goal was to break into Alpha Complex from the outside and reboot Friend Computer, building a new Alpha Complex on the ruins of the old, this alongside a number of other personal missions composed what was known as "The 12 Year Plan".

Songs[edit | edit source]

  • The Traitor Song
    • "If you like commies and traitors...I will put you in pain..."
  • Deck the Commies
    • "Don we now our red reflectors falalalalalalala"
  • Total Eclipse [Duet with That Guy]
    • "Once upon a time I was buying some drugs...the Jackobot's a fine piece of art"
  • Do you Want to Please Computer?
    • "It really has to be Computer....Okay, byeeeeeee"
  • OTHER (You're the Clone That We Want) [Duet with Pixel]
    • "We got skiiiiillls, we'll be supplying..."
  • 500 Clones [Duet with Hendrix]
    • "We would kill 500 clones and we would kill 500 more"
    • Used as part of the IslandImpeller fixing montage to finish out the campaign.
    • Was called "A love song to Gouverneur"
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