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Coryn Alaeth
Relatives Unknown
Languages languages
Affiliations Temple of Lathander, Galik
Marital Status Married
Date of Birth 855 PR (Age 38)
Place of Birth Galik (Presumed)
Species Half-High Elf
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 159lbs
Eye Color Hazel

Coryn Alaeth is a half-elf Devotion Paladin/Light Domain Cleric, hoping to ease the struggles of the Tempest Brothers' expedition by invoking Lathander's light. He is a character in the Within the Wicked Wilds community campaign.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Coryn is a graceful figure, normally cloaked in red and yellow cloths inlaid in the regal heraldry of the Morning Lord. His pale hair flows slightly past his shoulders, framing ears adorned with jewelry displaying the symbols of the Dawnbringer. His eyes are a warm hazel, and he is shrouded in a subtle glow, as if haloed by the light spilling over the horizon just before morning comes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Soft-spoken, collected, and polite, Coryn exudes a comforting bedside manner, something he gained during his upbringing under the tutelage of the clerics in the Temple of Lathander. He strives to be a guiding figure for any who need one, and to that end he possesses a warm, welcoming aura of calm authority that can often help some people turn over a new leaf (though new experience suggests that it may not be enough for others).

History[edit | edit source]


Coryn was born, sometime during 855PR, most likely in Galik. The reason for such vague terms is simple - he was left at an orphanage in Galik as an infant, and never knew his parents. Nurtured for five years in the dubious care of the orphanage, he soon was forced to leave and live on the streets as an urchin, constantly being the target of the other children for being a half-breed. It was during this time begging, stealing, and otherwise getting up to untoward business, that his life was able to turn over a new leaf - when Coryn attempted to steal (and then sell) small relics from the local temple dedicated to Lathander, he was caught by the resident clerics. Realizing that the scruffy child was in need of their aid, they took him under their own care and tutelage - where, until now, he has served dutifully in his role as a temple cleric, guardian, and healer.

Upbringing in the Temple of Lathander

Life at the temple was relatively spartan, with the occupants being afforded few luxuries so the temple could do the most good outside its doors as possible - however, to a street rat like Coryn, it was the most comfort he had experienced in his short life. As a child, he and six others were put under the care of Yseme and Gerwain Alaeth, an elderly cleric couple who were responsible for all the strays the temple took in - later in life, Coryn would adopt their last name in honour of the care they gave him, when nobody else would. There were several such couples who performed this role, one of whom was responsible for the curly-haired Elwin, Coryn's closest friend throughout childhood, and future husband.

For the first few years he and the other children were given plenty of the freedom children should be, to get into trouble, play, the works. Mornings and evenings were dedicated to learning, however, and it was then that he was taught the basic expectations of the temple, what they stood for, and what he would become. Coryn and a few others became quite the bookworms, being most often found in the small library of tomes and scriptures that the temple possessed.

As he and the others grew into adolescence, their responsibilities within the temple expanded considerably. Gone now were the days of reckless escapades, and as such Coryn and the other children were expected to now turn to their next chapter. They were taught to pray, to console, and to heal, and to that end were expected to care for the sick and injured taking refuge in the temple's confines. A select few, Coryn and two others, were chosen to train in combat as well, so that they could one day become Paladins of the Dawnbringer. And so it was that, between shifts acting as a healer, reading theory, and spending time with the other novitiates, so too was Coryn instructed in the basics of combat, and taught to be a stalwart defender both of his faith, and those souls he was duty-bound to protect. Occasionally, a Paladin who had sworn their oaths would rest in the temple, and Coryn would excitedly ask for their guidance, which almost always they would oblige.

At 17, Coryn took his oaths both as a Paladin and as a Cleric of Lathander, adopting his foster parents' name as he did so. From then on, he would serve in the temple dutifully as a servant of the Morning Lord, and took his responsibilities on with pride. Life continued as normal for several more years, during which time he undertook several larger responsibilities outside the temple (as mentioned later), and began a relationship with Elwin, which would culminate in their marriage in 880PR. Since then, Coryn has continued to work both in and out of the temple to fulfill his oaths to Lathander, while Elwin remains in the temple as an accomplished healer and seer.

Work in and out of the Temple

Languages[edit | edit source]

Coryn is fluent in Common, Elvish, Sylvan and Celestial.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Blessed by the favour of Lathander, Coryn utilizes a an arsenal of tools mostly involving radiant damage, such gifts allowing him to empower his strikes, dissuade those of the enemy, and burst into a brilliant radiance like the sun first broaching the horizon in the early morning.

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Coryn wields a flanged morningstar, a large amber gem inlaid in the pommel to represent the holiest of Lathanderite relics, the Blood of Lathander. His shield, similarly, is emblazoned with the crest of the Morninglord's sunrise. With these armaments, and enveloped in the warm glow of the Dawnbringer's light, he becomes a shining beacon on the battlefield, drawing the ire of foes and serving as a rallying cry for his allies.

Coryn's Journal[edit | edit source]

First Days

The first days I have spent here have been unremarkable, save for the wide variety of characters attracted by the Tempest Brothers. There have been several figures of particular note, but everyone seems largely agreeable. I do have some concerns about the nature of the company at large - primarily due to the...less than personable Mr. Decrye, but it will stand to be seen whether the company's conduct is similarly distasteful. Several of the members of the company seem also to warrant a close eye, either by virtue of their violent pastimes or, in one case, an unusual aversion to the Morninglord. While it is of course true that all are worthy of changes in the Dawnbringer's gaze, such a strong aversion to a god of such positive reputation is worthy of some concern.

From what I gather, the expectation is to stay in Galik for a time, before returning to the wilds to continue our quest. It sounds as if there is concern that people *inside* Galik are responsible for cavorting with the distasteful creatures in the wilds that must be dealt with before returning, lest their conspiracies continue.

I look forward to my first tasking in a few days. It is my understanding that we seek an artificer, lest they fall into the hands of those that wish ill upon the Tempest Brothers' company. While I hope soon to test myself against evil in combat, I fear that while within the city we may face major limitations - ones our enemies may not honour.

As for a few notes on those I've met so far, my first thoughts are noted below:

Lambda: A warforged of some variety - seems kindly enough, though there is a...haunted sense around him. Seems to be disciplined, though, based on the evidence of hard training. Offered to escort another new hire at the end of the night, so his nature seems to be respectable.

Wiggler: Another curious warforged, who seems to spend most of their time as a cat. They noted concern for any distress caused by their telepathy, which while most courteous, does seem somewhat at odds with their otherwise chaotic nature. Another member, Esperanza, suggested that they may be a druid by their abilities, but alas I was too preoccupied by my readings to confirm this speculation.

p'Ash'r Pash: Grung, which is notable - I have yet to meet one of such small stature, but they are possessive of quite a character. I suspect that they partake (partook?) in a less-than-legitimate trade, but they appear friendly enough and show no signs of malice towards their compatriots. While their reliability is still to be seen, I have little doubt they are worthy of redemption, even if their past seems likely to be questionable. - Update: Pash is an excellent sparring partner, who despite a bout longer than I expected to manage, beat me readily. I should like to face her again once my skills have improved, but for now, I must consider what I've learned from our engagement.

Marion: Tiefling of considerable stature. Seemingly quite quiet, and suffering the clear signs of loss from their previous expedition (I gather). We exchanged quite a lovely conversation on our respective deities - while I cannot advocate the worship of the Maid of Misfortune, I cannot deny that my Lord Lathander is directly related to her through the Dawn Cataclysm, though the connection certainly confirms that my readings on the matter are most terribly out of practice. I look forward to such debates in the future.

Arina: Arina is an elf of rather small stature that joined around the time I did - they were the one who had an extreme aversion to Lathander (or more specifically his temple). They appeared to be quite cagey under my limited questioning, which leads me to suspect that they (and their family, if their involvement is as close as they suggested) are a career criminal. While this is, of course, not something that denies them the chance of turning over a new leaf (I of all people could not criticize such acts in such circumstances), their unwillingness to be honest about why they avoid the Morninglord's temple suggests they are not the most reliable. I will be keeping my eye on this one, for now, but I will always keep my arms open if they wish to change.

Lux: Lux is a Drow warrior I have seen coming and going from the company headquarters many times now, though we have yet to exchange words. It seems they are quite a volatile personality, having threatened Wiggler after they, admittedly, dug far too deep without permission. I suspect that they may not be of the lightest disposition, but I hopefully my suspicion will be assuaged when we do eventually exchange words.

Amaris: A cleric, though of which god I am not sure. She seems to be Fey in origin, being a Satyr, though has not (thankfully) displayed any signs or indications of the stereotypical Fey trickery I have heard are common. She seems to command great respect, and maybe a little fear, from others in the company - I hope that soon we will be able to speak at greater length so I might learn more of her faith.

Esperanza: I know very little of this captivating Genasi, who sports a colouration and patterning I have never before seen, or even heard of. They are an...as close as I can recall, "Astronomical Cartographer," which I assume means one who maps the stars. An admirable and scholarly vocation, to be sure, and one I would like to learn more of if I am fortunate enough to find the time.

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